Facebook Mafia Wars – How to Level Quick & Impress Your Friends

This post was originally from February 2009, before many of the new features like job mastery, achievements, Cuba, and Russia. Therefore you may find details on some of these items missing or that things work completely different in places. I am no longer updating this blog, but much of the info still holds true (keep putting all of your profile points into energy!!!). Thanks for understanding and good luck on the streets!!!

I’m currently a level 92 335 (as of 6/25/09) Fearless in Facebook Mafia Wars. I remember starting out and scouring the internet for some good hints (not cheats), and being extremely disappointed at the lack of good help out there. Most of the articles focused on cheats (if you’re going to cheat, why bother playing???) or were written by a level 20-something. I found a couple of good tidbits, which I have applied, but find it my responsibility to fill a gap that’s out there. So here are some tips and advice on leveling quickly in Facebook Mafia Wars.

Note that there are MANY different ways to play this game. I prefer to play to level quickly and consistently, therefore this is what this guide focuses on.

Disclaimer: This guide is written by an engineer. Proceed with alert mind.

Beginning the game

When I started this game, I had no idea what I was getting into. Or what an addiction Mafia Wars would become. You’re first given the choice of a name and character type. Don’t worry too much about your name. You could choose one to intimidate, or pick “Don something” like most others. Don’t bother trying to get “Godfather” – it’s taken. And if you do happen to choose wrong, you have the opportunity to change it later using reward points (visit the Godfather). For character type, the right one to set yourself up to level quickly is “Maniac.” Maniacs have energy that regenerates quicker, vs. Mogul which regenerates money quicker, and Fearless which regenerates health quicker. With the key to leveling quickly (and with less time/effort expense) being energy to do jobs, Maniac becomes the clear winner.

You are given some reward (Godfather) points starting out. Don’t spend these right away. As tempting as it is to spend them, get a good nest egg and reward yourself later. To level the quickest, only spend Godfather points each time you reach 10, and use them on an energy refill (after you are at zero energy and won’t waste the refill points, of course).

Building the base of your empire

Income. In the beginning your biggest concern should be making cash to build your empire. Start by doing some jobs.  At first concentrate on jobs that earn you money so that you can save up to buy some property. You’ll get some experience and will climb a few levels also, but the key here is to build a strong base so that you can level quickly and efficiently later on. Also do some robbing (in the “Fight” tab). But if you are not winning money from them do not continue to rob them. You’ll likely find this to be more effective than doing jobs (only at first) in making some quick dough. Once your nest egg is built, however, there will be no need to rob anyone as your hourly income from property that you will purchase will be more than sufficient to keep you going.

Properties. Once you buy a property (1 or 10) the cost of the next one(s) goes up. So to take advantage of the low cost of initial properties, only buy in quantities of 10. Be patient and save up; it will be worth the time. The only exception is Mafia Mike’s, which you can only buy in quantity of one since your ability to purchase it is dependent on Mafia size. Buy Mafia Mike’s as soon as you have 1)enough money to buy 10 abandoned lots and a Mafia Mike’s and 2)enough mafia to be eligible to buy them.

To get into the real nitty-gritty of buying properties, concentrate on saving up first for properties that give the shortest return on investment (ROI). To figure this out, add the cost of 10 lots required for your property to the cost of 10 properties and divide this total by the income this property will provide (don’t forget to multiply income by 10, as you will buy 10 of the property). The number you get is the number of hours it will take you to make back the total amount of money you invested in the lots & properties. You want this number to be as low as possible. I actually put together an Excel spreadsheet to prioritize which properties I needed to buy in which order, and I updated it each time property costs went up. I suggest you do the same. It’ll give you a moving queue of what to buy when you have the money to do so. (Note: Once I owned about 20 of everything, I found that the ROI was so long that I didn’t even want to bother. As long as you are making in the $15-20 million/hr. range, you are likely good to cover any ongoing upkeep charges you will ever have.) Update 5/16/09: Given the “Achievements” feature added earlier this month, you may want to continue buying property until you are in the $100 million + range. $20 million/hr will be sufficient to do whatever you want to do in this game (outfit your mafia, etc.), but it will take you FOREVER to hit the “bank $1 trillion and $10 trillion” achievements. See my other post Facebook Mafia Wars – Do the Math! for more on those achievements.

Mafia. Starting out, DO NOT build a big mafia. To be effective in fighting you must be able to outfit all of your mafia with the best in weapon, protection, and vehicle. If your mafia is too big at first you will not be able to afford the inventory or upkeep associated with keeping them all outfitted. Instead, get yourself 6 mafia family quickly (for a total family of 7), as you can make them your top mafia and, if they put you in their top mafia then they can then supply you with energy packs (energy boosts they can send you every 24 hrs so that you can do more jobs). Your top mafia should be people who play often, and ideally that put you in their top mafia. And remember to buy all of the Mafia Mike’s properties that you can given your family size of 7. WARNING – be careful about buying your mafia family of 7 all of the biggest and best weapons, protection, and vehicles right away, as you may run yourself into debt. Note carefully the upkeep ($/hr) associated with each inventory purchase you make, and make sure you have plenty to cover that cost and still make a decent hourly income.

Profile points. Profile points are the points you get when you level up or master jobs. I would suggest dumping all of these into energy at first and ongoing. Here’s why:

  • Profile points put into energy come directly back to you in experience points, in anywhere from a 1:1 to 2:1 ratio (experience per energy expenditure), depending on the job.
  • Profile points put into stamina come back to you in an average of about 2:1 (experience per stamina expenditure), which is better than what you get for energy expenditure, but it costs TWO profile points to raise stamina by 1 (so the experience to profile ratio is only 1:1 ongoing if you put points towards stamina, vs. a continued 1:1 to 2:1 ongoing if you put points towards experience). In addition, to win fights you’ll need to throw profile points not just into stamina, but also into attack and defense. (Confusing, I know, but continue to reason this out and it’ll make sense.)
  • So to continue to get the most experience out of each profile point, concentrate on using them to do more jobs (energy) vs. becoming better at fighting (stamina, attack, and defense).
  • Don’t bother to ever put profile points into health. Health only prolongs how long you can fight without visiting the doctor, but ongoing you’ll be making so much money that you’ll be able to afford the doctor as much as you’d like without issue.

Daily gameplay strategy. Don’t ever let energy and/or stamina max out (ideally). If you do this you are never letting a point go to waste. But realistically you won’t be able to do this perfectly. So, each time you check into Mafia Wars, make sure you spend every energy and stamina point you have. The only exception is for energy. If you know that you’ll be able to check in again before your energy maxes out, and that if by saving points you’ll be able to do a better job (more experience for the energy point) or a job you still need to master, then by all means save some energy points. (My energy is now above 800, and never maxes out overnight, so I can usually even save a few at the end of the night to do better jobs in the morning.)

An advanced strategy for when you are close to leveling up is to use up most, but not all of your energy, saving enough to do a job you need to master (or just another good experience:energy job). Then, inch your way up to the next level by robbing, but stop when you are within 6 experience points of leveling up. Lastly, use up the last bit of energy you have to jump to the next level, and you will already have a jump on gathering points for your next level.

Energy pack usage. When you use an energy pack, it refills all of your energy PLUS another 25%. Therefore, to get the most out of every energy pack and never let an energy pack go to waste, only use energy packs when you are at Energy=zero, and ideally right after you level up and use up your energy that was refilled from the level-up. The only time I don’t wait to level up before using an energy pack is when I know that I can use up the entire energy pack without leveling up in the middle of that energy (and let energy points go to waste).

The hitlist. I’ve seen many folks claim that the hitlist can bring in some quick dough, but I never had any luck with it. You only need to be the last shot that brings one of these big guys down to pull in the bounty cash, but usually when there’s one on the list worth going after (say over $100,000 or so) you are one of many trying to bring him down and the odds aren’t with you. But, if you do decide to give it a go, my advice is to set a lower limit on the bounty dollar amount and only go after the ones where you can make that much or more, and only start attacking them after they’ve been on the list for at least a little bit (so that others have a chance to beat them down a bit – remember, you just need to deliver the last hit that brings them down in order to collect the bounty cash).

Now you’re rolling…

Once you get to the point in the game where you are making $15-20 million/hr you can really start leveling up in the game quickly.

How often to play. From what I’ve seen, you’re doing well if you can level up twice in one day (assuming you have not mastered all NY jobs and are not getting the 2 energy pts per regen period – once you get those you should be able to level up at least 3x per day and sometimes 4x). I typically need to check into the game just once/day and receive 1 energy pack/day to make this happen. I follow the strategies outlined above in “Daily gameplay strategy and “Energy pack usage” in my daily play.

Defending yourself. Even if you are not one to instigate fights or rob anyone in Mafia Wars, you will be attacked and robbed. But, there are many ways to defend yourself without putting profile points into defense. Here are some of those ways:

  • Always make sure your entire family is outfitted with the best weapon, protection, and vehicle. This will ensure you the best chance of winning a fight once someone picks it. The game will automatically choose from your inventory the best items first and will pick one weapon, protective item, and vehicle for each member to use in a fight. Don’t worry about selling items that aren’t good enough unless the clutter really gets to you or the upkeep charges are too steep. Note that many of the special items offered on the “Home” page are much better than the items in the “Inventory” page. Buy these when you can (when you have enough mafia), as they are a great deal, but don’t build your mafia family just to buy them.
  • Build a big mafia, if you can afford to outfit them all. Most players going out to pick fights or rob others are going to pick on the little guys. Big mafias are intimidating; if you have a big mafia, chances are you’ll get picked on less.
  • Don’t put people on the hitlist or sucker punch them just because they attacked you, robbed you, snuffed you, or put you on the hitlist. Be the bigger person. Everyone needs to attack or rob others to make the most of their stamina points, so let them rob or attack you and be done. You’ve likely robbed or attacked them before anyways. Better yet, send them a friend request and add them to your mafia =)

Property upkeep. I’m not a big fan of this feature added February 2009, but just don’t forget to keep dumping money into your property so that they continue to generate the income that you need. You can even choose to “protect” your property by dumping a little extra into them. (It’s ok though, I needed something to spend my $10 billion + on…)

Mastering jobs. I do like this new feature added February 2009. It adds another way to get profile points (to dump into energy) and adds some variety to the jobs you do (I had only been doing the Hitman job “Exterminate a Rival Family” because it had an awesome payout of 70 experience for just 40 energy.) I’m only assuming that mastering these jobs and thus getting more experience points helps level quicker in the long run, but unbelievably enough I haven’t done the math.

The big finish

Well mafiosos, I hope this helped you out. If you have anything to add or debunk, feel free to add comments below. I will continue to update this post as I learn more or debunk myself. See you on the streets.




538 thoughts on “Facebook Mafia Wars – How to Level Quick & Impress Your Friends

  1. Nice writeup…wish I would have read this before I started. You are spot on about picking Maniac vs Fearless or Mogul

    1. Wish I;d known about that when I;’d started. Pity they don’t explain to you. I’d have picked Maniac hands down!

      1. By the way, do you know if you can start over? I know some other games – the equivalent of the godfather, lets you change it or add a profile. I wonder if theyd add that.

        I’ve only been on a few days, am a level 27 and am wondering if you remove the app, and re-add it, if you can start over and if it would be worth the week’s set back. I’d really prefer to accumulate energy faster!!

      2. I have a Maniac class as well but in hind sight, Fearless might work well also to build the character up. The reason is fearless is the only class that can be promoted to Wheelman in others’ Mafia families. Having a Wheelman in your top member would reduce energy use for jobs. In return, the fearless class person who was promoted to Wheelman would have chances to not use energy at all when doing jobs. Sure it is slow to wait 5 minutes for an energy point but when you are not using any energy points for a job that would cost 75 points really help building the level up fast. The drawback is the beginning is painfully slow to level up.

    2. This was very comprehensive. Great job! I too, like another who replied to you blog, wish I would have known money would not be an issue in later levels. I chose mogul due to many games being so dependent on money. Not so with this one. I wish MW would allow players to change their player type. Thanks for your effort on this!

      1. supposedly, if you uninstall the app from face book and dont return until 60 days have passed you start over again, but i have not tried this

    3. can youemail me back about something….. i just started about 25 days ago on this and im on level fifty. i cant buy property’s. i dont know where to find them. maybe i have a more up to date version of the game….. i dont know. if you could reply that would be great.

  2. Yeah, same here. I’ve been playing for about a week now. I’ve learned alot, but this post taught me some great tips. Your post is appreciated

  3. Nice tips. I’m an engineer too, so I like how you wrote this up. I’m currently at level 179 and I’ve done the same as you to get get where I am. It’s also important to make sure you don’t just dump everything in energy too quickly, because you may level up quickly, but you’ll just be surrounded by people who can beat you up. I also like putting more towards defense than attack because with the defense, it’s like you’re also adding to health by taking less damage. Plus it still helps you when you’re attacking too.

  4. Great post!! I am currently level 42 and climbing pretty quick. Even with my meager $4.5 million/hr cash flow, it is well more than enough to support my operations. The property protection option that was added, IMPO, is a pretty good idea. Dumping just a little more into your developed properties keeps them protected in fights, making it harder for people to rob you. All I need to complete all of the CAPO & CONSIGLIERE jobs are a couple of loot guns (auto. rifle & .50 cal) and another set of body guards, and then I will be well on my way to level 100+ within a week. As far as adding to your defense goes, if you complete the vault collections, you automatically get 5 extra defense, attack, or energy points; and best of all is that these vault collection items are all dropped during jobs as loot. Each collection has 7 items, and once they have all been collected and placed in your vault, you receive the bonus power-up points for that collection.

    1. I am new to Mafia Wars and is being rob constantly — how/where do I buy this property protection? It’s not an option when I actually buy the properties. Appreciate any tip you can provide since you have so much cash flow coming in from prop. thanks!

      1. PSFarmer – property protection should be an option in your properties tab, under the “undeveloped space” area but right above the “properties” section. If it’s not there, contact Zynga’s support to report the bug.

      2. You can’t actually repair properties or protect them until you reach level 15. Frustrating, because you can still get robbed before that point and just have to wait…

      3. when u reach 35+ people dont tent to rob you anymore as they r much more interested in robbin pestos of people in cuba, jsut remeber to bank ur pestos and you will stop loosing stuff at higher levels

      4. I looked under the Properties tab and did not see any links for undeveloped properties or property protection. What am I missing. I’m level 45 and are level 2 or above on all properties.

  5. Yeah, the vault items are nice, but finding them is quite diffucult. I can fight for days and not find 1 of them. I am level 76 and only have the rings in my vault. Can’t seem to come up with the other things or the Illegal Transaction Records.
    I find 1 maybe once a week, and I play all the time. It will get so frustrating trying to find these things that are NEEDED, that I’m afraid that I will stop playing.

    1. you have to do the “Steal Bank Records” job in the capo tier, i believe, to get the ITRs

    2. Just “google” Mafia Wars Loot. There are several pages out there that tell you which jobs hold which valuable loot. Note that Zynga can, and does, change the location of loot. If they didn’t the game wouldn’t be any fun.

  6. Thanks about this. I’m up to level 55 and growing. I boosted up a lot on my energy to level-up faster, and it helped that when I started Mafia Mike’s were already on sale. I’ve got 170 of them now and I haven’t bought any other property at all.

  7. Thanx for the writing, I’m level 75, still got a long road ahead of me. I played more or less in the same manner like yours. Maybe I made a mistake by starting the game with a fearless character (since I presume this character woud be the closest one to my real charachter LOL), but I tried to make up to it by increasing the stamina so that I can fight as many times as possible, every time Im OL. It turns out quiet ok though. Maybe the rate of getting the exp is lower than if you spend it on energy. But I got the impression by fighting we have more chance to win loot stuffs….and its more intriguing, ’cause you’ll never know what you will got!!…enjoy the game…!!!

    1. well actually fearless i think is the best character, better than maniac. People think maniac is the best because you enerate energy faster, but if you are fearless, you can be somebodies wheelman, and then you have a chance of doing a job for NO xp. I think thats better than generating it faster eh?

  8. What happens if I do not protect my property? Do I lose the property or the rent from it due to the damage? When I protect it, do I get back the lost rent?

    1. Shiva – thanks for your question and comment!

      If you do not protect your property you continue to lose the income it provides (I’m not sure of the rate of decrease, but over the course of days it can dwindle to zero, but I do not believe you will lose your property). I usually stop in once every day to re-protect my property. If you have the money, you can even overprotect it so that you are never losing hourly income. When you repair damage you do not get back the “back rent.”

      1. I haven’t seen it dwindle to zero yet but then I haven’t been playing very long either. I have 3 mini-marts and an apartment building and am just letting them go. Having put all my points into energy I was getting robbed as soon as I repaired them. They still provide me some income but not enough to keep them repaired and protected. I was finally able to get a Mafia Mike’s and that is definitely the way to go! It doesn’t look like they can be robbed.

        Anyway… great blog!


    1. Unfortunately, no, it is not possible to change character type in Facebook Mafia Wars. I have heard that in the past they offered a one-time character type change in exchange for some reward points, but I have never seen that opportunity come up. When I do, I’ll take advantage also, as I too am Fearless currently.

      1. It is now possible to change your character class with the new Marketplace that took over the Godfather tab. I like to fight a lot and be a Hitman so I will keep my Fearless character, but you can change your class for 15 reward points.

  9. I’m taking the opposite position, that it will make me stronger in the long run the SLOWER I level up. If I try to level as quickly as possible, it keeps me relatively the same or weaken than most people my level.

    I bought the minimum of equipment that required upkeep and kept repeating the “run illegal poker game” job for a long time. Every once in a while, I spend a couple of days just banking income (when i can stand not playing) and my paydays are nuts compared to my same level friends.

    Who knows?

    1. Cool! Let us know how it goes! I’ve been interested but afraid to try a new approach…

  10. I read somewhere that by increasing your health you can increase the max xp gained in fights. So basically if your health is 200 you have a chance to gain 12xp every time you fight or something along those lines. Does anyone know if this is true or anyone have alot of health and experienced anything like this. I have 102 health and have only ever gained 6xp from a fight and that was with a double.

    1. No. It works that way in Mob wars, but not in Mafia Wars. In Mob wars, the more health you have, the more XP you can get from a job, but in Mafia Wars, the cap is 3XP, or, if doubled, 6.

      1. Very good blog, and I have perused a lot of the sites. I am looking for comments about why my stamina jumped way up over 800 for awhile (I am a Maniac, if that makes a difference), but for the last two weeks is back down to 20. I haven’t been putting points into stamina because I thought I had plenty! Also, where are these double points you all are talking about? I am only at level 55, so maybe they are coming up…

  11. I have 130 health, but still got max 6xp if with a double..anyone with other experience?

    1. I have 227 health. I added too much before I knew better. I play on Tagged,com. I only get 6 exp points at most in a fight.

      I already do most everything suggested on this page. Yea, DO THE MATH and pay attention to your “timing” (the time and frequency that you play). Choose “Maniac”. I most always play with a calculatior in hand. Due to this I am about 40 levels higher than my friend who started at the same time and DOES NOT “DO THE MATH”.

      The only reason I see in using the “hit list” is to do “hits” in order to be a “balanced player” (to have balanced stats). Your mob may be more likely to make you one of their top 6 mafia if your stats are well balanced and you may get rewards for that (being someones mastermind ect…) Make sure you “hit” lower level mobs when doing “hits”.

      I think it best to level by both exp (doing jobs) and stamina (fighting). On level 219 I have 983 energy and 118 stamina. This seems to be a good ratio. If you only level BY DOING JOBS (without fighting) you will be weaker than everyone else at your level. You might get to level 1000+ quickly but you will be everyones “bitch” Lol. The more stamina you have the more you will use it to fight and level and the stronger you will be. About a 9:1 energy to stamina ratio seems to be about right (9 on the energy). A little extra health is nice but not necessary. I would not go over 130-150 health at most. Attack points are better early in the game when you are robbing and defense points are better past level 60-100 or so, when you are only robbing to achive “payback”. After level 99 or so you should have so much income from property that robbing will be obsolete. Your stamina is better used to gain loot and make you more powerful after level 100. Robbing becomes a watse of stamina that you could use to gain loot. Note: If you are reading this early in your game I am telling you how to “kick my ass”.

      Weapons: You only need one of each weapon for each mafia member. You only need your best attack, best defense and best vehicle.

      Ex. If youy have 200 mafia you should have 200 chain guns (200 bonus weapons after level 99. At that point you can sell all but 40 chain guns), 200 armored vest and 200 town cars.

      Note: getting “loot” may outweigh all of your “paid weapons” later in the game. I have not reached that point as yet. I still use body armor and town cars. But nothing else.

      Note: you do need around 10-40 of each weapon just to progress through the game.

      One thing I am undecided on is wheather to use Godfather Points on Energy Refils or 4 Energy Points. Both ways seem to have an advantage. At this time I do it both ways but lean toward the energy refill.

      I would use Godfather Points in this manner: First, do not use Godfather Points for heatlh, money or extra mafia members. Use 80% toward energy, 10% stamina, 5% attack, 5% defense. More on defense after level 100.

      Have fun!!!

  12. Nice Post Heather, thanks. I agree with you – if you’re going to cheat, why play? I am employing your same strategy regarding Energy and leveling and it works well. I haven’t gone so far as to create a spreadsheet for ROI on the properties yet, that cracked me up!!

    To answer mafiaboss, I have noticed 6xp without the double. My Health is at 140. I haven’t seen a 12x with double yet however.

    I noticed after I promoted my Top Mafia to positions I was “finding” loot more often and getting better payouts during fighting. Take a look at your Home page. At the top, under Feature Update! there is a Top Mafia Update. Click on the link “Find Out More”. It gives some good advice about who to choose for specific Promotions. And yes, you do need some Mogul and Fearless folks in your mafia, so thanks for being out there!!

    To answer Katie Maleckar: I’ve noticed that the Collection Items only come when I’m doing jobs. I haven’t gotten one during fights. Christopher Kusek has a good page describing the Collections and their rewards. http://www.pkguild.com/2009/03/03/facebook-mafia-wars-by-zynga-secrets/

    Buzzsaw: I’ve gotten all the items you are looking for during fights. I only got one bodyguard doing the job with it as the loot item, but I’ve picked up 8 more during fights.

    One strategy I’m using regarding Stamina is to use it all up during fights. I’ve noticed if you lose one round and $100,000 – fight the same person one more time. That is where I’ve picked up the majority of my Loot Items, after that loss. I keep refilling Health in order to keep using up my Stamina points. I try to end up with Health under 20 and Stamina under 5. Then let the game regenerate all my points. This keeps you from being robbed or attacked because your Health is too low. I figured this out when I tried to attack someone and I got the message “Your opponent is too weak to fight”. Might as well use that to your advantage!!

  13. thanks for the tip about buying property in batches, I wish I’d thought of it! Can’t agree more about making energy a priority. Also, spending the time to get to level three on the various job levels gives you a % bonus in energy, or defense, or some other area, plus it gives you the chance to pick up those vault items. I’m only level 36 and I have 13 of them.

    I did have to go to one of the Facebook groups to recruit some members, and I’m using the highest ranked members as my top family members right now to gain some fight experience. As soon as I have that under my belt I’ll be going back to my regular friends, who have me as their top family members, for the energy packs I NEED. I lucked into being a maniac just because I liked the sound of it.

  14. I’m new to Mafia Wars on Facebook, but am enjoying it quite a bit. I’m not sure how the Mafia Members thing works. I have a current Mafia size of 5 (still early). Are the only weapons/items available to my team members the ones I have accumulated, or do they come with their own??

