Six Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Twitter Account

I’m going to keep this post plain short and simple. I am a daily Twitter user, though as you read in my post My Twitter Evolution, and Tips for Twitter Newbies it did take me some time to realize the true power and joy of Twitter. Even if you are not a daily or even weekly or monthly user yet, I think everyone will be at some point. Here is why I think you should get in now:

  1. Stake your claim on your preferred username now, even if you don’t currently believe that you will ever tweet. Chances are that if you email today, it is only a matter of time before you Twitter. And unlike with email addresses that have hundreds of domains available (,,, etc.), there is only one You don’t want to get stuck with “” as your Twitter URL, do you?
  2. Keep up with evolving internet trends, especially if you have or will ever have young kids. My husband and I both vow to keep in touch with the online world, partly because we want to ensure our kids can use it safety and enjoyably under our (knowledgeable and aware) supervision.
  3. It is guaranteed that you will learn from and enjoy Twitter if you just use Twitter. Whether you are interested in celebrity gossip, web development, breaking news, the stock market, or your next door neighbor, there is something there for you.
  4. If you are afraid of the complexity of Twitter, rest assured: Twitter is not near as complicated as you may think. The language, technique, and etiquette is something to be learned, but it takes a matter of minutes to learn and could even be considered, dare I say, self-improvement. You can start by reading my post on how got started with Twitter and tips for newbies.
  5. If fear for your own safety or intelligence is your reason for not trying Twitter yet, rest assured: Twitter is not unsafe, and will not lower your IQ (contrary to many Twitter-bashing articles I’ve read lately). I personally can’t stand those who write about how social media is the cause of someone committing suicide or lowering IQ scores. That’s like saying that Marilyn Manson is responsible for the attacks at Columbine. Just because a person doesn’t understand it doesn’t mean they should badmouth it. Get over it, and give it a whirl! Don’t live your life in fear!
  6. Twitter isn’t just for internet or social networking addicts; it’s for people who like to learn from one another. One of the most enjoyable things I do on Twitter is read interesting news or enrichment articles posted by others. They may be from the local paper or from the blog of a person that lives in Timbuktu. Either way, I am learning something and on my terms. Not just what is spit out at us by standard print or televised media.

Comment time! What do you think? Should everyone have a Twitter account? Or will that ruin it for those of us that were here before Ashton and Oprah? What reason that everyone should have a Twitter account can you add?

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11 thoughts on “Six Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Twitter Account

  1. #1 – Okay… I guess this is a good point. Not exactly a benefit.

    #2 – Pretty good point. Not only internet trends. This should include politics, breaking news, etc.

    #3 – I must have missed that “guarantee” in the EULA. Typo -> should be “… learn from and enjoy Twitter by…” Very close to #2. Maybe just stick with the “not just for techies/fanboys” point.

    #4 – More of a reason to not avoid joining Twitter. Non-sequitur.

    #5 – Again, non-sequitur. Just because it is harmless doesn’t mean you should try Twitter.

    #6 – Should be #1. The importance of community and spreading interesting and valuable news or information is paramount.

    I think everyone should try Twitter, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone, and anyone who tries it should give it an honest shot (not just update once and not try to become a part of the community). The major importance of Twitter (or any subsequent Twitter service or progeny of Twitter) is the evolution of news, media, and community. Twitter is different than the typical internet technology or video game; Twitter has the potential to unite people any time or place in the world on the go. You don’t have to be tied to a computer to update your Twitter account or view your friends’ tweets. You can get tweets via sms, through your web browser, or via third party applications (on computers and some phones). This allows you to tailor your experience to something that benefits you and fits your lifestyle. The goal any new technology should have is to simplify or improve your life, and I feel like Twitter is a great addition that you can take as far as you want.

    1. Good comments/suggestions, CB. Much appreciated. Reading this back, I totally agree with your comments on #6 especially. I’ve reworded a couple of them to read more appropriately based on your comments. Thanks for reading and interacting!

  2. I work in the IT department at my job, and my boss came in and asked my coworker to look up a couple of bits of information. Turns out, an employee “Tweeted”(?) about a client and by the end of the day lost her job over it.

    1. Ken – Yes, so maybe only people over a certain level of intelligence should have a Twitter account =) I’ve heard of that happening to a few folks stupid enough to talk bad about their jobs, a client, or even talk about leaving their job and then getting fired. If you can’t use it wisely, then don’t use it at all…

  3. Great post ! I must say I was a little intimidated by twitter now it’s just another social networking site that helps me get the word out. Miss seeing you ~hugs~

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