    1. Answer time! Sorry for the delay!

      Jim – The way this game works is that you supply the weapons and items for your mafia. They do not come with their own. This is why you need to ensure you have the best item you can afford in offensive weapon, protective gear, and getaway vehicle for every single member of your family.

      1. I’m still fuzzy on how that works. Does that mean that if there are 10 people besides me that I should buy 11 of the best guns, armor and cars? No matter what they have personally? I have a couple of friends who are way higher level than me and they have much better weapons/cars/etc than I do already. So I am confused.

  15. I have a question around the new “robbing” feature. I have been robbed and continue to be robbed by the sam person continually for the last hour or so. I would fix my property he would rob again, I put them on the hitlist rob again. So not only do I have to pay to repair I then pay to protect and for what only to be robbed again. It takes some of the fun out of the game expecially since I didn’t start it so is there anyway to stop this maddness??????

    1. Lisa – the only way I can think of is to boost up your defense points with your profile points, as you earn them. I wouldn’t go nuts here though. It sounds like, if this is the same person over and over, that you may have someone that’s bookmarked your profile and keeps going after just you. My suggestion, contrary to some advice I put in my blog, would be to ensure you retaliate as much as possible (hitlist them as much as you can afford, attack, sucker punch) until they finally realize you’re not to be messed with. Good luck…I can understand how this could take some of the fun out of this for you…

      1. I would not take getting robbed too personally. I rob people quite frequently as it is a great source of income as well as experience. I look at the player stats and only pick people that have lost more fights than they’ve won and who have been robbed often. That increases my chances of success dramatically, but its nothing personal. I’m just looking for the best way for me to advance. Related to this, I personally have not seen the need to purchase some of he higher end properties exactly because of what you said – its just way to expensive to maintain. I have more than 500M in cash from doing jobs and robbing, and I can’t find a way to spend the money. Sure it feels good to be collecting 15M/hr, but what do you really do with it once you’ve outfitted your mob with the best. My mafia size if over 200 and all of them have the best that is currently available to me. I do buy Mafia Mike’s every opportunity I get as those cannot be robbed as far as I can tell and are the most cost-effective way of generating cash

      2. In my experience, it’s probably just a kid, who if you ignore, will eventually get bored and move on to someone who will retaliate.

    2. yeah, get a bunch more mafia members, outfit them with gear, and kick the crap out of the dude.

      or post a note on your profile with a link to the dude’s mafia wars page and recruit the help of one of your higher level buddies to kick the crap out of them.

      (to get the link to their page, mouse over their name on your news board, right click, and choose ‘copy link location’)

      1. The only real problem here, at least as far as I can tell, is that you can only take as many Mafia Members to a fight as the level you are at. e.g. If you are at level 50 then you can only take 50 members with you. Thus, it would seem that you build your Mafia with members that are as strong as possible or you get beat up by smaller Mafia groups.

      2. Michael – In a fight, you can take up to 501 mafia members with you. In a robbery, you can only take as many mafia members as your level. Also, of course it is good to have strong mafia members. Mostly so that they are not the ones fighting and robbing you. But, when you go into a fight or a robbery, your mafia is only as strong as the weapons/armor/vehicles you carry in your inventory for them. Therefore, make sure you equip yourself with great weapons/armor/vehicles in quantities as large as your mafia in order to have a better win/loss ratio.

      3. How does the math count up?? I’m level 60 now, so if i rob someone, i will have 60 members fully equip with me. But if i’m robbing someone with a mafia size of 100, in the fight, is it 60 vs 100?? or is it 60 vs 60?

      4. Calvin – In robberies, you bring with you as many mafia members as you are in levels. If you are a level 60 with 100 mafia members, you only bring 60 members with you. If you are a level 60 with only 15 mafia members, you only bring 15 with you. The same will work for your opponent. For your example, it would be 60 vs. 100, assuming you meant that you have at least 60 mafia members (and you said you are at level 60) and also assuming that your opponent was level 100 and has a mafia at least 100.

        Sorry, reads more confusing than it really is. But you basically bring to a robbery the smaller of your level or mafia family size. Your opponent does the same, even if there is a mismatch between your number of members brought and his.

        Hope this helps!

      5. Michael,
        I dont believe this to be true. Whenever I do a fight I see “your 501 mafia attacked with”…..and then it shows you a list of the weapons your mafia used. I am a level 168….I have 1200+ members in my mafia, but I know you can only use a max of 501.
        Hope this helps?

    3. I don’t mind if they hit me once or twice. But when they drain my property to where there is police tape and all of my cash to where I can’t get out of the hospital and they keep on doing it … well enough is enough. I then call for support from my friends at a higher level.

      To do this capture the URL of the hitman and send it to your friends via your status or an email.

      1. I’ll tell you what I did…

        I had a guy 45 levels above me (65 to 20) constantly rob me. It kept happening over and over. I finally just stopped repairing and protecting my property. Remember, once it hits 30%, they are stopped.

        I hated losing the income, but I used that time to rob more and build my levels and mafia size. He eventually went away (I am level 31 with a mafia of 87 right now.). I slowly started repairing and protecting to see if I get hit and all has been quiet.

        This is not the best financial response, but it seems to have worked.

        Good luck !!

  16. Thanks so much for this info! Luckily I did choose maniac.
    I’m lvl 26 now, and have 30 stamina. I have found 2 things that have been working well for me.
    1. Level slooooowly.
    2. Get as many friends as you can, and give them all the best stuff.

    How I accomplish this…
    I havn’t been putting much into energy, focusing instead on attack and defense, as well as some into health, (I assumed it would be relevent at some point, but after reading your post I guess not lol).
    Now with the best equipment, I just rob the heck out of casinos. When I find a juicy target, I right click thier name and “open in new tab”, that way I can come back to them again later when I have more stamina or after I heal.
    From full stamina I can make $20m relatively easily. Leave the game, come back in an hour or so, rinse repeat, bam, $40m. Do that several times a day and you have quite a large bank account.
    I have 170- 200 each of chain guns, body armors, and towncars. Only 80 members in my “family” though. I just didn’t know what to do with the extra cash and figured eventually I’d have more folks join my “family”.

    HOWEVER, something very important I learned from reading your guide was to boost up your income from property. I will start doing that now. I always thought of that income as something to maintain all the items I buy. I hadn’t thought of it as an actual revenue stream. I too busted out the math to determine the “best buys”, so luckily I haven’t wasted a ton of cash.

    Question for you, did you complete all 3 of the tier mastery mission thingies? I’m still finishing up missions I unlocked long ago. I only do missions that I haven’t completed, but I’m still so far behind compared to what I’ve unlocked. Just wondering if you had any advice as far as pursuing them to the end to get the bonus items.

    The last thing I am taking away with me from your article is this; Put everything into energy from now on!!! (or at least til I start losing fights)

    1. Bates – thanks for the read and the comment.

      To answer your question – I do definitely take the time to do all 3 tiers of mastery on all jobs and I start at the lowest group of jobs, master all 3 tiers, then move to the next level of jobs, master all 3 tiers, and on and on. The reason I do master all three tiers is 1)for the profile points you get for each job mastery and 2)for the special reward for becoming a master of a tier of jobs. The reason I master all of the lowest tiers first is because you can then use all of the profile points that you gained quickly from the lower tiers to put into energy to help with some of the high energy point cost of some of the higher tiered jobs.

      I’m now sitting about level 125 and have about 450 energy and it still takes me a while to skill and master the Capo and Consigliere levels… I’m very glad I sunk so many of those job mastery points into energy…

  17. Hi,

    I must have missed something. I want to reduce the time needed to build up my engery. I know I can go after the title of fearless so the 5 minutes per engery is reduced to 3 minutes but I do not know how to do this. Any chance yo can tell me how?

    Many Thanks

    1. Wes – unfortunately you cannot change your title once you have picked it. I think you meant to say you wanted to change to maniac to regenerate energy quicker. YOu’ll just have to concentrate on throwing as many of your earned profile points into energy…

      1. Again “Fearless” IS the best character!! Would u rather regenrate energy @ 3 minutes per ONE energy point or do a few jobs as “Top Wheelman” and get 40-70 energy points free per job!! It would take hours to get those same points waiting for 3 min. each!!

      2. Yes, Fearless is the best at leveling. I have been playing 8 days and I am level 423 with over 100 mil per hour I have also maxed out all my Cuba buisnesses. I have completed all of the New York mastery and only have the ones that require corrupt pol for cuba left to do. I also have all my collections completed except the Lotto ones.

    1. Mike – the only thing you can do to help prevent attacks on your property is to put some profile points into defense. But, if you continue to do your best to save $$$ to buy more property, people robbing you will bother you a lot less. I make about $23million/hr and sometimes over the course of a few days it dwindles to $12million due to robberies, but oh well, right? The key is to be patient right now and build whatever income you can to throw into more properties so that you could care less if you get robbed. Trust me, you’ll get to a point where you are making WAY more money than you could ever know what to do with on this game.

      1. I believe the best way to keep people from robbing you is to make sure you have a mafia size that is as big as your level (or higher). When I was robbing early on to get my properties built up, I found anyone who had smaller mafia then their level were easy targets for this and I could rob millions. Conversely, I never get robbed at all any more and havn’t for a very long time.

        The mechanic that comes into play with this is that the max mafia you can bring to a fight to defend or pull off a robbery is equal to your level.

    2. I’m a level 11 Maniac and I read somewhere that Rental Property cannot be robbed, so here’s my stats:

      Jobs Completed 169
      Fights Won 57
      Fights Lost 26
      Death 0
      Mobsters Whacked 0
      Hitlist Kills 0
      Successful Heists 0
      Times Robbed 0

      I think it’s working well. Please let me know if this has worked for anyone else.

  18. I have some questions to which I cannot find answers:
    1. When you only appear to have 4 positions available to promote someone to, what do you do with the rest of your mob?
    2. What about the ‘Boss’ fights for each level? “you are not a made mad yet…” at the end of each fight I win, how do I actually finish him off? I have fought these battles repeatedly, but nothing seems to come from it.
    Mastering all of the jobs at each level – how important is it?

    1. Janet –
      1. You can only promote a set number of people into your top mafia (I have 6 spots, and was surprised you only had 4, and wondered why we don’t have 8 anymore…we’ll learn more as this feature ages I suppose), and the rest of your mafia family really just sit as a number – you have to provide an offensive weapon, a defensive item, and a getaway vehicle for each, but having them in your mafia allows you to buy more mafia mike’s and to buy the special items featured on the home page.
      2. I’m not sure why you can’t quite finish off these bosses. I never did have that issue. Hopefully someone else can answer your question here.
      3. It is very important to master all of the jobs at each level, as there are profile points rewarded for every job you skill and then again as you master them. And, there is a valuable reward after you master a whole tier of jobs. Skill and master the lowest tier of jobs first, then skill and master the next, etc etc so that you can use all of the profile points you gain on the lower level jobs to help you with the high energy jobs in the higher tiers.

  19. i am currently at level 45 mongul and I have 40 attack , 38 defense , 140 health , 155 energy , stamina 29 …hurly income of about 900,000 .. i have a mafia family of 17. i keep loosing attacks — what can i do please help. help me i am tired of getting attacked and loosing all the time , i know i cant win all the time … i really dont have other friends on facebook that play mafia wars either

    1. Joey – my best advice for you is to stop putting any points into health. It looks like you’ve put a ton there where you could have been putting more into energy or even defense. The other thing to check is to make sure that each member of your mafia family has the best offensive weapon, protective item, and getaway vehicle. So, if you have 50 mafia members then you need to have 50 of the best weapons, protection, and getaway cars that you can afford. If you gain some good items as loot or buy some special items off of the home page the game will choose your 50 best in each area for you. And, lastly, people will attack you alot less if you have a big mafia. See what mafia sizes typically are at your level and try to be on the higher end of that. But just remember that you need to be able to afford to outfit your big mafia if you still want to be able to win some fights.

      All in all, though, you really shouldn’t care all that much if you are getting attacked. Yes, you’ll lose some experience points from getting snuffed here and there, but in the end you’ll gain many many more if you just keep plugging your points into energy and just concentrating on doing jobs. And yes, you’ll lose some money, but as long as you are saving money to build up a good bunch of properties (remember to buy only in groups of 10!) that money will be pinto beans in no time… Just be patient and better days will come…

      1. I have to agree with Heather. I was upset the first couple of days I was getting beaten up and killed. I kept putting my skill points into energy and now I have over 650 energy at level 103. I can pretty much level and re-level at will but I have to be careful which jobs I do. The key to getting beaten less is to grow the family. I also think it is important to watch your ratio of fights won/lost. I only have a stamina of 19 and I use that to supplement my experience by attacking. One of the key things I look for is someone who loses a lot more fights than they win.

    2. Another advice to you in order enhance you stats.

      I am at the same level than you but noticed that I have 10% more stat points than you. You can easily catch me up if you do the following:

      1. Do more jobs (all the job tiers) in order to get +1 to your stats

      2. Vault all the items you can (ask from your friends if you can’t find them even though you have tried)

      3. Add friends at facebook forum (mafia wars add and invite everyone), once they are your friends add them to your mafia. Then remove them from your facebook friends if you don’t want to keep them

  20. Is there a disadvantage to adding Mob members via Godfather Points rather than with real FB people joining. I don’t know enough people to build my Mob.

    1. Jim – my advice would be to not waste your godfather points on mafia members. Get more mafia members through one of the mafia wars groups in facebook (you can get an easy dozen in a matter of minutes) and save your godfather points to refill energy whenever and each time you have enough.

  21. Nice and concise write up.

    Is is possible to change your character type from mogul to maniac once you’ve started the game?

  22. Never mind. I went ahead and read more of the comments and answered my own question.

  23. Hi Heather,

    I have a follow up question to one of your posts. You wrote:

    To answer your question – I do definitely take the time to do all 3 tiers of mastery on all jobs and I start at the lowest group of jobs, master all 3 tiers, then move to the next level of jobs, master all 3 tiers, and on and o

    How do I move on to the next group of jobs? I have 3rd level mastery of all jobs, and I don’t see any way to be offered level 4 jobs or another set of jobs?


    Don Hughes

  24. A couple of other issues…

    I’m a level 18 Mogul w/80 energy, 140 health, and low 20’s for attack, defense, and stamina. Properties, 4 Mafia Mike’s, 2 Deli’s, Apartments and a Restaurant. Am now hording money (only 90,000/hour) to buy some of the prime real estate soon and will be implementing your bulk buy strategy (brilliant BTW). Am I on the right track?

    Also, I’ve unlocked many levels to do “jobs” in, but have concentrated on mastering all 3 tiers within each level. However, when I look @ my profile, it doesn’t indicate that I have mastered any jobs. How do I master a job?

    1. Alan – it looks like you are on the right track in general, but as you probably learned by reading my post I would not waste any more profile points on health. Health can be bought when you run low due to attacks, and money is in plenty in this game (eventually…trust me). I strongly suggest throwing all of your profile points into energy and you’ll be surprised how quickly this stacks up and how many jobs you’ll be able to do, and hence how quickly you’ll start to level.

      Your question about job mastery – I don’t think it’s showing up yet in anyone’s profile (at least not in mine) about jobs mastered. It must be a kink as the developers are working through all these changes.

  25. To all the people that get robbed all the time, here are my suggestions: (I give these suggestions from experience. People try to rob me and are rarely successful.)
    1. Build your mafia so that the number in your mafia equals your level. You can go to forums where people want you to add them. After you friend them and add them to your mafia, you can delete them as friends and they stay in your mafia. People cannot rob you with more members than their level, so a level 30 mafia person can only use 30 of his/her mafia to rob you. People will pick on mafias with lower numbers.
    2. Buy the special items on the home page whenever you can. They are cheap, have great attack and defense, and don’t require an hourly maintenance fee.
    3. I disagree with others’ suggestions to buy lots of property. I get my money from robbing. If you have a lot of property, you become a target for others. My rule is to only rob mafias with less than 18 members who have Mega Casinos. I rob them until the casino is out of business, but I leave the rest of their property alone. I only have enough property to pay my upkeep on weapons and vehicles, plus a little extra. My upkeep isn’t much, because I take advantage of the deals on the home page, like I mentioned above. I have over $500 million in the bank and am a level 51 with 70 mafia. I also fight other mafias occasionally and get great loot – body guards, napalm, etc.
    4. If people are successful robbing you, go to their mafia wars profile to try to find out why. Do they have better weapons, vehicles or defenses? Is their mafia way bigger than yours? What is their attack/defense? (On the home page you can see the Player Updates. Click on the person’s name that was successful, and you can see a lot about them. Also read the summary on the fight page if you fight them and lose.) I found out that someone I couldn’t rob, although they had a tiny mafia, had a rare loot item from the Godfather – a wood chopper. Wasn’t much I could do about that, but I found out someone else was using night vision goggles, and they have great defense. I found out which job I could get them from and kept doing the job until I had them too.
    5. If you don’t have a mail truck yet, get one. Go to the home page and sign up for the mafia wars mailing list. Use a separate email address that you only use for Spam if you want, but get the truck. Doesn’t cost you anything, and it has 10 attack and 20 defense.
    Hope these tips help you. Happy playing!

  26. I’ve also thrown together some spreadsheets in order to track inventory ensuring I have enough weapons/armor/vehicles for my mafia (I have them sorted by attack/defense), property (ROI) and Top Mafia. When setting up your Top Mafia, the percentages or increased numbers for attack/defense are dependent on each mafia member’s level. I wanted to determine promotions based on the best return I could get. It is a lot easier to compare numbers on the spreadsheet. Also, note that you need a Fearless member for the Wheelman position, a Maniac member for the Button Man position and a Mogul for the Bagman position.

    I’m currently at Level 93 Maniac with 48 mafia members and have an hourly income over $24M (took Heather’s advice and purchased in qtys of 10). I have completed all three tiers through Hitman, and am close to completing Capo. Still working on some collections items, though. 🙂

  27. Heather,

    great post, wish I would have seen it earlier – you are dead on though…

  28. I am a little confused about the new Top Mafia features. Am I benefiting from the members I place in my Top Mafia, or do I only benefit if I am in someone else’s Top Mafia? For example, my mastermind says “14% more experience on jobs”…. does this mean for me, or for the person I make my mastermind? Thanks!!!

    1. Laurie – YOU benefit from who you put in your top mafia. When it says “14% more experience on jobs,” that means YOU get 14% more experience on jobs by having that person in your top mafia.

      Make sure you click the little question mark next to “Your Mafia Members” when you’re looking at your top mafia and other members. The game creators put in some good hints about how to pick the best people for each position in your top mafia.

      Note added 3/20/09 – just today MW developers announced that there will be benefits if someone else adds you to their top mafia. So, my first point in this comment is now incorrect. Read the details next to the question mark next to “Top Mafia” to learn more about the benefits to you and the people in your top mafia.

  29. Heather you are spot on in your analysis. I am level 96 now but sadly a Mogul. Didn’t know about maniac advantage. I have been playing for about 45 days now and I always thought I was playing very smart but found out that the longer you play there is always some new lesson to be learned. I invested on energy a lot leaving a very weak attack and defense, atleast on paper. I have only 50’s in attack and defense in the teens. But the funny part is, I have a 400% success rate in fights and 600% success in heists. That is, I win 4 times more fights than I lose and rob 6 times more than the amount I am robbed. Being a Mogul I have a 35million per hour income. My tip to everybody here would be to stop concentrating on money after you reach the 10 million per hour mark because honestly the higher payout makes no valuable difference.
    About the success rate in fights and robberies I credit it to my large mafia. I have the full 501 plus members and all of them have been outfitted with the best provided. However the armor section is a weak point. I have an energy of 480 which I use for the energy pack feature. Levelling up quickly helps to provide the much needed skill points in bulk. Guys, whatever happens, never hesitate to stock up on the items available in the limited edition loot. There is nothing in this game that’s more valuable. I have bought 506 items from there and I believe it is the single most important reason for my general success in fights.
    Like people here have mentioned, fights are way better to obtain loots and while it is only a theory I strongly feel that once you obtain a loot item in a fight, your chances for obtaining the same from jobs is way higher. I will explain with an example.
    I finished the 3 levels of hitman without getting a single napalm. But later i got one napalm from a fight. That was 4 days ago. I have 20 now 🙂
    best of luck to all!!!

    1. Aniket – Unfortunately you are stuck with the character type you choose in the beginning. But, that’s not the end of the world by any means. Just continue to dump as many points as you can into energy and you’ll be fine.

  30. How do I move on to the next group of jobs? I have 3rd level mastery of all jobs, and I don’t see any way to be offered level 4 jobs or another set of jobs?

    Don asked this question earlier, then said nevermind because he’d figured it out, but didn’t say how.

    1. Krimicri – there are only 3 mastery levels of each job. You can only advance to the next tier of jobs (by tier, I mean Street Thug, Associate, Soldier, etc.) when you have reached the appropriate character level. For example, even if you have completed all 3 levels of mastery for the Street Thug jobs, you cannot start to complete the Associate jobs until you unlock them by becoming a level 5 character. Soldier is unlocked at level 9, and Enfocer at level 13, and on…

      Hope this helps.

  31. Currently I’m a level 19 Street Thug with several members in my Mafia. I’ve mastered all of the jobs in levels 1 & 2, and 3 is showing that all of the jobs are mastered, but I don’t get any level 4 jobs to start on. Is there a step I’m missing? Or an item or something?

  32. Ohh, my bad, I see what you’re saying. So I should go to the next tab then? The Soldier tab says 1-4, I thought there was a 4th level I had to clear.

  33. One more question – I see everyone with these gold eagle things.. were those a special item that was offered or something you find on a job?

    1. Krimicri – now that one I cannot help with. Hopefully another savvy player can field that one for me…

  34. Krimicri – The Gold Desert Eagle gun was a special Limited Edition Loot item. These items are featured on the Home page. The specials always indicate the number of mafia members required to purchase the item. Right now they are offering an armor item (Pint o’ Green Beer).

  35. Looks like I am in need of an update to this post – stay tuned!
    In it, I will include more on job mastery (developers added 3 levels of mastery since I wrote this), my revised strategy for levels 100+ and energy >400, property protection/damage, and more!
    Thanks for everyone’s views and comments. This post has been very successful and has helped many people level quick and impress their friends!!!

  36. did anyone can share job vs exp rasio data excel?
    it would be very appreciated.. thx

  37. Does anyone know why my Button Man and Bag Man say not available? All my others are working.


    1. Hello, nice to meet you, feel free to add me. It is because the position is taken already. You need to press the down arrow (to demote) then you are able to. Also certain character types may ONLY be promoted to certain job specialties. bagman for instance can ONLY be a mogul. Hope that helps. My name is Cynthia Humphries on facebook.

  38. How do I unlock the level past the boss level jobs? I have mastered all three of each job levels but the one past Boss wont unlock. Can anyone help?

    1. MarkWrhel – at least on my screen, the Boss level works for folks “100+” and doesn’t give a set level where you will unlock the next one after Boss. I am only level 136 right now and it still isn’t unlocked. Just because you’ve mastered all 3 mastery levels for everything up through Boss doesn’t necessarily mean the next tier of jobs will open up. Job tiers only open up based on your character’s level.

  39. I agree with most of the write up. Thanks taking your time to put it all together. I would, however, add my two cents by saying that after you’ve saved up some cash (about 7 billion) I would recommend that you sell all of the properties that require upkeep and protection. All these properties will ever do for you is guarantee you’ll be robbed and you’ll need to pour a lot of cash into them repairing them and protecting them all over again. Only keep enough Mafia Mike’s to generate the cash you need to cover for the upkeep of weapons, armor and vehicles. I, for example, make $700,000/hour. Not a lot, granted, but I have NOTHING else to buy!! So money is a bit of a waste, frankly…. Also, the jobs you complete will pay you much more than you’ll spend. I sold my properties a week ago when I had 7 billion, today I have 24 billion. Jobs are the way to earn cash. So ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY!! Put all your points into energy, don’t waste Godfather points on anything other than energy refills.

    1. i’m not sure i quite agree with your last statement – the only thing that you can buy with the that you can’t just regenerate with time or patience are the crates and the family members.

      also: i make over 100 million dollars an hour from property. since energy regenerates every 3 minutes, that’s about 20 points an hour. with 20 points, one would be very, very hard pressed to make 100 million dollars.

      1. I am only keeping ALL my properties until I reach level 100 in all for the acheivement, then I will dump some. Hope that helps. Feel free to add me Cynthia Humphries on facebook

  40. Cindy – You have to have a mafia member that is a “Maniac” for the Button Man position, and a “Mogul” mafia member for the Bagman position.

  41. Lisa, if you’re a victim of repeated robbery by the same person time and again, do what i did. go to your notification and check if theres a notification about you being robbed and lost bla bla bla amount of money. click his/her facebook name and add him as friend. now let me tell u one thing. this trick works like a charm, not only u just added someone stronger than you in your family,u get a whole lot more than that.

    1) u get to expand your mafia family member (theres a probability that the robber is a high level player so pls do yourself a favor..bury the hatchet!!!!)
    2) u can now manage damage inflicted upon u by others and put an end to it and concentrate on more important things
    3) u will win more fights (from my own experience)

    I went thru the same experience before but unfortunately i couldnt rob/fight back coz the guy who attacked me was at level 190++ by then & i was 87. level 190 means that player can bring along 190 out of 501 to rob me while I on the other hand, can only bring 87 mafia members to rob. number of ppl u can bring to rob properties = your current level. but now he’s in my mafia family member & i no longer have to spend 50 million to repair my properties. (eventhough we did put each other on the hitlist for a day or two as a “closure”..dont ask me why..u’ll understand when u get there)

    Cheers m8! hope this helps! 🙂

  42. Thanks for the tips Heather…I unfortunately “chose” mogul status although I don’t even remember doing that??!! What if I just quit and restarted (I am at level 43)…do you know if that is even possible…I think I read somewhere that you would have to wait two months to restart, if so that is not an option I guess. It’s sooo frustrating to wait so long for energy to build up! Any way out of the Mogul Status??

    1. Katherine – I wouldn’t worry too much about being a Mogul, and since you are already level 43 I wouldn’t bother restarting. While it may make things a bit quicker to have the quicker energy refresh, that’s not everything. It’s more important to just make sure you are dumping as many profile pts into energy as possible. You should still be able to level about 2x per day when you get a good stash of energy. Don’t get me wrong, though, if they ever offer a character type change for some Godfather pts (I’ve heard they’ve done this in the past), I’d take it, but like I said it’s not that big of a deal. Hope this helps!

  43. I’m really conscious if i should use my favor points for either the crates or the energy refill. I currently have 34. Help please, Heather.

    Thanks for the really good guide.

    1. Tristan – Your best bet to continue to level quickly is to use your Godfather points for energy points every time you accumulate 10. The crates are fun and can be rewarding, but the contents usually only help you fight, not do jobs.

  44. I am level 63 and have mastered all the jobs through hitman, now they have added the collections, can I still go back and get the card collections?

  45. If you’ve already mastered all the levels up to hitman, can you go back and get the card collections from the beginning levels?

    1. Tracy – yes, you can go back and get the cards even if you’ve mastered all the jobs in a tier. They are just loot drops and will come sporadically as you complete jobs again.

  46. Regarding properties and getting robbed… I agree with Carlito. I’ve racked up over $9 billion in the bank and was getting tired of getting robbed. Undeveloped space, Mafia Mike’s and the Rent House are all properties that cannot be robbed. I sold off all my other properties yesterday and still have more than enough to cover my upkeep.

  47. Do you where I can find some loots from boss fight, such as, “broken glasses” & “police badge”? Because I never found it in my loots page. And do you know what is the use or specialties of those loots? Tks 🙂

    1. Hey the hermawanov – not sure what level you are, but I do not show that I have any of those loot items (level 142), but they do look familiar. I’m curious where you saw them?

      1. I have the letter, badge and broken glasses. I got them by doing “boss fights” I’m not sure what they’re worth yet though. I tend not to do a whole lot of boss fights. Are they worthwhile?

      2. Now that I’ve played a bit longer, I really see the value in a well timed boss fight. I’ve read here and elsewhere about “doing the math” and inching yourself up to 1 or 2 xp away from your next level and then doing the biggest job (in terms of xp) that you can. At lower levels this might be a job on a higher tier but at level 112, I’m looking at spending 138 energy for 193 xp. Which will put me 192 points towards level 114. It gets to the point where even if you dump all your skill points into energy and do nothing but bank heists you need that extra boost at the end.

  48. When I started the game….underneath “jobs’ was the opportunity to “Confront Giancarlo Morillo”. They said that he “Roughed up my Uncle” and now it was time to return the favor. I’ve beaten him 4 times and I’m lvl 18 and have mastered all 3 tiers. When do I get a new boss?

    1. Tye & Ayanna – The boss will always be there no matter how many times you beat him. Beat him once to get the reward and call it done, but you don’t have to continue to beat him. I’m not sure why the bosses don’t go away. There is a boss for every level up to Enforcer (levels 13-17) but then for some reason there are no more bosses.

      Tye – you are level 18 so you will have seen all of the bosses at this point – one for Street Thug, Associate, Soldier, and Enforcer. Just beat each one once. And again, none of them will disappear.

    1. My absolute favorite way to beat a boss is by using a stun gun over and over and over… 🙂

      My next favorite is using up my shivs when the boss gets in the red.

      Trick: If you’re really short of cash, and have getaway cars and medical kits, you *can* pick a fight with the boss, heal yourself and then use a getaway car to leave without penalty. It won’t be useful too often but if the situation is “just right” it is an option.

  49. How can I keep myself weak and iced when I am not playing? I come across these who rob me but will definately lose to me in a fight that I want to take out but they are ALWAYS weak or iced until they play! Any ideas?

    1. Pascal – I do not believe there is a way to stay iced if you are logged into facebook. But, I did think that if you were not logged into Facebook/Mafia Wars that you would not get attacked or robbed (you simply won’t show up in the list of available characters to fight/rob). I don’t know this for sure, but thought that it was the case. Keep in mind that I’m sure there are a high number of players out there using cheats or bots and when this happens to you you could be dealing with one of those players.

  50. Heather,

    Before they introduced either the Master Items or the Gifting, trophies/rewards that were obtained from beating the bosses were displayed on the Loot page. I just realized that they are no longer there. (Not that these items benefited any of us in any way). The trophies were a blackmail letter, badge, broken glasses and a military ID.


  51. I am at level 77 I have taken a slightly different tack.

    I have high stamina 128 maximum which means I can attack a lot and I
    also get a lot of loot to fit out my guys. I have about 100 in attack
    and 115 in health but have not worried about defense much as I don’t seem to get attacked a lot.

    I would also like to know if anyone has received exp points over 6 is this game like mobwars where more health means more points.

  52. why cant i open level 2 of Associate? all jobs are level 1 mastered already.

  53. Hi… I came across your post and found some of the ideas intriguing. I am a level 62, Fearless and can see no problem with it… My stats are Attk = 104, Def 106, Health 150, Energy 137 and Stamin 32… I do not get robbed, even by gangs twice my size, which i repel from robbery. Money generation to me is a waste of time… I make my income with 2 robberies, and i fight 30 times (resulting in 90 to 180 exp and about 1.2 to 1.8 million in cash).

    I have 33 members all provided for, and make 2 mill/hr with a 97000 upkeep, and see no reason for any more as i have 500 mill in the bank from robbing. The only down fall to robbing is someone puts a hit on you, in my case it takes 8 attempts to kill me, if they can (they fail lately until someone of lvl 100 or greater, or 2 – 3 times my gang size attempts) each death is times 8 fight losses… I have died 54 times, do the math… this will effect your stats. I never realised this stat until i did my point sheet out… At that time i robbed 20 times a stamina refill… so I backed off after 932 successful heists vs 139 times robbed… I lost the most money by an attack after i log out from cash in hand, they usually get at the most $1000 to $1500 if they succeed. As I said before i do not rob but twice in a stamina refill now… but if they do put a hit on me, I will come back through the update window, as it informs you who killed you and who hired the hit… I will rob you blind, shut down every business and will continue to do so until they back off… I only rob a person one time, and it usually gives on 5 cluster casino $600000 +, so if they cannot handle my one robbery and proceed to take a tantrum, i will ruin them… buy a casino lure a thief!

    As of now I use no town cars, chain guns or inventory bought armor (I still own all i bought)… the loot provides better or Special Loot Items… fight more, get more loot in fights and jobs… I find in fights 1 in 3 give me a weapon, vehicle or armor… in jobs 1 in 2 for items or weapons, vehicle, 1 in 3 gives me a collection item… I have 6 vaulted collections now.

    The jobs should all be mastered one tier at a time, one job level at a time (ie street thug before associate) there is no benefit to leveling fast… you become big and buy lots of economy… and become pidgeons for those who choose to rob, over and over again… I never fight nor rob, until I study your stat page and I take on gangs bigger than me, because their stats tell me they will loose. My rule of thumb is never buy, what i would rob unless it can be protected.

    Nowhere to put your money? Buy property in lumps and do not buy bigger than a marina until you can defend it… large energy does nothing but jobs, jobs reveal no loot unless you fight… It is all math and ratio and one effects the other… there is no success formula… none… the game works on balance and so should you. There is no right way or wrong to play… everyone has success if you have patience. But you must fight, you must rob, you must buy, you must do jobs… all effect the other.

    It is called Mafia Wars… don’t want to get your feet wet, you shouldn’t play. Leveling up is just leveling up? Stats are what count here… and stats dictate all forms of payout… not just jobs and levels.

    1. Hi Dave – thanks for your comments. Looks like you have taken a different approach to the game and that’s cool. Most folks I know play for level (as in most social games) and my post is purely for those folks who want to level quickly, and I don’t promise much more until later when I advise to start building attack, defense, stamina, and health. To each his own.

      1. nice to see your post. i use a very similar approach, and even with that i am leveling really fast (lvl 30 in 3 days). my atack and defense are both higher than my energy. i am starting to put some points in energy now because i want to stay more time out of computer without my letting the meters hit the max. i try to let stamina and energy in a way they take the same time to refill (i am maniac, so i let energy is a bit higher than stamina). Most of my income comes from robbery too, but i make 1 mill/h taking out the upkeep (since the beginning i let the upkeep 10% or less than the income). I was used to fight and had a stat of 4/1 but then i start to lose a lot of fights to critical hits, so now i only spend my stamina in robbery. I got killed a few times by higher by high lvl guys hired by the ppl i robbed, maybe i would do better not robbing then until put their properties out, but i like the vendetta wars :). well, if they don’t put me in hitlists, i do not revenge, but i really get upset when i die (cause i have low energy and the 6xp really matters) and so i rob them a lot of times and make sure they lose more than i did. i really beat ppl of higher level and bigger mafia, very often. never had to spent a single cent in property repair, i don’t buy anything unless i can buy 10 at time. and i saw that the higher cost properties are waste of time, unless you already have at least 50 of each one of the cheaper. i have more than 100 rent houses, and still think its a good deal. my stats shows than i had been robbed near 20 times, i dont know how, because i won every single time ppl tried to rob me, so i think that even when you win it shows as robbed in your stats. well, i really think that thing of putting all in energy is not good, besides to have a high energy is good as you can have an energy refill per day and that don’t happen with stamina. by the way, i just suggest ppl to do simple math before taking any decision, i dont make excel spread sheets, but just calculating by look, (take out zeros and dividing by two is really easy) i can see that for example a casino (400:3) is worse than an abandoned place (50:1). yes, it changes as you buy a lot of abandoned places, but this simple calc you can do all the time you are about to buy something. and keep in mind that cheaper property not only have a lower ROI, but also are much less interesting to be robbed. well, as i have nothing new to say, thanks for your post. 😉

    2. Hey!! as mentioned by you,
      “but if they do put a hit on me, I will come back through the update window, as it informs you who killed you and who hired the hit…”
      can you tell me if I can find out if anyone has asked his fellow mafia to attack me??

  54. I have never had an Exp payout over 6 points… and Jobs open as you level up, as do items… I have 20 bodyguards, 18 night vision goggles, 35 armored cars, 26 armored trucks, 29 rpg’s, 48 grenade launchers, 18 napalm, 9 prop planes, 12 Harley’s (just to mention a few)… all my loot items come in majority from fights 1:2. I get the occasional out of a job (1:3).. I get collection items usually every other job… I have filled several collections of 4 other members just with my extras. I do not cheat, nor do I condone the practice… I believe in working for it and since it is Mafia, i earn it by fight, Jobs and occasionally a robbery… I level twice a day… with 3 15 minute looks per day.

    Trade is a good thing in your mafia, and be generous, give what you do not need to others in your mafia, help fill their collections, it all helps you mafia. They will in turn if good layers help you out as well… we all trade and all benefit.

    Non Top Mafia are usually the one who show up in a fight, they rally, steal an item or just help… more assets in their collection the better the outcome… my mafia makes money, does not get robbed etc… I hold all positions in other mafias and receive the gains of this as well… Share and gain… It is all teamwork… there is an “I” in Mafia, but it does not mean just you.

  55. Great tips! I’m level 54 fearless and just wish I had chosen maniac instead. You can always pay the doctor to heal and stamina always fills up faster, but energy take so long after a certain point. Now I just have to figure out how to get my friends who aren’t on MW to add the application so I can increase my mafia. You can always buy family from the Godfather, but it feels like a waste buying hired guns and its always more fun if they are actual players.

    1. Christina – check out the Mafia Wars groups on facebook – usually there are folks there looking to be added to your Mafia – invite them to be your friend and in your mafia, or leave your own post on the wall to have them come invite you. After they are in your mafia you can delete them from your facebook friends list, but they will stay in your mafia. This is the best way to grow your mafia to a large level, since most of us don’t have more than several actual friends that play the game.

  56. @Jake McQuillan

    This bit of strategy is f-ing BRILLIANT!!

    “if you’re a victim of repeated robbery by the same person time and again, do what i did. go to your notification and check if theres a notification about you being robbed and lost bla bla bla amount of money. click his/her facebook name and add him as friend.”

    I tried this (after reading your post) – not because I was being robbed, but because this person carried out a rather easy hit on me (I decided that I needed someone that powerful fighting with me and not against me). They are now a member of my mafia family and that’s one less person out there that I have to worry about attacking me.

    Thanks for the insight.

  57. @heathera1978

    Let me echo the sentiments of many of those who’ve posted before me. This is a great write-up, I just wish that I’d seen this two months ago when I started playing Mafia Wars (I would have chosen “maniac” instead of “fearless”, but alas). I agree with just about everything you’ve written here – though I didn’t quite have the same strategy.

    I’m currently at level 117 with over 1100 members of my mafia family, making %70 mil/hour in income from my properties.

    Another thing that I learned from your tip sheet and from my own experience (that I wish I’d known earlier) was that I should have been putting more of my profile points into Attack and Defense (currently at 103 each) and not at much into Health.
    I now think that (because you can “buy” more health at the Hospital, it’s really not that important to increase this number (you can’t buy energy, stamina, attack or defense). I’ve now started focusing on Attack and Defense as I hit each new level.

    I hope that more new players are lucky enough to stumble upon this helpful information before they have to learn the hard way.

    1. Just a hint, NEVER BUY health. It costs money and if you go to the market it only costs 2 godfather points to get the health totally restored. Another tip, take note if you are in a fight and find money (especially in Cuba) take note of their name…go refill your health and go back and get the rest of the money available in the fight. Hope that helps! Fell free to add me, Cynthia Humphries facebook and please mention HOW you came across me in the request.
      Happy playing!

  58. This is a great forum and thanks for the feed back… My interest in this game stems from playing them in my teens years ago, when they were dice games, so I am somewhat familiar with all the modifiers and such that are not shown in your stats pages. My character (now vl 63, 2 lvl advance since last night)is now capped on health and stamina… no need for more… I am raising my energy now by 3/lvl, and attk and def by 1 as well. I have more high end loot than my mafia can use… so I am now recruiting to a larger mob… I only raise my gang in small increments and make sure they trade as well. Trade not only helps you, but your mafia members, which in turn helps you by creating a more powerful crew.

    When I fight i hit each guy once on the list, this usually gives +3 exp on each fight and a rally gives 6.I have found as well that those I gift, show up more often in fights then the others… I am somewhat anal with these games and have sheets of hash-marks.

    I have found for newcomers… a 1 attk,1 def,2 health,1 energy, (every other lvl change the 2 to energy and 1 to health)works very well, leave stamina at no more than 10. This division of points to lvl 25 worked very well… my fight lose is because of my want to rob early and getting a hit put on me… again in my situation it takes a hitman 8-10 times to snuff me out, this is not only a death, but 8-10 fight losses as well. I do not recommend this strategy, unless you are willing to get hit.

  59. I also wanted to say… I agree with the aspect if they will not back off you and constantly harass you…Join them, if they will. My bodyguard is the person who kept killing me… and I hers… we know benefit instead of fighting each other.

    Myself I want a group of at least 50 before i buy big properties, to insure more protection. I have also found that by buying a 100 renthouse, 100 restaurants, 75 apartment complex and 50 valu-mart… that my ten marinas do not get hit, and if they do, the robber looses… Not sure yet if this buildup actually helps protect or not. I am going to hang a 5 office cluster off this line and see if they hold out.

  60. you go into telling us about buying property and then say so now youre making 15mill an hour lol…. the most i got is 70k and hour.

    i have like 5+ mafia mikes and 5+ rent houses a deli and some other place. they all go up by hundreds and the really expensive ones go up by like 10000. but you cant expect us to have over a million already can you? what property should i buy?

    1. Joe – I was probably in the level 50’s before I was making over $10mil/hr. The trick here is really saving up until you can buy 10 “lands” + 10 “properties” – the big ones. Once you take your time and save up for say, the casinos, your hourly income just skyrockets and it becomes much quicker to save up for your next 10 “lands” + 10 “properties”, say the marina. Trust me, there will come a time in this game that you will have absolutely more money than you know what to do with.

  61. I keep reading about having a higher health will net you higher exp in fights. Its mentioned 2-3 times on this page but no one confirms it.

    I was told if you have 200 health, you can get 12xp off of fights.
    If this is true, its a big deal.

    Has anyone else heard about this?????

    (btw- this works in myspace mafia wars but im looking to see if it works on facebook)

    -Don Rush

    1. Mike – I still haven’t had this confirmed. I currently have 150 energy and still only get 6 pts max per fight. I have heard that on Mob Wars also you get more exp pts if you have higher health also, but like I said I have never heard of that confirmed for FB MW.

    1. xxx – no way to change to maniac after this. I have addressed this in other comments – please read through for full details. Thanks!

    1. Joe – I feel as though I’ve done as much as I can to level fast, and like I say in my post I can level up about 2x per day. I seem to be right in line with many of my friends that have followed similar strategies. We all level about 2x per day and I personally haven’t noticed anyone doing more.

      Maybe others can comment on this? How many times can you level per day if you play your heart out?

      1. well, i am 3 days old level 30, and am not using energy strategy. i think that i am leveling slower now, but yet trying a different strategy. i thought that to point is not really to just level up, but to be able to beat most people in your own level, and i am doing really well in this, i am beating people with twice my level, and people with twice my mafia at my own level. i also make a lot of money doing robberies as i have a high atck/def and a good amount of stamina. i still have to keep watching the game each 3 hours, as it is the time i get to refill my 60 energy, but its ok for me. i think that to have stamina/energy balanced is pretty good, as both recharging at same time let me earn XP in two fronts, fighting/robbing and doing jobs. i think that as the the amount of xp needed to level increase, the advantage of a high energy is nullified, as you have to wait it to recharge (even having the daily refill). i would love if the xp earned in fights/robbing were proportional to the level of the enemy, that way i would make a lot of xp, as i said i can beat people twice my level. By the way i ever try to do things in a different fashion, and this strategy is working until now, but i am waiting to see if it change. I must admit that now i am looking with more care to my energy meter, as i don’t want to let my friends level faster than i, i know they are using energy strategy, but until now i am leveling faster than them. i don’t know how many times they look their account per day, and maybe i am leveling faster because i don’t let my meters stuck in the max (as its a waste). To rob is good because not only i earn between 1 and 6 xp at each robbery, but also i get some free xp when people try to revenge fighting me and lose. but more than 90% of my fight loses and deaths are due to them putting me in hitlist. But to beat me the hitman have to be a lot of levels higher, and i dont have a really big mafia yet (only 67), but i think that if i had a 501 mafia, someone would have to be at least level 60 or more to beat me (and i am just 30). So, i think that one have to look more close to the strategy, the energy strategy is a good and easy one to level up fast, but its not the only possible one. i must reassure that to me, to have stamina and energy recharging at the same time is crucial, i for example have 60 energy and 24 stamina, what make both of them recharge in 3 hours. i also spend all my GF point with the +4 skill points offer, i think its the best way to spend it, as one need at least 20 levels up to get the 10 points needed to recharge energy while an energy refill is there each day for free (and i can’t see anyone leveling 10 times per day when in high levels). by the way, the question is not be at the higher level, but to be the strongest guy at your own level, as it assures you will beat everyone in the fight and rob list, and also will win the fights they try push against you (earning some xp for free). well, that is just my way, but there are many. In the end, everyone will be near equal, as the points are conserved wherever you put them. but what you do with the GF points is what really makes the difference. take 2 persons at the same level, the one who used it in +4 skill you have an edge. i hope the game don’t end abruptly, as i know that my strategy would really give me an edge in the long run. thank you all for sharing your experiences.

      2. I was able to get to lvl 100 in my first week. It will slow down now because even with almost 700 energy I can’t quite level up without waiting for at least some energy to recharge.

    1. xxx – the only way i know of to restart your game is to delete the app, then from what I understand you can reload it after some amount of days (30) and you will be reset. Don’t hold me to this – just what I heard thru the grapevine.

      I don’t believe there is a way to delete mafia members. Even if you delete them as FB friends they remain in your mafia. If you’re that unsatisfied with your current character (type, mafia members, etc.) then I’d see if you can take advantage of the reset I mention above.

    1. From what I understand you can not delete mafia members.

      It really doesn’t matter though since your stats (i.e. attack, defense) are applied to all your mafia members. All mafia members do is add to one more stat of yours (mafia size). There is no need to delete.

      The place where better mafia players is a help is in the promotion area. They give you added stats (i.e. more money from jobs, attack, defense, less energy spent on jobs) so you should have a few higher level members but you don’t need more than 10 or 15.

  62. I am currently at level 55 but working in the Hitman levels 18-24. I am stuck though because on the Job Obtain comromising photos. This job needs concelable cameras and I haven’t been able to get any. Does anyone know what job might drop them?


    1. Cindy – the concealable camera can be found in the Enforcer job tab in the Rob an Electronics Store job. But, it is one of 3 items that can be looted in that job, so you have to be patient. You’ll get to know that job REALLY well, as it’s also where you get the untraceable cell phone which you use a TON in future levels. Good luck!

  63. Anyone know what an energy buff is? I just noticed it coming up after accepting an energy pack the last couple of days but don’t know what it is. I haven’t noticed any increase in energy or reduction of time to regenerate energy so what does this thing do, or how do I use it?

    Thanks (level 66 mogul)

    1. rudder – the energy buff is simply the energy increase you get when using an energy pack. Nothing new. You either receive a 50% or 25% energy “buff” (or one-time increase) when you use an energy pack. Make sense?

  64. Do you guys know how to get Chrome Skyline vehicle, Gas Mask, Poison Gas Grenade and Stolen Mail Truck?
    Seems like everyone have those things, but I don’t where to get…

  65. Do you guys know how to get Chrome Skyline vehicle, Gas Mask, Poison Gas Grenade and Stolen Mail Truck?
    Seems like everyone have those things, but I don’t know where to get…

    1. those are special items, that you can buy from your homepage, that apear once and a while, except for the stolen mail truck, that was supposed to be given to you if you subscribe the newsletter, but no matter how many times i subscribe, i never got it

  66. The stolen mail truck can be gotten as a one-time gift for signing up for the email, as you should see on your MW homepage.

  67. stolen mail truck is from registering your email at the bottom of the home page in mafia wars. not sure about the others

  68. Mike Rush – I am at 250 health and only get 6x exp max when fighting; nothing more.

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed this… I have mastered through Consigliere. With each level mastered, you receive a bonus. With Hitman you should receive a 30 second reduction on the stamina regen timer and with Consigliere you should receive the same on the energy regen timer. I am a Maniac, which means with these bonuses applied the timers should be 2:30 for energy and 4:30 for stamina, but they are not. Nothing changed, which is frustrating because that’s the only reason why I worked to master the levels. I feel like I wasted my time.

  69. The Hermawanov – The chrome skyline, gas mask & poison gas grenade were special loot items available to purchase on the Home page.

  70. I’ve noticed in the last week the I can change my “Title” on my Profile Page. For example, I can go from an Enforcer to a Street Thug by just clicking. Is this designed so that you can collect loot items from earlier tiers (ie. Street Thug), while continuing jobs on your current level (ie. Enforcer)? If you’ve collected all of the Enforcer loot items and have them vaulted, I could see this as being very useful instead of actually going back to the Street Thug tier and completing low paying jobs in order to locate the designated loot items for that tier.

    1. Alan – great question, but I don’t know the answer. I thought it was simply an opportunity to “fake out” opponents and make them think you may not have the status that you really do… Hopefully someone can confirm.

  71. I found the answer to my earlier question regarding time reductions with mastery bonus items….

    There are two timers, one on the mafia wars server which is the actual time the game plays by. The other is your clock on your pc.

    On the server your stamina regenerates at 30 seconds less, your web browser runs a time that DOES NOT KNOW that you regenerate 30 secs quicker, so it ticks over to 5 mins.

    Try this experiment, let your timer tick over to give you an extra stamina point. Now click on say “profile” or “home” and keep an eye on the timer. You will notice that the timer jumps down by 30 secs.

    Its just lax coding on behalf of the Zynga developers. There are so many bugs in this game that this is just another thing to add to their shoddy product.

  72. Yeah, the “fake out” was my first thought as well, but I was hoping there was a little more to it. Wishful thinking probably. Like you said hopefully someone can confirm.

    1. i tried to change the title to a lower level, to see if I could get any of the collections, while still playing on the boss level, but nothing was awarded

      1. B4c4rd1 – You don’t have to even change your title. You just have to have alot of energy points to waste. I went back and was able to complete the Street Thug and Associate collections while at Boss level. Just takes time. I suggest completing the lowest energy required job of each tier that offers loot to get the most chances to get the collection items.

        Or, just ask for what you still need on your wishlist. That’s very helpful also…

      2. thanks heathera, that’s what i already did, and my collections are already complete, i was just trying to find out if that would be the purpose of being able to change title
        my congratulations for your explanations and theory, which is exactly what i used since day 1, everything on energy. I must tell that i followed that route before checking any theory, as it simply was what maked sense, now i’m in level 233, with an energy pot of 1145, all jobs mastered and all collections complete, and an hourly income of 111 million, now my goal is only some of the achievements (missing 4) and eventually opening a new level after boss, and all with a mafia of only 50 (from which 28 are hired guns)

  73. is there any way to decrease the amount of times your robbed? or at least a way for a less amount of money to be taken each time?

    great post by the way.

  74. Increase your defence points and your mafia size….tht will keep the robbers at bay

  75. Really terrific writeup, like many others I wish I’d run across this before I started playing. Although my level is low enough that I can still take advantage of your suggestions.

    It made a ton of sense to dump all my points energy so I’m glad that you’ve confirmed that fact and it’s really paying off. Also from reading all the threads about robbing, I was pretty nervous about leveling up to 15 (not there yet) as that’s the level you start getting robbed (I think or at least it’s the level that you can start). It’s good to know that there are specific properties that are safe such as unbuilt land, Mafia Mike’s and Rentals since I can put money there and focus on building rather than about losing/protecting the properties.

    I’ll be checking back often for more tips. Thanks again.

  76. How does one go about “overprotecting” their property? It seems like I am only given the option to buy protection for my properties after I have been robbed and done repairs to them. Am I missing something? I am somewhat new still, level 75. Thanks.

    heathera1978 said
    03/07/2009 at 11:43 PM
    Shiva – thanks for your question and comment!

    If you do not protect your property you continue to lose the income it provides (I’m not sure of the rate of decrease, but over the course of days it can dwindle to zero, but I do not believe you will lose your property). I usually stop in once every day to re-protect my property. If you have the money, you can even overprotect it so that you are never losing hourly income. When you repair damage you do not get back the “back rent.”

    1. LJensen – once you repair all of your properties, you have the option at the top of your properties to “protect all properties.” Pay the amount shown and they are protected. All this really means, though, is that your properties can sustain some amount of robbing before you start losing income from it. When a property gets robbed, you lose the protection first (your income remains solid), then you start losing property health. The protection isn’t everlasting once you buy it. Hope this makes sense. Good luck!

  77. I really appreciate the information you have posted Heather. Like everyone else before me I wish I ran across it sooner, but I have still learned many new tips. I thought I would share where I am at and what has worked for me(for those who are interested).

    At first, I wanted to choose the maniac character…but ended up as a Mogul. This choice has worked out well for me so far. I am currently at level 111, energy 515, health 118, stamina 22, and gross over $58 million/hr…but i can never seem to have enough cash! I too felt that increasing my energy was a main priority since I chose the mogul character….and recommend this to others as well. I have obtained the reduction in stamina and health regeneration times(job mastery items)…so increasing these stats is of little importance to me(especially since you can be healed so easily by the doctor).
    Increasing my mafia was another priority for me, and it has definatly paid off. I currently have 650 mafia members and climbing. At this point the additional mafia members help me to continue to by the bonus weapons at the main page(as discussed in prev posts) as well as to add to the cash intake when completing jobs. I noticed that a few of the above comments had to do with how to grow your mafia members(especially if you do not have enough friends who want to join). I only have about 20 of my friends on my mafia, the others have all come from mafia forums(as mentioned in the #41 post).
    My attack and defense are both at 100(currently) and I have had no problem(so far) fighting or stealing from anyone in my “weight class”. I do fight a lot…and i have picked up many loot items from doing so( i have 2000+ fights won, and only have lost 360 fights).
    My current strategy: I think that 515 energy is enough for me currently, so I think i will spend some of my future skill points on defense and maybe attack to ensure I do not start loosing fights. I will also continue to buy more properties(to increase $), and I will also continue to max out on buying the limited addition loot at the main page.

    Again, thanks heather(and everyone else) for the tips!

    p.s. If you have become a victim, it is unfortunate..but it is just part of the game! If you can’t beat ’em join ’em right!? so…If anyone is interested in joining me(so that we can all grow stronger), click the following link to add me:

    1. Ria Rasher – on your Mafia Wars home page check out the section called “Player Updates.” You can scroll through that to see which players have been robbing you. After that, you can simply click on their name in the respective update and it will take you to their MW profile page. You can bookmark it for future use (i.e. random attacks, robbing, hitlist, or sucker punches). I don’t utilize this strategy myself (I choose to just go on and not retaliate, unless I’ve had a really bad day =) ), but I’ve heard of many others having luck with this as a way to fend off future attacks from these bullies.

  78. Ria –
    This is what I do-
    right click any of the action buttons (such as attack, rob..etc) and select “copy link location”. Paste that link into any text editor or just into your address bar. Copy their profile ID. EXAMPLE: “http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_time=1239162269&xw_exp_sig=a9f1b162437e8f022f664a209bd735d5&xw_controler=fight&xw_action=atack&opponent_id= 516570829 &action=attack”

    The Profile ID is 516570829 (feel free to add me)

    Take that number and enter it into google. 90 percent of the time it will bring you to their Facebook or Myspace page. Just add them as a friend (be sure to put “Mafia Wars” or something so they know that’s what the add is for in the “add a personal message” box) and invite them into your Mafia. Chances are they will accept since they don’t know you are the one they are attacking. After they are in your mafia, they can’t do that anymore. :p

    Worked for me every time, haha.

  79. Good write up, but i totally disagree on the hitman jobs, for me they are easy money, always go for the biggies tho, anything above 100,000 and yes a lot of people are trying to hit the target at once but its always paid off for me sometimes it costs you one stamina other times 10, the hitlist is a sure fire way to earn easy money, it definately helped me up the ladder

  80. I have a strategy question (or two), maybe you folks can help me out – I’d love your opinions.

    I’m currently at level 145 (Underboss).

    Attack: 180
    Defense: 178
    Health: 173
    Energy: 436
    Stamina: 51

    Income is over $81 mil./hr

    I do a LOT of fighting (because I’m looking for loot and experience points) and my fight stats are pretty good.

    Fights Won 9166
    Fights Lost 2104

    (I’ve had about an .813 winning percentage from the beginning).

    My questions:

    1. As I go up each level, the experience required to get to the next level increases (to get from Level 145 to 146 will require 1818 experience points). Should I simply abandon adding to Attack, Defense, Health and Stamina and just dump all future profile points into Energy?

    2. Is it true that we (general “we”) can get away with slightly smaller Attack and/or Defense numbers if we load up on the biggest and baddest weapons, armor and vehicles? As an example, I’m currently outfitted with:

    28 AR-15 Assault Rifle [32,10] (and hoping to pick up more of these from looting)
    189 AA-12 Auto Shotgun [27,15]
    284 Midas’ Butterfly Knife [26,20]

    Will the “bonus” that I get from using these Limited Loot Weapons allow me to get away with not having a huge number in my Attack and Defense?

    Thanks for listening.

    1. MrMartini –

      1. What I’ve found works best for me now (about level 170) is to really balance things out. When I have so much energy that I am wasting energy points (i.e. say I level up, use up that energy refill, then use an energy pack, but level up again before I’ve used up the energy pack) then I back off on building up energy and put some into attack/defense/stamina/and even health (I HATE waiting to use the hospital…). Once I find that the number of points between levels has increased so much that I have to use up an entire energy refill, an energy pack, and all of my stamina, then I start putting points back into energy again.

      IMHO this is the best way to go, as energy is still the best payoff per profile point (vs. stamina, as you don’t have to dump 2 pts in for every 1 energy like you do for stamina, and also because you don’t have to also build up attack to keep you winning fights), but you don’t want to get to the point of wasting your points either. So it’s a constant back and forth – and this should hold true for the life of your game.

      2. In another comment in this string, someone mentions an equation that they believed to be true about how the winner of a fight is calculated. It includes “benefit” given by both attack points and weapons points. I never did see confirmation that that equation holds true, but it makes sense. I would think the same would hold true for defense points and defensive total of your weapons, but again, I’ve never seen confirmation.

  81. To Modify Holmgren’s tip just a bit…

    Once you have their profile ID – as in the example that Holmgren provided…

    EXAMPLE: “http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_time=1239162269&xw_exp_sig=a9f1b162437e8f022f664a209bd735d5&xw_controler=fight&xw_action=atack&opponent_id= 516570829 &action=attack”

    There’s no need to google them, just use this link (with their user ID inserted) to send them a friend request:


    and this one to add them to your mafia (after they’ve accepted).


  82. Does it really matter how many times you have died? I would think that the more health that you have, the more money you would lose from people attacking you if you lose the fight…

    As far as I am aware, how many times you have died means nothing.

  83. thanks mrmartini.

    I knew about that too, but last time I tried to do that, it didnt work for some reason so I always just used google.

  84. @Holmgren,

    In my opinion, the only negatives from dying are:

    1. The money you lose (if any) in the fights that lead to your death (constant banking will alleviate some of this).

    2. The 6 experience points you lose when you die. But, there is a silver lining in this cloud some times. I was just killed (someone put a hit on me) and my death cost me 6 experience points. On the UPSIDE, I gained almost 29 points with all of the fights I won as they were taking me down. The net gain (for me) was +23). 23 points for six energy? I’ll take that all day.

    I used to worry about deaths and I’d replenish my health immediately after I noticed them. Now, I really don’t care – but I do pay attention to the person who whacked me because they tend to be incredibly strong players (I’ll then send them a friend request and get them to join my family).

  85. Ok, I’ve been playing for awhile, level 100-something, with tons of everything; I’m basically like a rat hitting the cocaine lever with this silly game…

    A question I’ve never seen answered is what is the equation used to determine who will win a fight (whether I’m attacking or being attacked)? Anyone have an answer on this — or even a hypothesis? Obviously it is based on a probabilistic model, but how do I tweak the equation in my favor? A bigger mafia helps, weapons/armor help, etc, but how much does each help? Is there a point of diminishing returns? I’ve run out of junk to buy, so I’ve recently bought thousands of chain guns and cars for the hell of it. Is this a waste? After my number of weapons and vehicles equals 501, is it all superfluous?

    What I’m getting at is how much should I concern myself with using Profile Points for Attack or Defense vs. Energy? I put together spreadsheets long ago on what property to buy, I can level up 3 times a day, but I still haven’t found an equation I can use to determine whether I should get more Energy, Attack, or Defense. The benefit of Energy is obvious and quantifiable; but as of yet, I can’t quantify the benefit of Attack or Defense, though there must be some, and it must change the odds of winning or losing an attack. Any help on this equation will be appreciated.

    FWIW, I find Stamina to just be a pain, I hate ever seeing the Stamina meter maxed out (then I’m “wasting” stamina), so I have to keep fighting all of the time just to keep it down (remember what I said about the cocaine lever).

    Thanks in advance for any light you guys can shed,


    1. Ramblin – Lol…wow we are in the same boat. With the pure point of this game “leveling up,” we are all simply rats hitting the cocaine lever, aren’t we =)

      Somewhere in this comments string there is an equation proposed that addresses exactly what you are asking. I have not seen that it is confirmed, but it seems to make some sense. But, my personal opinion continues to be that energy should be where the vast majority of your points goes. It’s a great return for your profile points, and it is quick to do jobs vs. fighting or robbing. (I am with you…I can’t stand muscling through all of those stupid stamina points.) So even more so, if you don’t want to build up stamina, best to stick with energy and some defense, just to ensure you aren’t everyone’s whipping boy.

  86. Does leveling up make your character stronger? I would just think its your stats of Attack/Defense that make you stronger. Do more weapons/armor become available at different levels?

    I am at level 49 now and think I have until 100 until more show.

    That’s why I’ve been training my Defense primarly (240) and left my energy at 70.

    1. John – Leveling up does not necessarily make your character “stronger”, but it is what the game is all about. My post was intended to help people level up quickly, but if your objective in the game is to be “strong” then you are playing correctly. But, you will not level quickly that way by any means. IMHO, 240 is WAY overkill for defense. Defense, I believe, just stops your name from popping up on the list of people available to fight/rob. I’m at about 130 and i rarely get attacked or robbed.

      More weapons and armor only become available through the home page offers and loot drops, but at level 170-ish I have not seen any more weapons become available for purchase.

  87. I have found a trick that banks me some extra experience points. I attack someone who has put a person on the hitlst. I get the points from hitting that person. That person usually puts me on the hitlist and I get the point from winning those fights. Sometimes I even watch my health and keep healing myself until I max out on points that can be received from getting put on the list.

  88. You LOST the fight along with $50,000, taking 13 damage and dealing 26 damage to your enemy.

    How come I lost thie fight, when I dealt more damange than I took? I see this every so often.

  89. I wanted to get some opinions on Limited Loot Weapons.

    The weapon currently being offered is:

    Easter Egg Bomb [28 Attack, 13 Defense]

    Previous to that we had:
    AA-12 Auto Shotgun [27 Attack, 15 Defense]

    Midas’ Butterfly Knife [26 Attack, 20 Defense]

    I (trying to remain as strong a player as possible) bought as many Midas’ Buttefly Knives as my mafia size would allow (I ended up with 302), I then started grabbing all of the AA-12 Auto Shotguns I could get…but when I hit 189 (giving me a total of 501 total Limited Loot Weapons), I stopped buying them (and I haven’t bought any of the Easter Egg bombs). Why?

    1. Because I can only use 501 weapons in a fight and the more of the new weapons I buy, the fewer of the old ones will be available for use. Even now, as I acquire more and more AR-15 assault rifles through looting, the number of Midas’ Butterfly Knives used in fights is reduced (not a bad thing, I guess).

    2. I just don’t see the huge benefit of having Easter Egg Bombs over AA-12 Auto Shotguns (sure, you get a one point gain on Attack, but you lose 2 points in defense. Similarly, you gain 2 points in attack over the Midas’ Butterfly Knives, but lose five points in defense.

    So – getting to my questoin finally – I’ve decided to pass on the latest Limited Loot weapon (while still recruiting more members to my mafia family) hoping that the next item offered will be either a vehicle or armor – at which point, I’ll buy hundreds of that item, greatly improving my strength in fights. Am I making a mistake in doing that?

  90. I currently have two mafia wars games going (one on my wife’s facebook). One I wanted to make myself unstoppable and am currently level 185 and have about 35,000 wins and 3300 losses. My Defense is around 500 my attack around 300,energy 305, 110 stamina and health 150. The other account I am stricly putting all into energy and leveling up fast as you experienced as well. While the energy strategy is good to level up, it’s not nearly as fun. If you want to get the most out of the game, be a brute and build up your attack/defense. It’s much more fun. You make up for any energy losses by getting on the hitlist. Each time I’m on I get 50 XP (max) and typically am put on about 20 times per day (I ask my 1000+ members to put me on the hitlist whenever they want). That’s 1000 XP I get nearly every day without spending any of my energy. I typically go up about 1.5 levels/day (every day at least one and occassionally 2 levels per day if more hitlists) The best part is I don’t even have to be logged in to be gettiing tons of XP. Your suggestion is correct, if someone attacks ignore – I love being put on the hitlist so doing that is doing me a favor and helping me level up faster.

    1. Dave P. – That is awesome to hear! I personally still play to level up, but nice idea to have this dual strategy going on. Thanks for posting!

    2. really nice to hear this, i am 3 days old lvl 30. i was feeling the ugly duck reading all the strategy stuff that ever says to you to build up energy, while i am building up atck/def and stamina. I am not getting a lot of free xp yet (i get some) because ppl of my own level never attack me twice, and when i am put in hitlist some guys lvl 200 and above beat me, i also dont have a big mafia yet. but i am still playing to build up combat skills, as i am looking for the free xp of being attacked, by the way i leveled 30 times in three days (from 1 to 30) without building up energy. i build energy together with stamina to make them both recharge at same time (3 hours now). thank you for showing me that i am not alone. 😉 i am not feeling a stupid newbie anymore!!

  91. im in level 199 almost in 200 in a few minutes and i have only a month in mafia wars. the onl thing i dnt know is ho to et more favor points if anoe know how tell me at myspace.com/mandujano10

  92. Good stuff Heather! Dave, I agree with you. I lost my urge to level up recently, because I’m discovering things as I go. Maybe it’s a phase. I notice I phase quite a bit. I’ve gone through level up, build the mafia, build the cash flow and outfit the mafia phases. Now I’m working back through early job levels to complete Vault Collections. IMHO, levels don’t matter unless you’ve got the substance to match. Somewhere I read a facebook discussion about a guy on level 2400-something who is getting beat-downs by level 80 characters.

    I like Dave’s idea about getting on the hitlist. I’d read that before but it didn’t occur to me the amount of XP I gain, even WITH the loss of 6.

    One strategy I have that I’ve not seen mentioned: if you worry about your mega casinos getting robbed (or they seem to get robbed a lot), then bolster up your office and hotel base for a solid cash flow foundation. Peeps don’t rob these unless you’ve pissed them off somehow, so that cash flow stays safe and there’s always plenty of cash to fix the casinos. Of course, robbing becomes less of an issue if you have a full mafia that’s properly outfitted.

    Also, I noticed someone talking about getting robbed over and over again. Take Heather’s advice and just move on. If you retaliate in any way, you make it to their ‘Updates’ window, allowing them to easily find you to rob you blind again. Do nothing when you’re robbed, other than rob someone else to get the money to fix your properties. 🙂


  93. Sorry, but you are completely wrong about building a big mafia when starting out. It is one of the few things that will keep you from being attacked/robbed repeatedly. A large Mafia, whether you have them outfitted or not, is a very large deterrent for people who are looking to rob or fight for XP.

    1. Nasamonkey – You must be mistaken… From my post under “Building Your Empire:”

      “Mafia. Starting out, DO NOT build a big mafia. ”

      I agree with your reasoning and speak of it in other places in my post and in the comments string.

  94. this post is simply awesome….I am into dis game for one month and now I am consglre, level 77…….i just think i’m addicted….lol….nice tips anyway….

  95. Having a lot of health helps in what I call prestige killing. After a while the game gets boring if you just level up and amass another billion dollars. I like to play on the hit list. There are always the big dogs that get put on the hit list and are so strong that they stay on there for over an hour. Target these guys! The thing is, even when you “lose” the fight you are dealing out damage to the opponent. If you can outlast them in health you can still knock them out without ever having “won” a fight. The tangible benefit is a little weak but the prestige of knocking out a big dog is rewarding for me. If you don’t want to lose the money, just bank it before fighting. But really… who cares if you lose a million or so. Money is easy to come by in this game.

    How do you go back to lower levels to pick up cards and such? Easy! When your energy is too low to do a capo job you probably still have enough to do lower jobs. Before going to bed (or other long break), before using a bonus energy or timed for an up-level, go do some peon jobs to drain your energy and hopefully pick up the low-end collectibles.

    Avoid casinos. They are robber magnets.

    Don’t butt heads with that level 100000 jerk that keeps stealing from you or kicking your butt. Get him to join your mafia. You’ll benefit by… er… burying the hatchet… so to speak.

    You can only vault a collection once so be generous once you’ve vaulted. It can be beneficial if somebody feels that they owe you because you dropped three race horses on them that you didn’t need anyway.

    Stamina? Blah, too expensive. Energy? Yah! Energy is where the real experience comes from.

    Just buy the top notch equipment from the specials and normal inventory. After a while you won’t even care about the normal loot.

    You will need untracable cell phones.
    You will need untracable cell phones.
    You will need untracable cell phones.
    You will need untracable cell phones.
    You will need untracable cell phones.
    … You’ve been warned.

  96. Hi! I’m new to Mafia Wars and appreciated your article. Thanks! I have a question. I’m on level 22 and I’m still only a Master Street Thug. I have confronted and won Giancarlo Morillo many, many times (have blackmail letter) and have performed all the jobs. What am I doing wrong or not doing so I can go up to Associate? Any input would be so appreciated!!!!

    1. donna – sorry for the delay. Have you figured this one out? A person asked this about a month ago, and it turned out they just didn’t notice the additional job tabs unlocking as they were leveling up. Once you hit level 5 the associate level opened up, even if you weren’t a master street thug and hadn’t beat the street thug boss. Let me know if you need more help and I can see about sending you some screen shots to help. Thanks for the read!

  97. How do you invite someone that keeps robbing you? There have been posts that say invite the guy that keeps attacking or robbing you? But, I haven’t figured out how.

    1. Patti – From user Holmgren in a past comment on how to befriend someone who keeps attacking you:

      “right click any of the action buttons (such as attack, rob..etc) and select “copy link location”. Paste that link into any text editor or just into your address bar. Copy their profile ID. EXAMPLE: “http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_time=1239162269&xw_exp_sig=a9f1b162437e8f022f664a209bd735d5&xw_controler=fight&xw_action=atack&opponent_id= 516570829 &action=attack”

      The Profile ID is 516570829 (feel free to add me)

      Take that number and enter it into google. 90 percent of the time it will bring you to their Facebook or Myspace page. Just add them as a friend (be sure to put “Mafia Wars” or something so they know that’s what the add is for in the “add a personal message” box) and invite them into your Mafia. Chances are they will accept since they don’t know you are the one they are attacking. After they are in your mafia, they can’t do that anymore. :p”

  98. Why doe s aguy who is level 143 with a mafia of 144 contnue to rob me blind when I have a mafia of 444 and level 146 with better equipent than him? Makes no sense

  99. Excellent thread. Quick question –

    I was always under the impression that an Energy Pack
    gives you a 25% boost to your *current* energy. However,
    after reading this thread, I’m not so sure. Does it actually
    max out your energy, THEN add 25% on top of that?

    In other words, say I currently have 40 energy, but my max
    energy is 100. I click on ‘Use Energy Pack’. Will I end up
    with 50 energy (40 + 25% of 40) … or will I end up with 125? (100 + 25% of 100).

    Thanks for any clarification. I have been using energy packs right
    after I level up – which I am now worried is a huge waste.

    1. Larold – yep, you’ll want to change your strategy for using energy packs. They refill your entire energy then add 25%. So you should use up all of your energy after you level up, THEN use your energy pack. Straight answer to your question – you’ll end up with 125 =)

  100. I disagree with buying properties in bulk. If you buy an Apartment Complex one at a time the price increases by $10,000 but the income from it is $5,000 an hour. You get the money back in two hours and the price of the abandoned lot you need for the next one goes down slightly. I buy mostly Apartment Complexes, Rent Houses and Italian Restaurants and of course Mafia Mike’s. The larger properties get robbed and you have to pay to protect them and repair them. I find I spend more on protection and repairs than the income I make. The other properties can be robbed, but most robbers don’t bother because they don’t pay off the well.

  101. I am not sure if this has been answered already, but I’ve been reading for a long time and haven’t seen it
    When I am fighting someone, after I win, sometimes a screen will come up to tell me this and it will have a place to click if I want to attack again. Other times it won’t have any place to click if I want to attack again and I have to click on the person’s name to be able to hit them again. What is that about?

    What is the difference between just losing, and your opponent getting a critical win?

    And when I am trying to chose someone to attack it will only show me people sho are 3 -5 levels above me. This wasn’t always the case. Why is that? and is there a way to get closer to my level?


    1. carla – My perspective…

      I don’t know why it sometimes gives you the “attack again” button and sometimes doesn’t. Frank’s suggestion makes sense, though I haven’t read that anywhere myself.

      A critical hit by your opponent means you lost that individual fight. However, what I have found is that typically if I am fighting someone and winning, just once in a while they will score a critical hit. Meaning, in general I am stronger than them, but even the weakest of opponents gets a hit in here and there. On the flipside, if I am fighting someone that is stronger than me, it will just say that I lost the fight, and not necessarily that they scored a critical hit. In a nutshell, I believe a critical hit is when the underdog actually wins a fight. Again, just my guess based on experience.

      About your fight lists and the level that people are that you are given to fight, this has seemed a mess to me lately. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of what Zynga generates as a fight list for us, and there is no set rule for what levels you can fight, as far as I can tell. On good days I get to fight folks in my level range (I’m 190-ish now), but some days I get fight lists with people in 800’s. Those days I just don’t fight =)

      Hope this helps… Good luck!

  102. Carla…

    With the fighting part of your question… If it says attack again, that means the person is actually online and playing Mafia wars.

    Critical win = Losing (e.g. There is no difference)

    When I fight people it shows me people about 20 – 30 levels BELOW me, so I don’t know the answer to that. (e.g.I’m level 233 and everyone on my “fight list” are levels 208-212)

    1. Wrong on the “Fight Again” explanations!! If the “Fight Again” button comes up, that player is still alive with sufficient energy! When their energy level goes below 20, that option no longer appears. U are basically fighting a ghost that u will get no money from, but will still get credit for the wins. U can verify this because anyone who gives u that “Attack again” option, u can put on the hitlist, while once this option is gone u cannot, because they are too weak!

      1. Actually, on the “Attack Again” explanations, that button only comes up if the player has 20 or more HEALTH…if they’re under, it doesn’t. When in wartime situations, I’ve found it useful to keep my health UNDER 20 when I don’t wish to be hit: I burn my stamina until I reach that point, and THEN do jobs, make and bank income, etc. so by the time I’ve crept back up to 20, my financial losses are minimized.

        This is a great thread: I’m level 277 and just managed Cuba as well as NY, and found Energy management is EVERYTHING:

        Make sure you’ve used EVERY last energy point before you click on that Energy Pack, AND make sure that you it will take MORE than twice your base energy max when you use it: If you’re less than that from a level, you’ll waste the additional benefits.

        When you first wake up and start to play, see how far you are to leveling vs. how much energy you have available: If the amount to level is less than twice your available energy, you’re going to waste some. It can’t be helped, but there are ways to minimize it:
        –Go to the highest Boss job that you are able to master, and see what the energy use is and the payout. Example: You only need 80 xp to level, and have 200 energy: Do jobs that total LESS than take you CLOSE to 80xp (keeping in mind that if you’re a Mastermind, you may be getting a 50% XP bonus on some jobs, so figure conservatively), and THEN take that last 150ish energy and do the Enforcer Boss job.

        The energy cost/XP gain might be comparatively high next to some other jobs, BUT you’ll have used as much of the energy as possible, will get a nice boost towards your next level, AND a nice big cash payout besides.

        I googled for “Mafia Wars server” hoping to find how players are assigned servers: It has something to do with the last 2 digits of their MW profile ID#, but I’m not exactly sure how they’re assigned…

  103. hey, is there any way to earn godfather points other then by bying the third party stuff? I’m a lv. 36 maniac with 63 attack, 70 defence, 85 energy and 7 stanima. Unfoutunatley i didnt find this article because in the first 2 min i spent all my godfather points. Every once and a while ill gain another point, buit it seams random. Is there a pattern

    1. bob – I believe you get godfather points every other level. This and doing the third party deals are the only way to get godfather points, though I’m sure there are some cheats out there if you want to go that route (not quite my style, but to each his own…).

    2. heather is right. you get 1 godfather point every other level.

      zynga does allow you to buy godfather points using paypal or a credit card

      there are NO cheats in mafia wars. i imagine zynga staff just has access to a secret credit card number that if they use it then they get the points for free, but that’s just a guess. as a programmer myself, i can see no reason why one would write cheats into a game like this when the “buy points” mechanic is so easily usable.

  104. I didn’t read your article, I did however read your intro paragraph! lvl 90 after two months? I am level 184 today, right now (yes, this very moment) after a whooping 6 days (a play a couple times a day for a good 10-30 minutes). The secret, you ask? Only pump energy, and just do job tiers until you’re level 100. When you hit lvl 100 you can do the boss jobs and lvl instantly. The energy refill you get will be sufficient enough to cover the exp required to lvl. I went from 100-182 in minutes, and I’m up like 30 billion. Crazy shit, eh? Well time to retire. Remember only energy, I still win all my fights 🙂

    1. sophia – Lots has changed in MW since I wrote this article – I should update it. When I was leveling up there was none of this “job mastery” stuff that threw all these extra experience pts at you. That makes a HUGE difference. Good job, though!

  105. I started a second character, because I wanted to test some theories I’d formulated while playing.

    I attempted to correct the “mistakes” I made with my first character (not choosing “Maniac”, not realizing the importance of Limited Edition Loot, and not growing my mafia faster),

    This time, I committed myself to growing a large mafia (600 in the first few days, and over 2700 in the first few weeks). I have to tell you that growing that fast has made other players leave me alone.- especially early on. No one at level 20 wants to fight a mafia with 501 members already. You may not have the weaponry to outfit all of those members, but you really don’t need it because no one is going to test you. I was able to get 500 AA-12 Auto Shotguns (cost: $5,000,000 as opposed to $10,000,000 for an equal number of chain guns and there’s no cost for upkeep) – so I was all set (from an offensive weapon standpoint) very early.

    Having over 1000 mafia mikes gives you 12,000,000 in income every hour and this really is enough money to take care of your mafia.

    So, I guess I’m saying that I disagree with the “don’t grow your mafia too quickly strategy” and I’d suggest growing it VERY, VERY quickly. Add as many people as you possibly can and get to 1000 as fast as facebook will let you. There are so many advantages to doing it.

  106. How do you master jobs that require loot items if you run out of the loot, like concealable cameras…How do you get the loot to maste rthe job!

    1. You back and execute the jobs that give you a chance to grab that loot. In the example you gave, you’d have to go back to the Enforcer Tier and perform the “Rob an Electronics Store” job until you got enough cameras to master the higher level job. That – or you could ask members of your mafia to donate them to you (or trade with them to get them).

      I was looking at a chart that listed the mastery percentage of each level of each job and it indicated that in order to master third level of the Underboss Job, “Order a Hit on a Public Official”, you will have to perform that job 100 times (the mastery percentage for each execution is only 1 (ONE!?!?!). That means that you will need 100 Untraceable cell phones just for that one level of that ONE job.

      This means that we will have to perform the “Rob an Electronics Store” job enough times AND/OR pick up enough untraceable cells as loot during fights to get at least 100 Cell phones during the course of the game (but that won’t be nearly enough).

      Just an FYI, in order to master all of the jobs in each tier for all three levels it will require:

      – 403 Blackmail Photos (from the “Obtain Compromising Photos” job and loot from fighting)

      – 263 Computer Set-ups (from “Rob an Electronics Store” job and loot from fighting)

      – 424 Illegal Transaction Records (from “Steal Bank Records” job and loot from fighting)

      – 333 Untraceable Cell Phones (from “Rob an Electronics Store” job and loot from fighting)

      We’re going to have to do all of these jobs (using valuable energy poings), long after they’ve been mastered.

  107. Hi, I’m on level 228 and still have not unlocked the level passed ‘boss 100+’

    I have mastered every job, collected every collection, fought every boss and yet still no new levels. I have 486 – am I missing something that I should be doing to unlock the next set of jobs……or is it that they just don’t exist?

  108. The problem with protecting property is that it just keeps your property alive for longer if someone wants to squeeze as much cash out of you as they can and deestroy your property then they will just keep striking until the protection is all gone.

  109. im at lvl 140 and make about 400,000,000 hr but i got stuck because i dont know how to unlcok the last job tier so anyone knows hit me up but this is a good write up about the game it would of helped me alot when i started

    1. @josh day

      I’m level 202ish today, and the last job tier hasn’t opened up. I’ve seen other folks on here in the mid-200’s say that it still hasn’t opened up for them. As far as anyone I’ve talked to knows, there is no tier after Boss quite yet.

  110. Heather, great work. I’m just getting started, been hooked for a few days. Got a few questions. Thanks in advance.

    If I’ve got a Mafia of 6 (me plus 5) is my “strength” in defense and attack calculated by my top 6 weapons, protections, and vehicles? How do the defense and attack numbers from my profile add to any of these?

    I did lots of jobs at first and moved up to level 10 but I don’t seem to be able to win too many fights against the people I see at my same level offered under the Fights button. Maybe I need to get my weapons, protections, and vehicles caught up with my level?

    1. @new don
      You are right on your first question. When you fight, you fight with your mafia of 6 and your 6 best weapons, 6 best armors, and 6 best vehicles. It’s good to always make sure you have as good of weapons as you can afford for each member of your mafia. People typically do this by collecting good loot drops through jobs or fighting, and by buying the special weapons offered on the home page.

      In reference to how the defense and attack numbers help in your fights, there have been some equations proposing how the winner of a fight is determined (includes a random number generator to allow for the “chance” of the real underdog winning, which is why you won’t always win a fight against someone you are technically stronger than). Your mafia size and weapons/armors/vehicles ratings are included in that, as are your attack and defense profile numbers (the higher the numbers the better your chance of winning a fight).

      About your inability to win a lot of fights against people your own level, I am becoming more and more convinced that fighting/robbing in this game is a complete waste of time if you want to level very quickly, unless you just really enjoy it. You need to fight/rob a bit early on to build your hourly income to a healthy spot, but once you are making in the $20mil range I wouldn’t bother with it. Just dump all your points into energy and you will level very quickly (your “turns” will be quick, as well, vs. waiting through refreshing fight lists and at the hospital).

      Just my opinion…enjoy!

  111. Seems like repairing and protecting property is a waste of time.

    You will get 30% out of a totally destroyed prop. That is, of course, not optimal, but if you keep buying property you will overcome that too.

    Otherwise you are just throwing money away as people continue to rob you.

    Thoughts from the masses?

  112. Amazingly good analysis, I WISH I had found this before I created my character and picked Mogul. Thank you so much for putting out some solid tips instead of the usual cheats and junk that is out there.

  113. Excellent Writeup Heather…and comments that have followed up.
    I just started mafia wars.. and am in level 26. My only intention has been to wait for energy refill and then do the jobs and rise up the level. My mafia size is 120 now. Lately I was constantly robbed so I sold off my premium properties. But, when I try doing the same, ie, rob others…most of the times I fail to do so. I’ve all the best weapons and have the same nos of armors that of my mafia size. Infact, I also failed many times to rob people at lower level with lesser mafia size.

    Help me with the strategy… this has flummoxed me, though I’ve brought everything that came in the limited edition loots and other equipments.

    All this while I had been trying to increase energy for every skill points that I got. With 27 attacks and 10 defense… do you think this is the major reason … need some tips!!!


    1. Rome – Yes, I would say you are struggling to win fights or successfully rob mostly due to your attack level at this point. To build that initial nest egg I do realize it is important to win some fights and have some successful robberies, but I would not suggest dumping a ton of points into attack at this point either. Point blank you will still level much quicker in the long run if you dump as many points as you can into energy. Your money may build slower, but you will still level quickly. You mention you do have the best weapon for each of your mafia members, but do you also have the best armor and vehicle for each member of your mafia? This is also taken into account in whether you win or lose. Let me know…this is the most obvious thing that I could tell in your comment, though I do not claim to know all =)

  114. Here’s a few general hints and pointers

    You cannot get more than 6xp from a fight. I have completed nearly 20,000 sucessful attacks.

    Why on earth would you want to have $2bn in the bank, paying 10% lodgement fees each time. WHY? Buy some property…earn some return.
    Currently a casino costs me $1.25bn and I’m raking in $315m an hour. Rob me…go for it…see if I care.
    Expand and the guy robbing starts to get smaller until he’s a gnat.

    Please do not waste points on Defence. A low defence is an excellent defence. It means that you can only get hit a reduced amount of time.

    If someone hits you, IGNORE IT. Play your own game and enjoy it. It is a game. Eventually the bully will get bored.

    Repair your property, the revenue loss is actually quite severe for just small amounts of damage.

    Get kit…swap it, fight for it, do missions for it…just get it!

    Get as many Mafia members as possible…up to 501…there is no point AT ALL in getting any more.,,,just reduces the amount of people you can whack.

    Level as fast as you can…ignore the wimps who stunt themselves. Levels refill your energy and stamina and give you more main stat points and for every two levels you get a Godfather point.
    Most of all you fall even further behind those who are leveling quickly and will spend your time get mauled by the likes of me who doesn’t pause to check who I just whacked.

    You should level twice a day. That’s efficient. If you have no life it will be three times a day…but you will little else….please don’t do this.

    Get to level 3 in each mission.

    Complete the different sets.

    Recruit serioulsy high level guys to your Mafia and make them your key Mafia.

    Enjoy the game!

      1. heh, i level 20 times a day now, playing 1 hour & a half… With Heather’s energy strat…

  115. i think there is a better way to do for energy since the energy packs give you a fill plus the 25 percent extra it is actually better to keep growing your maximumenergy number since the larger it is then the more free energy you get from the pack and use all the energy that is building from the last time you played before accepting the energy pack since you get more from it byaccepting at zero energy than a partial or complete fill

    and another thing that at level 92 this person does not realize is that when you get to the underboss and boss jobs the energy required to do them goes up considerably and this is advice from a level 172

    1. jamie – thanks for the comment. Note that I am level 211 now =) And, I do believe we have the same strategy for using energy packs…maybe you misunderstood the way I wrote it, or vice versa. Anywho…

      I wrote this back in February before many of the game changes (the job tiers weren’t even assigned to the same levels as they are now, no “mastery levels”, no gifting, no achievements, etc.).

      I have continued with the strategy of dumping all of my points into energy and it has worked out very well for me. I had a small spurt of time that I built up some stamina/health/attack/defense just for the heck of it, but I hate the time it takes to waste stamina points so I quickly abandoned that strategy and went back to banking all of the energy I can. Much quicker game for me.

  116. Did you also post this somewhere else, like mafiawar.info? Because if not I think you’ve been plagiarized…by someone who doesn’t know the difference between “Your” and “You’re”

    Word for word, this same advice is posted there.

    1. Karen – Thx…I did not post this elsewhere. Unfortunately, crappy people are out there and get joy out of claiming things as their own that clearly aren’t… Oh well… You know what’s funny, though, is that it is SO EASY to give others credit. Thx again =)

  117. Question for you all.

    Assume that one person assigns me as their Mastermind.
    That means I get a small chance, on doing any particular
    job, of getting 50% extra experience.

    Now, if more people decided to make me their Mastermind,
    does my chance of getting the bonus on a given job increase? In other words, over the course of doing 200 or 300 jobs, would I notice the 50% bonus occuring more frequently if I
    have a lot of people who decided to make me their Mastermind?
    Curious what all you 150+ level folks have noticed…

    1. Larold – That is a great question. Let me see if I can get in touch with Verbal Di about that and see what he’s found out. Verbal is the co-author of “Mafia Wars Weapons Stats” in another of my MW posts.

      I’m at level 217 currently and I know that I hold multiple positions with multiple top mafias, but I haven’t really paid attention to how often I get each bonus.

      Other comments/experience from other readers?

  118. It is hard to know how many people have me in which top mafia spots, so it is hard to have much confidence in a guess about this. But I think that multiple people putting me in a top maifa spot gives me better chances of getting the extra chance than just one person doing so. I have not studied this, just “gut feel” from watching the stats go by.

    I think that I am Wheelman more often than Mastermind. And I do get “zero energy used” more often than the extra energy from being Mastermind.

  119. I’m a little confused on the “Property Protection” option. I HAVE chosen to protect my properties, but notice that they have still been able to be damaged. I don’t understand this.
    I have had them damaged a few times now -after buying the $$$$$ Property Protection $$$$$ and after doing this still have my property damaged. Is this the way it’s supposed to work or is there a possible bug in the system? Why do I even spend the TONS of money they ask to insure the property when it doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m wasting my much needed money on this glitch.

    1. Jen – I’m hoping someone else can put their 2 cents into this one also, as I have not spent much time thus far analyzing the benefit to property protection. From what I can see (note my properties get damaged very rarely, either because people just fail to rob me or because many people don’t bother to rob me anyways), property protection just slows how quickly your property gets damaged. So, to use random numbers, say your property has a health of 100% and 100% protection. It may take someone 100 successful robberies to put your property out of commission. But, if you hadn’t protected it, it may only take 50 robberies.

      Now, I have seen some discussion on whether or not it is worth while to pay to protect and repair properties, or if you should just go on accepting the minimum 30% income you’ll continue to receive from a property even when it’s out of commission. I’d like to analyze that at some point, but have not chosen to yet (as I said, I rarely get robbed). Hopefully someone else has more insight on that, or you can see what you think about that idea.

  120. Hi i´m level 77 / 32 fam. members

    My strategy
    atack – 50
    defense – 200
    health – 120
    energy – 151 /now i spend points only here/
    stamina -65
    i dont have mega casino, because if you have one, everybody will rob you for best money …

    Question: how exactly is fight calculated, does atributes like attack of family members matters ?

    1. pal – From what I have seen, only YOUR attack, defense, mafia size, and attack/defense of your weapons, armor, and vehicles are taken into account, not those of your mafia family.

      Thanks for your info!

  121. I cant change my charactor i Mafia Wars when i visit the godfather as it say here … all i can is this …

    The Godfather offers you $1,523,000. accept for 10 reward points
    The Godfather offers you 6 extra family members. accept for 20 reward points
    The Godfather offers you a full energy refill. accept for 10 reward points
    The Godfather offers you a full stamina refill. accept for 10 reward points
    The Godfather offers you a full health refill. accept for 2 reward points
    The Godfather offers you a new name. accept for 15 reward points
    The Godfather offers you 4 skill (upgrade) points. accept for 14 reward points

    So how do I change to “Maniac” ?

    1. Michael – No changing character type once you picked. Don’t worry too much about it though. Just keep dumping points into energy. Being a maniac is a slight advantage, but I’ve found I can level up as quick as maniacs even though I myself am a fearless (I didn’t know what I was doing when I started either).

  122. noob question – do i need to send weapons and armor to the members of my mafia, or do I just need to have multiple items in my inventory for them to use? I am hoping it is the latter!

    1. Finbarr – It is the latter. Just keep a good inventory of weapons/armors/vehicles – one for each member of your mafia – in your inventory. Those weapons serve as “theirs” in your fights.

  123. I only see one flaw in your reasoning. After a time it’s good to put a bunch of your points in to Stamina. The reason being that it takes the same amount of time to earn one point of energy and one point of stamina. So if you’re waiting for your stats to refill eg overnight or during the day then you have one point of each to use for experience points. I think that the only good reason to have so much more energy would be for when you level up and it gets refilled or for when you use an energy pack. Then you’d have more to fill. You said that you had about 800 energy. I would imagine that you would never be able to wait it out until it was full unless you didn’t play for 2 or 3 days.

    1. Wrath – You are right. I actually added another post called Revised Mafia Wars Strategy Levels 100+. I need to revise it a bit, as I wrote that about 100 levels ago, but in general you do need to do some amount of balancing over time. I still think it is correct to have a VAST majority of your points in energy (I currently have 862 energy and 130 stamina). Even if you only max out energy when leveling up and after using an energy pack, there is still no better way to go up in levels quickly. But yeah, you get to a point where you feel like you are wasting points – you’ll level up half way through using an energy pack. Sometimes I just let that float. But sometimes I do throw some points at stamina/attack/defense/and even health. But, you’ll never go wrong by dumping all of your points into energy. It just may not be the most fun way to play, and it may feel wasteful.

      I will add that before Zynga added all of this job mastery stuff, there were not so many profile points up for grab. You got 5 profile points for leveling up, but that was it. When that was the case, EVERY point NEEDED to go into energy, or you would be lucky to level up in a day without an energy pack. Now, with all of these profile points being thrown at us, it is nice to be able to build up some other areas of our character and still level pretty quickly (2x day most days, sometimes 3).

  124. One tip I haven’t seen posted:
    If you are about to level up and have loads of energy left, get as close as possible to leveling up then go fight a boss. I keep fighting the enforcer boss after I use energy packs, he gives me 253 exp. I always level up before using an energy pack. So, it goes like this, level up and use all the energy, use the energy pack and get within 10 or so of leveling up then beat the boss. That gives me an instant 253 pt bump on the next level, then use all of the new exp from leveling up. For quite a few levels I was getting around 200pts from leveling again.
    Also, I’m a mogul and I always level at least 2 times per day, sometimes 3. I haven’t finished every job yet, but once I finish them all I’m going to be doing nothing but the “Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don” job to try and get the 1 trillion and 10 trillion achievement.s

    1. zapit – Thank you! Great tips! I knew those boss fights had to be good for something!

  125. Great post!

    My strategy is somewhat different.

    (1) I do not often attack other players because attacking them only gives you experience (you level up quickly) but does not give better + stats as a bonus like jobs do. This way you level more slowly but eventually your character will have stronger stats in comparison with his/her level.

    (2) As I do not attack other players often, I can stress defence and gain experience etc. even when I am not playing.

    1. Don’t forget you get loot (Sometimes very nice stuff from Cuba or high level NY stuff). This stuff makes your character better, getting high Attack/Defence equipment that you don’t pay any inventory tax on. Additionally, you’ll get cameras, photos, ITRs and cell phones all the time, helping you get mastery of the higher levels easier.

  126. Just another little tip=) when i am close to leveling up, and my energy is a little high, Say i have 150 energy left and 6 points to level up, I fight a boss for 100 energy and get 100 exp points to my next level. just thought id share =)

  127. I’m at the point where I level all day long. I’m currently at level 600. Yes that is correct six hundred
    I get 12% less energy required and 12% more exp from each job and on boss level I do the one job that gets me more than double the energy used. I have put all my points into energy. The game is now totally boring for me. 😦

    1. Frank – I hear you. I am not yet at the point where I can constantly level (I haven’t mastered all of the Boss tiers yet, and I have put some points into stamina and such to make the game more “fun”), but I can see that it would get boring. Consider it another achievement, and wait for the additional features that Zynga comes up with to get you interested again =)

    1. Frank Schifano – Complete the Steal Bank Records job in the Capo job tier to get Illegal Transaction Records. Also you can add them to your wishlist and have your mafia send them to you.

  128. I haven’t checked all the jobs, but “Settle a Beef, Permanently” has the highest experience percentage at 1.972 (at least that’s what mine is… 36 energy, 71 experience)

    I’d be leveling up all day if it wasn’t for those last few pesky collection items I need.

    Current level 229, master boss, max energy 1309.

    1. CT – I hear ya. I’m actually contemplating giving up on doing jobs to finish these other collection items so that I can just start to level up like a madwoman. I’ve wasted over 2000 energy points trying for collection items in the Soldier and Capo job tiers and have looted ONE of the items I need. I may just have to work trades with people to finish the last items.

  129. Why is my job mastery % so low? I’m in the Underboss level and I’m at 3% job mastrey wich means I have to do a job 34 times before I master it for that level..

    Any ideas??

    1. mikec – Where do you see your job mastery %? I looked on my profile but didn’t see that stat for me.

      But to address your question, my guess would be that because many of the jobs you still have left to do for underboss and boss only give you 3% each time you complete a job for Level 1 mastery, 2% each time you complete a job for Level 2 mastery, and only 1% each time you complete a job for Level 3 mastery. So, if they calculate % job mastery based on number of jobs, I would say you may just have alot left to complete vs. what you’ve already completed.

      Another way they may calculate is based on energy points required to complete the future jobs vs. what you’ve already completed. Since the jobs in the underboss and boss tiers are so energy intensive, this could also explain why it looks like you have a long way to go.

      My third and likely most probable reason for this is that it’s purely a bug left in your profile. About a month ago that stat did exist in my profile, but there was no number assigned to it. Now the stat’s not even there. It may just not have gotten cleaned out of your profile.

      Anyways, just my best guesses. Maybe some others will comment with other ideas that will click…

      1. Thanks. What I’m referring to is every time I complete a job at 3% mastery I get 3% closer to 100%. For example, the last 2 jobs I have I’m at 1% mastery which means I need to do the job 100 times to complete.

      2. mikec – Ah, I see. Yes, what you are seeing is correct. It’s a pain, but it is correct…

      3. Thanks. I was hoping it was some type of setting that I could change with my mafia, etc..

        I’ll be master underboss in another week or so at that rate. 3 of the jobs for me to complete level 3 I have to do 100 times each, which means I need 75 more bank records to finish one of them..

      4. one factor going into the % job mastery is how much EXP you have to put up to get the job done, if its less than 30%, you’re probablly only getting 1-2 % each time. If its about 70-90, you may get about 4-5%. Cuba is much higher for some reason.

  130. how does one get snuffed?? I’ve been snuffed 3 times in a day and a half and I don’t have a clue what this is…..


    1. Shannon – “Snuffed” = killed. You were likely attacked by someone to the point where you ran out of health. You can see who did this to you on your Mafia Wars Home page by scrolling through the Player Updates section. Note that you can be attacked even if you are not playing Mafia Wars.

  131. hey jus wondering if anyone knows if i can start all over again? i kinda didnt have a clue when i started n have ruined my mafia ! lol

    1. sarah – Uninstall the app, wait 30 days, reinstall. I’ve *heard* that works.

  132. Well, one benefit to being the “fearless” character is that there aren’t many of us out there as others. So you’re more likley to be put in as “top mafia” and get energy packs from your mafia if you’re a decent character–and you get more gifts, energy, etc.

    It would be nice to be a maniac, but its not so bad being fearless–I think anyway.


    1. Guarddog – I totally agree. Many folks write to me saying, “Oh no! I wish I would have seen this before I started! How do I change character? Should I start over?” Of course I always answer back that it would have been nice to be a Maniac, but just as you said, it isn’t so bad being another character type either.

      Another awesome thing I just found out that makes it not so bad to be another character type, is that after you master all job tiers through Boss (so you’re a Master Boss), your energy regenerates twice as quick as it did before! Mine was regenerating one point every 4:30 (the 30 second bonus came from mastering some other job tier, I believe), so now it’s 2 points every 4:30. This helps immensely to be able to level up 2x in a day easily, and not as difficult as it once was to level 3x per day. I am putting all of my points into energy again, after some balancing along the way.

  133. I have just read every comment and have picked up some tips, thanks!

    My partner got me into the game (well just wanted me to join to boost his mafia!) But….I started playing! Im only on Level 13 but doing good with getting everything I need and having the same amount of weapons, armour and vechicles as my mafia number being 25. I put alot of my points on attack sometimes on defense and stamina, I find its working OK!

    Good tips on here for robbing, after reading this I see the point in not having a rediculous amount $$ coming in, my partner owned alot of property including lots of casinos and he is always complaining about being robbed over and over again.
    I mentioned to him about the comments in here and that the more property you have (especially casinos) the more you will be a target and get robbed…….
    He sold nearly all is property and has only kept the ones that will bring in enough for upkeep and a little extra.

    I get the drift of the game and guess I only have one question:

    1. What is the piont of the game?

    Is it getting to the highest level, having the most mafia, doing the most jobs, finding everything, having the most money or weapons amour ect….

    And if I was to have all this I would be just doing the same thing over and over again and all thats happening is I gain another level…..??

    I like MW but I suppose it wont be for me and I will eventually get bored doing the same thing on every level, especially when partner seen a person on level 4000 something!!!

    Does this game ever end……(and whats the piont of the game)

    1. Shantel – Glad you’ve found my blog and the associated comments helpful!

      It’s funny to hear you ask what the point of this game is…I had the same question when I began!

      What I’ve found is that the game is what you make of it. For me, I want to level up, plain and simple. Others, as you have read, want to get stronger and stronger to win more fights and fend off hitlist attacks. Still others want to master all levels, complete all collections, etc. (i.e. “check all the boxes). Some want to be property moguls. It’s all up to you!

      I too thought I would get bored with the game, and have at times, but then Zynga (the creators of Mafia Wars) come up with some new features to the game that keep me hanging on. That is why this game is consistently in the top 3 for Facebook. It satisfies a lot of different types of players and can be fun for all of those types.

      1. I guess that makes more sense in playing the game!!

        I will continue to play MW but to my suprise my partner said he was over MW, all those hours on there only gained him another level and he has thought about stopping, but I will tell him what you have said about everyone to there own.

        Thanks for the info!

  134. thanks for the write up! great info. I am at level 87 and leveling up about twice a day.

    I haven’t read all the comments so I’m not sure if this has been said before, but for the newer players my top tip would be to keep your health at 100 (which is where you start). Another player can only attack you until you are at or below 20, so it gives them a limited number of times they can capitalize on you. the more health you have, the longer you are open to attacks. And if you ever want to go on an attacking spree you can just pay the hospital to heal you 🙂 Spend those experience points on anything else.

    Hope that helps someone!

  135. My character (mogul) is at level 41 currently (ATT: 70, DEF: 70, ENERGY: 160, HEALTH: 160, STAMINA: 8), MAFIA: around 200. I usually only lose when some newbie gets a critical hit or a reaylly high character with a big mafia attacks me.

    There is some excellent advice on these posts!

    Here is a simple formula that works for me :*)

    If you have not started playing yet, choose Maniac.

    (A) Build a big mafia that allows you to buy more mafia mike’s (by far the best return on investment)

    (B) Mafia Mike’s etc. allow you to have more income that you can use to equip your mafia with the best available equipment (weapons, armor, vehicles).

    (C) Concentrate on having a lot of energy (for example I keep my energy at least 2 times higher than my attack or defence), this allows you to level quickly. Do not spend any points on health.

    Some other tips

    (1) Keep attack and defence balanced. It’s simple math
    ( 5 x 5 = 25, is higher than let’s say 6 x 4 = 24, or 7 x 3 = 21)

    (2) Invest according to return on investment ROI
    In the beginning it’s important, when you start making enough it does not matter so much anymore.

    (3) Do not buy anything more fancy than marinas before you can defend them (I don’t have anything more expensive and I still make too much money). When you only have properties that do not attract attention you wont get picked up as often.

    (4) In the beginning I had only 3 persons in my mafia as I did know how to play meaning that I had lost 130 fights and won maybe 10. When I started to build a big and strong (equipment wise mafia) and started to put some points into defence and attack (in this order) this started to play into my advantage as people looked at my stats and thought let’s attack this guy as he loses always. After that I have lost 180 fights and won 800.

    (5) Master all the job tiers and then move on to the next one.

    (6) Remember to send energy packs to your mafia. They’ll likely return the favor.

    (7) Do not attack or rob the same person all the time even though he/she attacked/robbed you first (gentleman’s rules). That does not mean you can’t teach him/her a lesson on two ;*)

  136. forget this advice: (1) Keep attack and defence balanced. It’s simple math
    ( 5 x 5 = 25, is higher than let’s say 6 x 4 = 24, or 7 x 3 = 21)


  137. How do invite mafia players who attacked,robbed,snuffed or hitting me in d hitlist?

  138. Tip: Open up “hospital” in a second window, so if your health drops while you’re robbing someone, you don’t have to click-away, you can just re-up your health in the second window.

    There might be an easier way, but I haven’t found it yet. This way, I can keep on attacking without losing my ‘chump’. Helpful when robbing a Casino to just keep clicking until all your stamina is gone, without having to move away from your target to re-up your health.

  139. well, finally i read all the posts in the forum. 😉 it took me near all the night! nice tips here, but i use a little different strategy as i said in some reply above, i got to lvl 20 in the first day and i am lvl 30 now, my third day, without building up energy. i am starting to do that now, i knew since the first moment that building up energy would make me level faster, its what everyone says you must do, nearly at every forum, but i like to reason about different approaches some times, and see if they are viable. i am building on attack/defense and stamina, looking for the free xp that come when attacked by someone and win. i am not attacked too often, maybe because people saw my stats and thought i was not a free lunch, so i started to rob the same person and they put me in hitlist all the time. its nice as its lowering my win stats and i easily beat people of my own level. Its not paying off the 6xp yet cuz most ppl that attack me is more than twice my own level, but i will be stronger than them when i get there. I think that there is a limit to the benefit of a higher energy, i am building energy and stamina together to make them recharge at same time, and also i can do a lot of robberies, what is really fun, because i never run out of stamina before i can really hurt the property of every one (sure, everyone near my level), or put them in hitlist as many time as i want, obligating them to stay below 20 of health, while as they rarely have a lot of stamina too, have to wait a lot of time until they can do something against me. and when they can, the best they can is to put me in hitlist a few times (what i believe will be for my benefit as soon as i get to the level of average hitmen, what i believe is something between 100 and 200) i sure build up my energy too, when i see i am having no problems to rob or to kick asses. About the property, i put near all my money in rent houses and some low cost properties that do not call to much attention, as i learned being a robber my self. i only rob casinos unless some one really pissed me off. and i make an average 600k per rob, having 24 stamina it makes near 15 mill per hour. that plus the income of my properties (near 1,5 mil/h) assures that i have no need to mind about money. And see, i am just lvl 30 and 3 days old. the bad part of not having too much energy is that i don’t have lots of good loots, but i am trading with my mafia, and some guys where really nice to me. but even if not that, i can have the best that money can buy. now i am focusing in building my mafia, but dont want to do that too fast because i don’t want to have a lot of crap friends in facebook (ok, i know i can remove them) and because i want to put only skilled people (to help me to complete colections, as they probably have a lot of loots). my top mafia is ok, but i could not find a fearless character that give the max bonus, nor a good bodyguard yet. I would just say, level slowly is not that bad (by slowly i am saying from 1 to 30 in 3 days. 20 just in the first 24h) as in the long run you can profit free xp being in hitlists and because you will be stronger than your level suggest, lots of people will tray to beat you. to disguise that in your stats you can fight some big fish and even win some. I am hoping that Zynga follow the most logical step and start to reward XP on fights proportional to the level of the opponent, as it is in most RPG. reading all that posts i could imagine a lot of different strategies that may work, whatever character type you are, that is not just put all into energy. But i agree that putting all into energy, in the way the game is working today, would make you level faster, unless the xp needed to level up do not increase linearly, because if it increase exponentially, as xp from leveling is constant, there will be a moment when someone will stuck at some level while the below players will climb all the hill to reach them before they can level. and when that happens, the people who have strong attack/def and a good stamina, will earn xp fighting and winning the one that grew fast but now have no good stats to defend himself, i.e. an unbalanced character. But as i say, that depends on the cost of leveling being exponential. (i.e. last level times* x). think about it, its not fair to have a “type” of character that have all the benefits without even having to reason (put all into energy, click button, do it again, and so on..) but i am not condemning that approach, am just suggesting that as the game is dynamic, well, things change. 🙂 after all, i found lots of good hints here. thank you for posting, and thank you all folks for your great hints and comments. Cya.

  140. i come again just to tell you how i wasted my energy leveling. I had yet some stamina, so i got someone at random in the fight list and suck punched him several times thinking it was just a fun way to spend my stamina before leveling (i was 2 xp to level) and waiting for 1 more energy to complete a job. what my surprise when i just leveled wasting all my energy!!!! i didn’t knew that suck punch could give any xp!
    well, learning all the time

    1. nash – Why don’t you befriend him & join his mafia? He can’t attack you then!

  141. I just started playing but have read a lot to make sure I took the right approach. One thing I am not sure of is since I have 11 in my mafia do I just need to have 11 of each weapon, armor and vehicle or do I need to “gift” them to my family members?

    1. Michael – no gifting required. Just keep 11 of each in your inventory.

  142. Pls add me in your mafia. thanks.

    btw, can you please shed light on the top mafia thing? are the bonuses for each of the five (or six i think) positions for you or for your mafia member?


    p.s. can you please send your reply through email.

  143. Hi. I am on level 241 and have finnished Boss Job 100, but cannot get any further. Any Ideas

    1. Leon – So far there is no job tier past boss. Zynga should be announcing some new features soon; maybe more job tiers will be one of them!

  144. Hi I have been reading your post and getting much from it. Though I wish I had had this when I started. I am on Level 90 and my husband on 113. my question is where do you get blackmail letter. I have searched and am not getting anywhere. Do you know where to go get this item.

    Thanks in advance
    Don Bon

    1. Bela – Blackmail photos come from the “Obtain Compromising Photos” job in the Hitman job tier. Hope this helps!

  145. A great write up by the way,good piece of footwork!!
    I have a question regarding mastering of tiers,namely the boxing soldier tier where i only need 2 items to complete these tiers and they are the heavybag and the gloves. Which ones do i hit to get these so that i can vault them????? Iam at level 101 mogul.

    1. Andy – the vault items are random loot from ANY job of the tier specified. You don’t even necessarily have to do one of the jobs that says it gives loot. You can get vault items from ANY of the jobs in that tier. I will say the heavybag seems to be the rarest item… You’ll get ’em, likely as gifts from your mafia family if you keep your wishlist updated and publicized. Are you part of my family? If so, remind me and I’ll see if I have them (thru facebook). If not, request me (see link at bottom of this blog post). Enjoy!

  146. If you are multiplying cost of lots by 10, and cost of properties by 10, and then dividing by income x 10, then there is no need to multiply anything by 10 and you get the same ratio.

    10(Cost of Lots) + 10( Cost of properties)

    factor out 10 in the numerator.

    10(cost of lots + Cost of properties)

    The 10’s cancel out (10/10 =1)

    It’s like 200/400 is the same as 20/40, is the same as 2/4. They are all .5

    1. humm – the need to multiply by 10 comes from being able to easily see if you can afford the full cost of the lots and the property, and to see what real income it will provide. If all you are interested in seeing is ROI, then no need for the factor of 10.

  147. The longest time you are away from your computer (in hours) should be multiplied by the energy point renewal rate to find out how what your max energy points should be.

    My energy is renewed every 5 minutes.

    That means energy rate is 20 energy points per hour.

    If I only sign on once a day (go for 24 hours without signing on), then at most I need 24 x 20 = 288 max energy points.

    1. humm – Unfortunately that math doesn’t tell the whole story… You are missing the full energy refills you get when you level up, and that when you use an energy pack you get 1.25x your energy limit! If you never gather more than 288 energy, you are never going to level quickly…

      1. So, I should do 24 x 20 x 1.25 + level up amount to get max energy setting? (by the way that should have been 480 and not 288)

        Is it me, or does the renewal rate change for energy points? I could have sworn when I first started, I got energy points in less minutes than I do now. I wasn’t really paying attention at first.

  148. I think it would be a good idea to let the energy accumulate while you sleep (at least have the max energy set to give you enough for 8 hours), then do a lot of jobs at once, but buy any property immediately before putting the money in the bank. If you put the money in the bank you lose 10%, and what is the point of withdrawing it back out to where it was to begin with to buy property. It’s all in the timing.

    1. humm – I’ll try to explain as best I can here, but some of this you will see proven as you continue to play the game.

      Yes, you definitely need to take advantage of night time for your energy to regenerate, but there’s much more to it than that. Actually, here’s how I play now, starting with the beginning of my day:

      In the morning I can usually level up once with the energy and stamina that built up over night (energy max is in the 1000’s, stamina max at 130ish, but overnight my energy only gets to about 300-some and stamina maxes out) . After I level up in the morning I use up ALL of my energy and stamina points that were 100% refilled from the level-up. I use energy on the best job for experience to energy ratio, which is the “Settle a Beef” job in the Boss tier. For me it gives just over 2x the experience per energy expenditure.

      Then, I wait all day while those both regenerate again. Energy still doesn’t max out, but stamina does. It still is enough points to level up again. I then use up all my energy on a job that gives loot that my mafia needs (“Rob an Electronics Store” for cell phones, mostly, and concealable cameras) and by the time all that energy is gone my energy pack has arrived. I use up the energy pack on another “petty job,” as I don’t need a great experience:energy job to level up; I just want to get stuff to help my family. Somewhere towards the end of the energy pack I’ll level up for a third time that day.

      Lastly, I use up all the refilled energy (again on the “Settle a Beef” 2:1 job) and stamina from that last level-up of the day. And the regeneration starts again while I go to sleep.

      So, the real answer is, there is no ideal energy max. That max has only been reached, I suppose, when you can just constantly level up and level up and level up… I don’t even know if that is possible in this game since the number of experience points you need to earn to level increases with each level.

      Do note that since I have mastered all tiers of all jobs my energy regenerates 2 points every 5 minutes instead of just 1 every 5 minutes. This makes it easier to level up 3x per day than it was prior to that bonus.

      To answer another question of yours, if you are Fearless or Mogul then your regeneration has likely always been 1 point every 5 minutes. I believe it is 1 point every 4 minutes (?) for Maniacs.

      I didn’t quite understand your question of “Does the amount of energy we get when we level up the same, or does in increase each time?” Your energy is refilled to your max each time you level up. It only increases if you have put more of your profile points into energy. Is that what you were getting at? Or, maybe you meant the experience needed to level-up, in which case as I said above, yes, the amount of experience you need to get to the next level increases with each level (I’m not sure by how much, though).

      Lastly, your statement on buying properties before banking money… In my personal opinion, the bank is a waste. Yes, it safeguards your money from getting lost in a fight. That is maybe important at the beginning of the game when you are really trying to save up cash to buy your first properties. But when you’re making even just $1mil/hr, don’t bother with the bank. You’re better off losing some in fights than just giving away that 10% every time. You likely won’t lose that 10% in fights… The only time to bank cash is at the beginning when you are really protective of it, and then to get the achievements where you need to bank the $10tril, $1tril, etc.

      Good questions. I like that you’re trying to reason out the game =) But most importantly, have fun, and you’ll learn a lot as you move along.

  149. Ok, so I need to adjust my max energy level to account for not just hours away, but for those energy packs. Does the amount of energy we get when we level up the same, or does in increase each time?

  150. How do I change my name on Mafia Wars? I don’t mean the name fearless, maniac, or mogul, I mean my real name. Most people use Don something. How do I change to Don?

    1. M. Eason – You can click on your Godfather points & you will find an option to change your name for 15 reward points.

  151. Hey!

    I have a new blank facebook account to sell. On account is lvl1 MafiaWars account, but with 700 GodFather points. Points alone are worth 150$ if you buy them.

    Anyway im looking to sell it cheaper, and il also give you a gmail account that is conected to this facebook account.

    If youre interested or have any questions send me an email to: jorgovanko@hotmail.com

  152. Heather,

    How do your attack/defense points work? I have a friend who says that they are a waste of time. He is a level 148 and only has 10 attack and 16 defense. He wins 80% of his fights because he has spent a lot of time getting Napalm/Rocket Launchers and other weapons. I would think that spending one point on attack would be better than owning one Rocket Launcher. Here’s my reasoning. When I give myself a point to attack everyone in my Mafia gets that point so 1×127(the size of my mafia)=127 in attack. on the flip side one Rocket Launcher = 20 attack to one of my mafia members so it really only = an increase of 20 to my attacks. Does that make sense? I’ve spent points in the past to up my attack and defense, am I just wasting points?

    1. Wrath – A friend of mine at leenkz.com published this formula as what they believe is the formula Zynga uses to define a winner to each fight:

      “COMBAT STRENGTH = (MAFIA * (ATK + DEF Skill Points)) + EQUIPMENT (ATK + DEF Total Value of All Items Used)

      MAFIA = Number of mafia in player’s family
      ATK = Attack Skill points of player, or Item Attack value
      DEF = Defense Skill points of player, or Item Defense value
      EQUIPMENT = All weapons, armor and vehicles used in a fight
      Total Value = The total of an item’s Attack and Defense values

      Put the size of your mafia in place of MAFIA. ATK+DEF is your Skill points, then added together and multiplied by MAFIA. Add to that total your EQUIPMENT, which is the Attack plus the Defense value of each item times the number of items. Then add all up those totals for all your Equipment (weapons + armor + vehicles).”

      I think there’s got to be a random number generator in there somewhere, otherwise in many fights between the same two people the same person would win over and over, and of course that doesn’t happen.

      But I digress…

      Based on that proposed formula, I would say that it is still important to put some points into attack and defense, which matches your reasoning. Multiplying your mafia size times those attack/defense points can quickly outweigh total attack/defense of your weapons as long as your mafia size is above about 30 (around the highest I’ve seen any attack/defense of any weapon/armor/vehicle).

      Now based on what your friend said…it’s very hard to compare. I always suggest that when you get words or advice from anyone, including me, still put your own experience and testing into it. Don’t blindly follow what ANYONE says.

      I personally have built up both attack and defense to over 100, and at times regret it and wonder if I just should have put all of those into energy. But, it’s hard to know since Zynga doesn’t publish anything specific on exactly how the winner is calculated.

      Hope this helps!

  153. One of my favorite features is in fact the rob feature. It is the easiest way to get even with an opponent that may be too well defended, or whose mafia is too large, to outright attack; instead, brutally rob his properties until they are all Out of Business… if he likes monetary income, he won’t continue to attack you!

  154. This is great, Heather! I am still confused, though on property repair vs insurance. I am being damaged while still showing 5 shields of insurance. Are you re-upping your insurance when you click Repair? What are consequences of not insuring, since you get damaged even at full insurance? Would you loose income at a faster rate?

    1. Belle – Truthfully I’ve seen more people say that it is better to NOT protect your property. You still get 30% (I believe) income from your property if you do not repair after an attack that puts your property behind police lines. If you are a person that gets robbed over and over again, this may be the route for you.

      Now with that, I personally still pay to repair and protect my property. I don’t get robbed all that often, so in my head I’m making out better this way. I make 100% of my income most of the time this way. Now if I were getting robbed as much as some of the other folks say they were, I may stop repairing and protecting too.

      I really think you have to go with your gut feel for your particular situation on this one. Good luck!

      1. Thx! I’m only a week into this, so still experimenting. After I posted, a very persistent robber got me to 30% – With only 8 Mafia, I must be attractive target! So, I left it unprotected overnight, when I seem to get attacked a lot, and was not robbed. On the other hand, if I figured right, it only costs two hours worth of a property’s income to repair, so you should come out ahead unless you get attacked again within two hours. This seems to be in issue for many of us, so if I figure more out, I’ll definitely share.

        Also, overnight, my tiny mafia was attacked by an 82 person mafia and won, coming away with $125K; so, apparently size isn’t everything!

      2. P.S. – I think the calculation that those of us frequently robbed need to do is this:
        Is the extra income earned from “robbable properties” –net of the incessant repair money – still greater than the income/return from sticking with “non-robbable” properties. You may be able to include restaurants with non-robbable, as no one has gone after mine.(hope I didn’t jinx myself 🙂 )

  155. hey, i bought 500 town cars, but didnt get the fleet achievement, any suggestions??????

    1. james bombed – That happened to a friend of mine. I know the upkeep is really steep on those, but give it a day or so to register. Not sure why this happens to some folks. You can also try logging out/logging back in, but my guess is you’ll just have to wait. This worked for my family member.

  156. I have a confession in case it helps other newbies reading this. I thought the shields disappeared as your property protection wore off. DIdn’t realize they just get lighter in color. So, I thought I still had protection after it lapsed. SInce I re-protected, I have not been robbed at all; and I only have ten members.

  157. when im attacked, do the weapons i received/bought from both NY and cuba go into my attack and defense points? or only one or the other, depending on where i am.

    1. hjkdfaljsdfa – Your best weapons from NY and Cuba go into your fights, whether they are in NY or Cuba.

  158. hey guys. i’ve heard that when you go lvl 100+ u should dump weapons like napalm and easter egg bombs and equip more balanced weapons (attack and defence wise) like the bonus weapons, as the numbers stack up better overall and u win more fights.. any thoughts?

    1. Michael M – I believe that to figure your best weapons/armor/vehicles that the calculation adds the attack and defense numbers of your weapons. So, balanced or not, I would add the attack and defense numbers to find your best weapons/armor/vehicles.

      However, if is not necessary to “dump” the weapons/armor/vehicles that don’t add up to high totals. MW automatically takes your best of each group (weapons/armor/vehicles) with you in fight or robbery. No need to clean house unless the clutter just bothers you, or if there are high upkeep costs associated with some of your not-so-great items.

  159. Heather,
    This has prob been asked already but how can we add you? I would love to have a high level fearless friend haha.

  160. hi

    I`m playing this mafia wars for almost 3 weeks now i am at level 68 and my profile is like this>

    Attack: 170
    Defense: 170
    Health: 110
    Energy: 110
    Stamina: 15

    Jobs Completed 1562
    Jobs Mastered
    Fights Won 1853
    Fights Lost 416
    Death 11
    Mobsters Whacked 10
    Hitlist Kills 1
    Successful Heists 11
    Times Robbed 155

    its taking me much time now to level up couse every time you level up you need more experience points to level up again, so i wonder how you are able to level up twice a day!!!?
    even if i use the energy pack when i used up my energy and level up afterwards and use the new energy again after leveling up makes me still have to earn 700 points to level up again,, so how can you level up twice a day ,, to do that you have to make sure your energy level is up 300 ? i cant manage to level up that fast,,,
    i have an mafia of 180 , i win from every one of the same level to levels up to 90 but sometimes i get an critical hit and lose.
    i have al inventory i need and cash is no prob but i`ve sold my properties couse some high level maniac kept robbing me.
    that was the only way to stop him besides adding him to hitlist every time i could.
    i want to pay him the same but to do that i have to grow up to at least level 150, at first you level up fast but now its taking more and more time to level up and grow stronger so i really wonder how you can level up that fast.. Question about energy pack : how and where can i fin it to send it? i see nowhere the pack to send, so i wonder were my friends see it to send it to me couse that is the only way i can click and send it back,,,
    other question is : bloody hacksaw?? i only see hacksaw in inventory,, i dont see an bloody hacksaw anywhere? where can i find it?
    i find stamina not importend right now till i am level 100 i wont invest in it and the same goes for my health , energy attack and defence is for me the most importend thing right now . stamina lets you fight rob and sucker punch,, which gives you not many experient points , maybe later at higher levels..i am wrong?
    i`m trying not to fight a lot couse i dont want to get in the hitlist anymore and lose more fight by that. thats also an reason why i dont invest in stamina.
    what advice can you give me to get stronger and to make me go level up faster?

    greetz B0B

    1. BOB – It sounds like you are leveling up at a good pace as you are now. However, IMHO you are putting WAY too much into attack and defense. You need to be putting ALL of your points into energy from now until a long time from now to really make up some ground.

      Here is my profile data as of now. I’m level 320 Fearless with 478 mafia members.

      Attack: 156
      Defense: 158
      Health: 185
      Energy: 1408
      Stamina: 139

      With this, I am able to now level up 3x daily, and sometimes 4x. Note that after you master all of the NY jobs your energy regens 2 pts per regen period vs. just 1 pt. So that helps. But even before that, I was leveling up 2x daily easily, and 3x if I checked in 3x/day. The only way I’ve been able to keep this up with the ever-increasing points needed to level up, is to keep dumping the vast majority of profile points into energy.

      You can see based on my profile that I’ve gone through spurts of leveling my stats, but in most cases I regret it. I should’ve put almost everything into energy. I do think it’s good to keep a decently high attack and defense, but stamina IMHO is a complete waste (REALLY regret putting any points there). Fighting/robbing takes forever and does not yield the experience points it should for how much is needed to build up stamina and attack/defense (to be good at fighting). Health I only built up because I was tired of making so many trips to the hospital (and waiting to be healed) while using up stamina.

      If you only really build up energy, you will level up very quickly in this game. You only need to put some into attack/defense so that you are not a total whipping boy in the game (where you will LOSE a ton of exp points because of dying so much).

      You also asked about energy packs. When you use yours, that link then changes to one that says “Send energy to your mafia.” Click that, and it will ask you to confirm. If you want to send energy to specific individuals in your mafia only, go to the list of your mafia and click the energy pack picture to the right of their name. This will send an energy pack just to them.

      And bloody hacksaw…I believe that was a special item to buy on the home page for $10,000 a while back. Either that or it was a special gift from the game a while back. Why so interested in this particular item?

      Hope this helped!

  161. Sorry, but I stopped reading after you gave the bad advice of not building up your mafia in the beginning. As an engineer (hopefully not in a field where lives would be endangered) you should have researched the fact that items don’t make a significant difference in fighting (read <= 15%)

    1. Mario – The beauty of this game is differing strategies. I’m sorry you missed out on some of my other advice. Over 65,000 folks have read and benefitted. Enjoy the game!

      And btw, my day job is in a field where lives can be endangered. But I have a limited budget, so I keep a lean and mean group so that we ALL go home safe 😉

  162. Hi, great tips but there is one i want to ad.
    I myself have a very small maffia so everybody picks me to rob!

    I however have a simple solution for this:
    As you may have noticed, if someone’s health is below 20hp you can not attack or rob him/her!
    So if you dont want to get robbed end your playing session by fighting others until your health is below 20 and your properties will be safe for a while!

  163. It’s important to keep putting all skill points to energy every level, I’m a level 87 now with 500 energy points, and that allows me to get 8-9 levels a day right now, the other thing is the best jobs ARE NOT the ones like 40 for 70, just because they give 30 more doesn’t mean they’re the best, the absolute best jobs are the very low energy ones that have high ratios because the added experience builds up as you do the job 40 times, I get 16 experience for 8 energy on the bank heist job for associate, and that’s mathematically the best job there is, I get over 1000 experience doing that job over and over til i exhaust my 500 energy, which is better than any job on the board, so do it!

  164. Hi, nice write up, but a lot of it is not very correct or over simplified. For example, you did not explain how a fight is won or lost. MW automatically select weapons for you so you need to know how it is done and how to maximize you chance of the correct weapons/armors/vehicles are selected. Also it is very important to Master all tiers. They give you faster energy refill. That are much more. I just finished all the tiers from both NY and Cuba. I took me from May 1st to now (June 25) to do it. If I knew what I know now, I would have finished it two weeks ago. By the way, I am an engineer too. I have spreadsheets to calculate all the ratios plus have equations to predict the loot drop frequency. It is kind of fun to reverse engineer Mafia Wars. Just my 2 cents. Bruce

    1. Bruce – Thanks for your input. I do realize that I oversimplified some things (the specific example of how a fight is won/lost is discussed in this comment string, but is mostly unknown as the equation has never been officially published by Zynga), but I assume that most folks that have read this have played at least some of the game AND have read the help items published by Zynga (those little question marks are worth clicking on, and do cover your point of which weapons/armor/vehicles are selected by the game to help you win a fight).

      As far as items I wrote that you’ve found to be incorrect, if you’d like to share some examples you have I’d be happy to update this post. I’m now at about level 335, and reread my post often. While it is still missing some details on newer features (job mastery, achievements, Cuba, etc.), I personally haven’t seen anything I wrote that is “incorrect.” Please let me know.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  165. The only thing I see wrong with this article is telling people not to put much into your att/def. Att/def is important because it’s the base of your fighting total. Also, word has been out for awhile that attack AND defense stats are added together to make the weapons total POWER. So items with high attack and low defense are junk if they don’t total 40 like a bonus weapon. For instance, as soon as I gifted all of my Bookie Holdout Pistols, I was able to beat levels over 20 above me because they don’t total 40 like a bonus weapon. Another for instance, a gaff hook from cuba is 20/30 for a total of 50. But they only come up if you gift all your RPG launchers and sell enough bonus weapons back for them to come up in fights. Some of the special items are garbage if they don’t total what you can buy (bonus weapon 20/20). And when you buy special items or godfather items, you can’t gift them away if they don’t equal at least what you can buy. I’m stuck with lots of stuff that comes into play because the attack is really high but the defense is low so it’s total is less than an inventory purchase item. Best items so far:
    TNT for weapon. Gorilla Squade for armor, this is a looted item. Snipers for armor for purchase. Vehicle is an Armored State Car or somethign like that. Also a looted item. Best purchased car is in cuba with the best total score. I’m sure it’s the last vehicle on that page to purchase.
    Also, gift nothing until you know how many you need in play. Gift garbage items like butterfly knifes and brass knuckles to get your achievement. You needs hundreds of cell phones and transcription records to complete the levels. If you do the levels in perfect order, you will loot ever item from all the collections.

    Anyone over a level 150 with under 500 points total in attack and defense is a sitting target. You can not defend yourself with energy. You can only defend yourself with att/def total and att/def total from weapons. Leveling is not the point of the game. Being strong is the point of the game. I guess if you want to finish the whole game in a few weeks, just throw all your exp. points into energy. But when all the levels are done, what would be the point of playing?

    1. the girl – I actually have several disagreements with your comment, but I thank you for reading & commenting.

      1. The most obvious is “Anyone over a level 150 with under 500 points total in attack and defense is a sitting target.” I am currently level 339 with 156 attack and 158 defense. My fights won is 32885 and lost is only 7314. So yes, I may lose once in a while when I get attacked, but by far & large I don’t get attacked because at my level I now have a large mafia (514) and folks just don’t bother me. And, when I fight, I smartly choose to fight those with mafias much smaller than mine (stamina is 139) and therefore I win most fights. I’ve also only been robbed 439 times, to further this point…

      2. You also talk about doing some house cleaning to get better weapons to pop up in fights. I’ve actually done a quite lengthy analysis on this recently, and actually Mafia Wars picks your best weapons/armor/vehicles for you for fights, and they are different whether you initiate the fight (ATTACK) or if you are the one being attacked (DEFENSE). You can not affect what you fight with by eliminating low value items. If you initiate a fight (attack), MW picks your highest number ATTACK value weapon/armor/vehicles in quantity of 501 (assuming your mafia size is 501 or more) to fight with. It also picks your opponent’s highest number DEFENSE value weapon/armor/vehicle to defend against you. While I don’t know yet the exact calculation that is used (specifically how your profile ATTACK/DEFENSE numbers come into play), what I have found so far has at least debunked that the highest sum total of attack + defense items are used each time you are in a fight.

      3. This is a nitpicky one, but there is no way anyone can expect to have all the collection items just by completing the job tiers in order. I personally had to search over and over for the heavy and speed bag and eventually just had them gifted to me.

      4. You stated, “Leveling is not the point of the game. Being strong is the point of the game.” The title of this article is “How to level quick & impress your friends,” not “How to be a strong character.” To me, the point of the game is leveling up. I have mastered every tier of every job, but now am chasing the banking x trillions achievements and am trying to catch some of my higher level friends. There’s always more to do in this game & that’s why it’s so popular. The beauty of mafia wars is that everyone plays with differing strategies and for differing reasons. For the folks that are like me, I wrote this article.


      1. Well, take a look at your fight weapons. A gaff hook, which I only have from fallen loot, is a 20/30. But since it’s the same attack (20) as a bonus weapon, it picks a bonus weapon instead of the gaff hook. If you eliminate bonus weapons until other weapons show up, RPG lauchers (20/12) instead of a gaff hook start to come up. Once I rid myself of all the RPG’s, my gaff hooks started showing up. In other words, you can manipulate your weaopns so higher total weapons come up.

        I’m not sure where you’re looking, but on the mafia wars forum there is a thread all about how the attack AND defense are added together. Which was why I dumped my naplam and bookie holdouts since their total was less than a bonus weapon. There are also several groups on facebook and on the internet in general that explain and have examples of how attack and defense are added together.

        I don’t think it’s nitppicky, but I collected all the collections just by doing the jobs. I did them in order and received at least one (more like 3 or 4) of each item. But my coworker who got me started with this new addiction, didn’t go in order and didn’t receive all the collection pieces. Now the boxing and barber stuff don’t really count since they were added to the game after I was done with those levels. But if I was just starting out, I’d say go in order and you’ll most likely get the whole collection(s) from that tier.

        I’m just finishing underboss. Once I finish all three boss levels, I’m going to take cuba as fast as you’ve seem to complete it. Did you receive all the collections in cuba just by doing the jobs?

        You’re right. I’m sorry. That is the title and I got a bit preachy. I’m leveling pretty quick, but I don’t want to finish the game so fast that I’d have to start another game or something.

      2. the girl – I understand more what you are saying now about manipulating which weapons come up during fights, but I still don’t think the sum total of attack and defense matter. The equations that have been proposed in other forums and groups have often included both attack and defense of weapons, but I don’t believe those to be true (based on what I have seen in my own gameplay) and Zynga has never confirmed any of these equations. For all we know, they may just make the bigger mafia win, except for a random number generation function that lets the smaller mafia win once in a while…

        I actually just went back to the MW forums, and found this, among many other posts supporting it:


        Even though I found this, I still think it is anyone’s best guess. But what I have confirmed is MW’s auto-select of your 501 best attack value items when attacking, and your 501 best defense value items when defending. I can only imagine that if they do that, that they would only use attack values for the attacker and defense values for the attackee when calculating winners of fights.

      3. the girl – Now this I like! It will take me a while to get through all I want to read here, but great stuff! (May even save me some work…)

  166. Heather, I just sent you a friend request – would love for you to be in my mafia. One question – I have sent energy packs to my mafia – both as a group and individually. Why does it give me the option to send individually if I can send it to my entire group with one click (why wouldn’t I want all my mafia to have energy packs??). Also, I can click the button to send energy packs to my mafia a few times in a row — do they all go through, or can they only receive / use one every 24 hours? I haven’t received that many energy packs myself to know how this is working. Thanks.

    1. Holly – I’m not exactly sure how energy pack sending is working now. It used to be that you could only send energy packs to your top mafia (and top mafia used to have 8 spots). But that is obviously not the case now, as I see the notifications going to non-top mafia members in my family when I click to send energy. My best guess on this is that when you send energy, it sends it to each person in your mafia that needs one, or is eligible for one (i.e. hasn’t had one in 23 hrs.).

      Now, the only glitch I see in this is that you’ve said that you don’t receive many energy packs, and I have heard that from some other newer players. It could be that your family is still small and maybe is not made up of daily players who would click to send energy every day. I personally send energy every single day (as do most higher level daily players, so eventually you will never worry about an energy pack again), so I guess this theory will be tested since you are now in my family.

      To clarify, as I reread your note above – yes, you can only use 1 energy pack every 23 (yes, twenty-three) hours. Many folks will send them to you (eventually), but you can only use one.

      Hope this helps! We’ll find out more as we continue to play, I’m sure!

  167. Dude thanks for the info!!
    I kinda got a tip for ya on the “Mastering jobs” section though……… check it out
    You do this:
    ” the Hitman job “Exterminate a Rival Family” because it had an awesome payout of 70 experience for just 40 energy ”
    I do this:
    the Enforcer job “Run Illegal Poker Game” and by doing the math on it, u spend 33 Energy and have a payout of 66 experience (including the “Get Cheating Deck” and “Manufacture Tokens” jobs)
    which is doubling ur energy invesment.

    so in conclusion you get these results:

    experience gained/energy invested ratio

    hitman job——-1.75:1
    enforcer job——-2:1

    hope this helps.

    and well… if u want to click on this thing and join my mafia… all of you! lol

    Join My Mafia: http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/status_invite.php?from=1779020820

    1. Sergio: Good point – I need to update this part since MW implemented the bonuses from your top mafia and since I’ve unlocked more job tiers. The best job, actually, is “Settle a Beef…Permanently” in the boss tier. With my top mafia bonuses, it is 74 exp for just 36 energy (2.1:1). Thanks for pointing this out! I will update tonight!

  168. Thanks so much for this post!
    I used it to get started, and its helped me out tons in figuring out how to play.

    I’m at level 50 now (in about a week and a half of playing), and currently make about 1.5 mil an hour, with 600 mil or so in cash. My question is:
    Does it even matter that I have this much money? Are there inventory items later on that cost in the millions to keep up that I would need to be making 5-10 mil an hour?

    All my better properties get attacked anyways, so I am just staying small time and buying smaller, less attractive properties.

    If I’m going to need the money later though, I should buy some better things.

    1. Ezie – This was a common “complaint” in the game: we have too much money…give us something to buy!

      To calm this “compaint,” the developers made up the achievements, a few of which are centered around banking lots and lots of cash.

      So, to more directly answer your question – no, there are no bigger weapons or anything coming up that you need to save all your money for. If you are not too interested in making namely the $1 tril, $10 tril, and $999 tril deposit achievements, then I would just continue like you are and stick with small properties. Like you said, they don’t get messed with much.

      But, if you ever want to make the big money achievements (and when you do, the only reward is 1 skill point each, and self-satisfaction of course), you’ll need to dive into the big properties (mega casinos and 5 star hotels) at some point, or it will take you not just forever, but forever and a day to bank trillions of dollars =)

      Hope this helps.

  169. My fight list is not loading. Some of my mafia members already had that complain, and that happened to me this weekend, not matter which browser (IE or google chrome) or windows (xp or vista) i’m using. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Any help is appreciated

    1. B4c4rd1 – It is either a Zynga or Facebook issue right now. Other folks have been complaining of the same thing, along with many errors (No Network Transport Errors and double postings). My guess is it’ll be cleared up in the next day or so. But there always seems to be some issue keeping this game from running entirely smooth…

  170. i had read your tips and advice and i loved it but, i couldnt add u too my mafia through your link…. thanks for your time and effort on this blog.

    1. Sorry Peter and all – fixed the link! I hadn’t updated since I got my facebook vanity url =)

  171. Great writeup Heather!

    I play on Tagged, currently level 140 Fearless, Skilled Underboss (mastered everything lower), and didn’t have much early guidance either. I’ve always been more on the side of energy and jobs though, although i started doing some fighting after level 100 or so. One thing I think can’t be stressed enough is patience and a little strategy. All the low level people who are clamoring for money by robbing etc, will recognize when you reach like level 120+, its a no-brainer. I have about 15 billion in the bank, more than 80 of all the major properties, over 70 mil net income/hr, blah, blah, blah. For me, robbing is a waste of stamina, and i don’t get picked on often, hardly at all at this point, and i have more than enough cash stashed fix it easy, when that (very, very) rare successful heist takes place. Saving and property purchase is king for income generation the further you go…and its hassle free, so you can spend time and energy/stamina on other things. And yes, energy pack usage should be strategized just as you said…no sense using one if you are 50exp from levelling up, better to wait and get that using your energy first, then work it as you said.

    All in all, a little patience and strategy…

  172. Just a note.

    If the fight list won’t load, go to your home page and click on any person listed. Once on that persons profile page, click attack. This willl load the fighting page even if it won’t load regularly. And don’t worry if you click on a member of your mafia. You can’t attack your own.

  173. Hey I read this post when i was at level 11..its great help..but now i am realising my mistake of choosing a Mogul Character …can i switch my character to Maniac now…

    1. Mayank – No, can’t switch character type, but I wouldn’t worry too much about being a Mogul. Once you master all the NY job tiers you’ll regenerate 2x the energy points per regen period (usually 4:30 by the time you are at that point), so that really lessens the gap between the Maniacs and everyone else. And I can tell you that right now I wish I were a Mogul (I am Fearless)! I have mastered all jobs and am leveling up 4-5 times/day, but I want the achievements for banking the $1tril, $10tril, and $999tril =) Moguls have a better shot of doing it in the next year than I do!

  174. I have a problem. Cannot get into the game in any way. Does this means that I have been reported and not allowed to play anymore, or my accout is deleted. I know it is not the topic you are discussing but, please, if any of you knows the answer why is this happening, be so kind and answer me.
    Thanx in advance

    1. Donnie – As with any problem with Mafia Wars (or Facebook for that matter), time and patience usually solves most of the issues (meaning, they likely know there’s a problem and they’ll get to fixing it soon). It is unlikely that you’ve been reported for anything without being told. If after a day or so you still can’t get in, I’d contact Zynga support. Let me know if you have further questions.

    1. anne-marie – Jobs progress as such:

      Street Thug: Lvl 1-4
      Associate: Lvl 5-8
      Soldier: Lvl 9-12
      Enforcer: Lvl 13-17
      Hitman: Lvl 18-24
      Capo: Lvg 25-34
      Consigliere: Lvl 35-59
      Underboss: lvl 60-99
      Boss: Lvl 100+

      El Soldado: Lvl 35-59
      El Capitan: Lvl 60-84
      El Jefe: Lvl 85-109
      El Patron: 110-129
      El Padrino: Lvl 130+

      There are also 3 tiers of mastery for each of the jobs in each of these divisions.

  175. Hi Heather ,

    Thanks for ur advise before.

    I m currently at level 21 wid the following profile,

    Attack : 36

    Def : 21

    Health : 100

    Energy : 45

    Stamina :14

    I have all the inventory of armor , vehicle , weapons and all but i still keep on getting robbed badly ,Can u help me in what can i do to avoid getting robbed and also what should i improve in my character now when i get a skill point .


    1. Mayank:

      To avoid getting robbed at your level, do these things:
      1) Avoid owning the expensive properties (casinos, 5* hotels, etc.) as those are very tempting to rob, especially when you’re a low level/small mafia player. Buy the cheaper (but actually much better return on investment at your point in the game) and less attractive properties but buy alot of them. Once you get into the level 200’s or so (in my opinion), then you are probably more safe to buy the big dogs and defend them well.

      2) Concentrate on leveling up quickly and building your mafia, obviously. Since you only bring as many mafia members to a robbery as is equal to your level in the game, you need BOTH a high level and a big mafia to be effective at defending. The way to level the quickest is to dump ALL of your profile points into energy. You will be able to level quickly and consistently over time.

      3) Don’t rob others, just fight them. Robbing people really seems to make enemies quickly, while fighting tends to go under the radar, probably because of the steep cost to repair and protect properties. It is tempting to rob for the big payday, but do so at your own risk and expect some retaliation. Instead, find the folks to fight that dump $75,000 each time you are successful fighting them, and that will help your wallet without gaining as much of an enemy. Or, just avoid attacking anyone in any way altogether; that’s probably your safest bet.

      To answer your other question about where should your skill points go – the answer is now easy to me – put them into ENERGY…hands down. I’ve done this and only this for the past couple of months and have no regrets. Further, I wish I would have trusted this strategy earlier and done this from the beginning. Even in the higher levels, you’ll still be able to level up 3-5 times per day (depending on how frequently you check in) if you do this.

      Good luck!

  176. Heather,
    Indeed a very informative writeup & followup discussion…..I.ve Just started to Play the Game and had reached Level 10 Mogul, but suddenly is getting attacked too much even whn i m signed out ….. My win loose ratio is 1:2 ……. But my health again regains for getting being more attacked & in case of win by attack i haven’t won any LOOT items….
    Further on the HOME page only fire works are offered …. do i buy those or wait for better weapon or item to come…. GOD knows whn they do…..

    In the start i asked my freinds to join MAFIA but they do joined but don’t play …. How could i arm them with weapon or BETTER delete them

    Thanks in Advance…..

    1. NABEEL –
      To answer your question on how not to get attacked so much, in general you just have to wait a little bit past level 10 to build up your character somewhat. In the meantime, bank your cash to protect it, but don’t worry so much about your health. Just concentrate on building a nest egg in the bank and put your skill points into energy so that you can do more jobs and level quickly.

      A bit more advice is below. I answer this question a lot, so this is a somewhat general answer, but hopefully parts can help you.

      To avoid getting robbed at your level, do these things:
      1) Avoid owning the expensive properties (casinos, 5* hotels, etc.) as those are very tempting to rob, especially when you’re a low level/small mafia player. Buy the cheaper (but actually much better return on investment at your point in the game) and less attractive properties but buy alot of them. Once you get into the level 200’s or so (in my opinion), then you are probably more safe to buy the big dogs and defend them well.

      2) Concentrate on leveling up quickly and building your mafia, obviously. Since you only bring as many mafia members to a robbery as is equal to your level in the game, you need BOTH a high level and a big mafia to be effective at defending. The way to level the quickest is to dump ALL of your profile points into energy. You will be able to level quickly and consistently over time.

      3) Don’t rob others, just fight them. Robbing people really seems to make enemies quickly, while fighting tends to go under the radar, probably because of the steep cost to repair and protect properties. It is tempting to rob for the big payday, but do so at your own risk and expect some retaliation. Instead, find the folks to fight that dump $75,000 each time you are successful fighting them, and that will help your wallet without gaining as much of an enemy. Or, just avoid attacking anyone in any way altogether; that’s probably your safest bet.

      About the fireworks on the home page. At your level, these are probably a safe bet to buy. It has been proven that weapons have only a slight effect on the winner of a fight (<10% impact), but a stronger weapon is that with either a really high attack or really high defense number, as MW picks your highest attack valued weapons when you attack someone, and your highest defense value weapons when you are defending against an attacker. Since you are at a low level and probably don't have too many strong weapons yet, the fireworks probably weren't a bad buy. However, I would avoid the brickbat that's available now…weak in both attack and defense.

      Lastly, don't worry about your friends that joined MW but don't play. They are only a number in your mafia, nothing more. They strength of their character has no impact in your game. Just find more MW players through the FB MW groups and pick the best for your top mafia spots.

      Hope this helps!

  177. Since only the best weapons for attack or defense are chosen when you attack or are attacked, do you need to keep the ones with lower stats?

    For example, if I have 200 members in my mafia, and I have 200 Chain Guns, can I sell off the 200 Tommy Guns? It is my understanding that the game would never use the Tommy Guns if I own enough Chain Guns for all my members because the Chain Guns are better – is this correct?

    It’s a little confusing because I read somewhere that you need to keep 40 of everything in addition to keeping the number of your best defense/attack item equal to your mafia members. The last part makes sense, but I don’t understand the 40 part.

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Darlene – I don’t believe you need to keep the lower stat weapons EXCEPT to enable yourself to do the jobs. Check out my other post with a link to MW Weapons Stats and in there Verbal talks about the minimum of each weapon you need to remain enabled to do the jobs (at least he did the last update I saw, but this writeup is constantly changing). It’s probably worth doing a bit of cleanup work to avoid throwing too much money into upkeep, but I wouldn’t spend too much time on it. Money is aplenty in this game…

      I have never heard about the “having to keep 40 of everything” part…but you can test it and let us all know =)

      Hope this helps!

  178. From 6/2 until now, I have managed to make it to level 500. While I almost exclusively poured everything into energy at first, I’m starting to balance out and addding attack and defense. While maniacs get energy sooner, if you have a system to level by the time your energy is used, then it really doesn’t matter. Also, because I don’t rob people (thereby pissing them off and having them find friends to attack me), and I’m at mafia > 500, I’ve only been robbed 29 times (I think 3 occasions of being robbed multiple times).

    The key – fearless characters have a greater chance of getting to do jobs for no energy. Also, you need to have a great mastermind and wheelman. Furthermore, make sure/bribe a friend to make you a mastermind and wheelman to someone else (more chances of getting extra experience for less energy.

    1. marty – I do agree that there are some perks to being Fearless, and I now (after all these changes to the game since my original post) am happy that I am a Fearless. Though I don’t think it’s bad to be a Maniac either…or a Mogul for that matter…

      I, however, don’t necessarily agree with putting any points into attack and defense, especially if you do not rob and/or fight much. If you don’t rob, then you probably don’t get attacked much either, and hence don’t need a high defense number. If you don’t rob or fight, you don’t need a high attack number.

      Both my attack and defense are only in the 150’s and I am level 387 today. Very low indeed, but it doesn’t affect me to the point that it makes a difference, because my energy is 1766 and that allows me to level very quickly.

      I have put all my points into energy only for the last 6-8 weeks and do not regret it one bit, and will not rebalance again any time soon. I can level up easily 4-5 times a day with only 2 check-ins. I actually wish I would have played this way from the beginning. But again, I play to level…not to be a strong fighter or anything else.

      Thanks for the read and for your comment. Continued good discussion!

  179. i liked the ”if u cant beat em ,join em” funda….if sum1 hitlists u or u come across a bigger guy…but can any one enlighten me as to how cud i add the person on facebook.. i mean i only know dat hes DON sumthing…and can atmost visit his mafiawars profle…but how do i get a link 2 his facebook profile so that i can add him as a friend and eventually on mafia wars….
    One more thing if my friend has a mafia of his own and if i make him join me will only he add up to me or will his entire mafia will be added to me
    plz help me out asap…thanks!

    1. karan – adding your friend to your mafia will only increase your mafia +1…it won’t add his whole mafia to yours.

      Also, to add a person to your mafia, visit http://heartrate.se and drag the “switch profile” button to your browser menu bar. When you are on the person’s MW profile that attacked you, push the switch profile button and you will be taken to his FB profile. Click to add him as a FB friend, then invite him to your mafia.

  180. There is a misconception that I see that “Maniac” is the best character type to select because of the regeneration of energy every “3 minutes”. I disagree and tend to think that the possibility of being someone’s “Top Wheelman” is the most valuable energy acquiring asset u can posses, which can ONLY be attained if u are the “Fearless” character type. Sure, the energy every 3 minutes is cute when you’re on the lower tedious levels, but when u get to the meat of the game, with jobs requiring 30-70 energy points, there is NO substitute!! I was doing job tiers recently that required about 35, some 42 energy. I was between 675-700 energy during the process. On average, with full energy bar, I did 3-4 jobs as “Top Wheelman” that cost me NO energy!! Thats 105-160 FREE energy points saved per leveling!! Multiply that times that precious “3 minute” business, and it would take u 5-7 hours to generate those same FREE energy points!! And thats not even counting the bigger energy requirement jobs that are still to come!! This is by far a more valuable character trait to own!! U do the math!!!

    1. Phil – I agree. I wrote this post long before there were top mafia bonuses. I will eventually correct the post to explain more, but there is plenty of discussion of this point in this comments string…

  181. Hi, first of all, what a great informative blog. I wish to expand my mob and noticed in toyur coments, you state “Better yet, send them a friend request and add them to your mafia” when you’re talking about attack othe players.

    how do you find out their name to send thema friend request? is there a link i can follow. I have tried a few ways to do this but with no luck.



  182. I’ve playing Mafia Wars like a fend for about 3 months now and I’m loving it. The question I have is: Is it neccesary to buy 1 item for each Mafia member? In the beginning, I was buying 1 of EVERY item per member. I have 128 Bullet Proof Vest as well as 128 of the other vest, and just as many of each Weapon and Cars. Is this wise or should I only have 128 items in each category ?

    1. Often I have found that fighting has built up my loot to the point that I don’t usually need to buy items except in order to do a job. But then I have a small crew.

  183. how do you buy mafia mike’s? i have 57 in my mafia and it says i don’t have enough to buy the property. it doesn’t tell me how many more people i need though. and what is the best way to go about recruiting more people? sorry if this is a really stupid question.

  184. Great info. thank You.
    I am fairly new to the game. I completed level 3 jobs. After completing it I expected it to clear so that I could complete level 4.
    It never cleared. Is there a level 4 job or am I missing something.
    Thank you,

  185. Heres a tip if you hadnt guessed it. never never never go to hospital in cuba. money is hard enough to get there and you should have millions in NY so take a quick trip.

  186. Your math is bad there is a better way =)) you dont count the number of items needed to do some jobs … One of tiers gives 30 sek. faster nrg refil try to master it first

  187. Someone up here said: “Get as many friends as you can, and give them all the best stuff”
    How can I provide the best stuff to my friends?

  188. Master Enforcer “Dougie Fresh”, level 113 Maniac

    Attack: 210
    Defense: 203
    Health: 152
    Energy: 246
    Stamina: 44

    Mafia Mike’s
    +$12,000 (x31 Owned)

    Rent House
    +$300 (x460 Owned)

    Italian Restaurant
    +$700 (x440 Owned)

    Apartment Complex
    +$5,000 (x431 Owned)

    +$10,000 (x510 Owned)

    Marina Tourist Shops
    +$50,000 (x450 Owned)

    Office Building
    +$150,000 (x570 Owned)

    5-Star Hotel
    +$200,000 (x440 Owned)

    Mega Casino
    +$300,000 (x440 Owned)

    Cash Flow: $344,682,650 every 60 minutes

    I’m so awesome I know

  189. Hey!!! Its Amazing I could find all this information on the web, Im very glad you took the time to help all of us who are not as high leveled yet.

    Well, Thank you for the info, I will bookmark your page, since as I think you already know Mafia Wars is an extremely addictive game.

    So Im a girl from Central America, playing this game for about 1 month now, and Im very very very happy with Mafia Wars, I love it.

    Thank you for all the help and info you provide here! =)

    1. vinvin – care to share??? I’m now level 400+ and pretty much bored of the game. I’d love a new challenge, other than building towards the $1tril and $10tril achievements…

  190. This is pretty much exactly how I play! Damn, I think like an engineer, lol! I knew to choose maniac from playing vampire wars where I did not pick the designation that gains energy faster! Im at level 268 now. Ive read that you should have attack points twice your level and I dont, but am now wondering, since Ive completed all NY jobs and have basically one job tier left in cuba, will I stop earing profile points? If so I will not be able to increase anything. Also, I have 1250 energy and it doesnt refill fully in 24 hours, I always lose lots of my energy pack by leveling, maybe its time to stop dumping points into energy?

    1. Angela – don’t worry about having attack level twice your character level. Both my attack and defense are in the low 100’s and I fare just fine. No one messes with me b/c of my big mafia. You will still gain profile points after you finish Cuba – 5 points every time you level. And, you should be leveling quickly (4-5x daily). Also, don’t worry about energy not refilling all the way after waiting, or about wasted energy in energy packs. You keep this high energy to take advantage of refills after leveling. One watchout with energy packs, though – you should be at a point, or soon get to a point, where you can use your energy pack close enough to your next level-up that you will still have some left over to give you a significant (200-400 pts) boost onto the next level. This, then, allows you to level up yet again…almost continuously…

      But, to make you feel better…I went through this same internal struggle multiple times, and went away from my strategy of putting all points into energy. It always slowed down my leveling. I’m now level 400+ and have been putting all points into energy since 250ish and have LOVED it. Very quick leveling!

  191. Is there ever a time to stop putting points into energy? A point where it takes so long for it to refill, you are better off putting them into attack or something?

    1. Angela – short answer – there is never a time to stop putting points into energy if you want to play the game to level quickly. Pure and simple, doing the right job over and over (using energy, of course) will let you level extremely quickly, even at high levels. The only reason you may end up sorry you took this route is because you’ll run out of things to do in the game. After mastering NY jobs, Cuba jobs are a breeze, then there is nothing left to do…except maybe wait on the big money achievements…

  192. Attack: 17
    Defense: 39
    Health 111
    Energy 90

    I keep getting my butt kicked in fights. I’m at level 23, and while I didn’t find your article right away, I’ve been minded it the best I can since then, putting all my points into defense and energy. What can I do to stop loosing? I have tons of weapons and cars, etc. More than enough to cover my mafia. So I’m sad I keep loosing.

    Also, is there a rule of thumb as to when it’s better to rob someone? Should your health be at it’s best? Or does that even matter?

    This is really a helpful article, btw. I made some major mistakes in the beginning and now it’s going better.


    1. Stephanie – short answer – at your low level, first, be patient. But then, build your mafia! Folks won’t pick on you if your mafia is big. And, when you initiate fights, pick on the little guy. But, you didn’t hear that from me =) And for now, tempting as it is, stay away from robbing. It’ll only make you enemies that will come back to get you. Folks are less likely to get revenge on fights since they don’t lose too much money.

  193. Can someone help me with this! – I’ve always had my proprety protected and at full health but in the past 2 weeks or so i’ve been getting robbed completely time and again. I don’t get it. I feel like anyone can come in and rob me regardless of my protection or health. What’s the deal? any ideas. it can’t simply be that they’re higher up than me, although i am only a level 39. Also, does defense play in to property protection at all or defending against robbing?? Thanks!

  194. There is one achievement where you can give a diamond ring to a ………I think it was to someone with a mafia size smaller than 7 or it might have been 9, whatever, how do you give it to them? I’ve clicked on their name and looked at their wishlist, but don’t know how to send it to them.

  195. Level 159. 1000 energy. When I got to 1000 energy, I started focusing all other skill points in attack and defense. I only bring in $9 mil per hour, but when you got $3 billion in the bank, it really doesn’t matter. If you get your energy up there, it’s real easy to level up quickly when you do the “Storm the Presidential Palace” job and rake in 117 EXP and C$6,000 every time. 1000 energy = 1872 EXP. Sounds like a good deal. In my travels, I level-up’d 21 times in one sitting. Some people will say the crates are a waste of points, but I guess you have to be lucky, in one crate on my first try, I got a Chariot, 48 Attack | 12 Defense. Usually though, I use my points for lottery tickets. I usually only win minor stuff, but recently I did match 3 out of 5 numbers on three consecutive tickets and was able to vault my lottery ticket items, which increases loot drop by 10%, but at that point in the game, it really doesn’t matter cause there really isn’t anything left to do in the game. Again, it’s all about luck.

    1. Nothing left to do after the jobs are mastered? Ya, they really should add fighting or something to the game to keep it interesting, eh? 😉

  196. Okay. I liked your advice about not retaliating in Mafia Wars when I’m robbed. But how do I send a request to join my crew to the robber? I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Help!

  197. When you say to outfit all of your Mafia, do you mean 501? Or thousands? I have the 501’s maxed, but not the other.

  198. Hey I’m Shane, I Am Also A level 97 Maniac , I Have
    : Attack: 155
    Defense: 48
    Health: 113
    Energy: 312
    Stamina: 22
    Mafia Members 10

    (Account Balance: $2,002,556,621,732,362,285,235,267,784,

    Total Income $469,695,273,373,852 / hour

  199. For those who getting robbed and are levels 20-45 or so, you do better by owning a lot of lower value properties rather than a few expensive ones. It gives you good income. If you do the math you get more return on your investment on the first 40 or so of everything office building and below as long as you buy ten at a time. Also, People are more likely to rob the Casinos and Five Star hotels that give most payout.

  200. I wish I had just had read dis before I started playin……
    I picked Mogul… 😦

  201. Just to make a note on this great article.

    Regarding the Hitlist fights, I have been very successful doing those.
    I am only level 25 and I can get 1-3 bounties per day. But the ones I try to get are the ones $5 million +. I usually get more lucky on the 8 million ones, since the 16 million are usually harder to get.
    To accomplish this you will need FULL HEALTH and some Stamina points to spend. The trick is refreshing the list by clicking on the Hitlist link and once you have a good bounty, say 8 million, you start attacking it unitl your health drops below 20, your stamina points are zero or you successfuly collect your bounty. I recommend having at least 10 stamina points.
    I have currently 38 stamina points and sometimes I can get 2 bounties. This is good since 38 stamina points can get me from 10 million to 32 million 🙂 Being a low level this is great.
    If your health drops below 20, just go to hospital, heal and go back there again. Do this until you don’t have enough stamina points, around 6 or 7. From there just get some more or spend the remaining robbing or fighting.
    I started doing this by level 5 or 6, so you just need to level your stamina a bit for this. Don’t go over 40 points on stamina, even 20 should be enough. Of course the more you get the more you can try to get your bounty. But energy is very important, once you get a few hits you will have enough money to get the best items for your mafia and raise in the property ladder, so don’t bother spending all points in stamina. You also need a bit of patience, since sometimes it can take a few minutes to get a good bounty ($4M+, don’t bother with smaller ones – not worth it) and it doesn’t mean you will get it. I get around 10% of the attempts to be successful, which is not bad at all. Of course my luck can change, but currently I don’t really need to do that often since I get more than 1 million income, which I believe is more than ok for my level. And not to mention my mafia is still small.

    Thanks for reading this massive piece of text 😉

    Once again, this was a very good article that will help a lot of people trying to find how to level up quickly.
    Hasta mafiosos 🙂

  202. hi heathera….i’m in level 370….i have finished newyork as well as cuba…..so wat do i do next…

    1. thmg – that’s when I stopped playing =) I thought for a while it would be fun to try really hard to get the trillions achievements, but it just wasn’t worth all the time for 1 exp point each. So I quit =)

      1. You can wait for the Russia Expansion to come out. Or you can try to collect 500 Track Loaders. There’s always something to work on.

      2. Sorry to hear you quit, they are adding a Russia expansion soon and they’re already giving out weapons as random drops when you do jobs.

        Would you mind telling us what your personal stats are now? How much in attack, defense, energy, etc. do you have? Posts on the Zynga forums are indicating they made changes in the formulas so that the other stats are now MUCH more important in fights/robbing. Players are saying you really need to build your attack and defense stats (still not health though) unless you want to be a continuing victim.

        Thanks for the article.

  203. is it useful to buy special items? can they be used in defense. i ask because you can never have enough for everyone in your mafia to have because of the way they allow you to purchase. it’s like mafia mikes you get one for every two or so mafia members you have.

  204. Why is it that I dont have to collect $$$ from my properties and also get $$ every hour – but my husband gets his income every 3 hours and gets the chance to collect it – that way it doesnt sit out when he isnt playing – is there anyway I can change a setting on my game?

  205. heya you said that you can add ppl as friend on attack list, i can’t do that for some reason, i have been playing about 2 weeks am a lvl 15 fearless (BTW totaly agree on maniacs being better than fearless and moguls) i have 4 ppl in my mafia and my profile is like so

    Attack 17

    Defence 18

    health 106

    energy 49

    stamina 5.

    i really need ppl in my mafia but the best way for getting ppl in your mafia dosen’t work for me so i get bullyied alot.

    don’t be shy, please add me.
    i play on facebook, i think it might be a bug or something. but when i made my friend a mafia wars his was fine.

    any advise

    1. It’s better to be fearless and convince someone to put you in there top mafia as a wheelman. ONLY FEARLESS CAN BE WHEELMAN! Then After you complete enough jobs get someone to put you as a top mafia mastermind. Then you can easily start pilling up exp. I was able to climb 50 levels in 2 days. I also never put any point in health and little in attack. I also always save up 14 godfather points to give me 4 more points in which I always put in energy. I also don’t put any in stamina.

  206. I cant seem to get my income up very high on my properties even though i just went and bought a couple in 10s is this because i havent bought my bigger properties(e.g 5 star hotels) like this i only have 1 i have 9 italian restaurants 10 valumarts an office building a 5 star hotel and 3 mafia mikes and my income is only 1.5 million?? any tips on how to solve this?

  207. well written but i disagree with only one part. grow your mafia as fast as u can. early on you can rob enough casinos to outfit them. the advantage is you will get attacked less, can add mafia mikes (i have 600 mafia mikes) and have enough income to quickly outfit them…in addition you can use special edition loot as you grow your mafia…. the loot they give out now is weaker than what they used to give out but still.

  208. This is by far the best blog I have read on Mafia Wars. I play on Tagged, not Facebook, but I think it’s basically the same. One issue I have…I am currently at 32 million income, but since the new version, I am CONSTANTLY getting my butt kicked. One article I read advised not to fix my properties, and eventually people would get tired of me. Not true! I have waited for more than a week and the minute I fixed them I was attacked again. Also, how can people attack me and win money if all of my money is banked? I have had this happen numerous times. I’m currently building my attack, defense and stamina since energy is at 600 and ok for now. Maybe what I really need to know is just WHAT crap to buy for all my mafia in order to win fights? Is there a “best of” list available? I have 11 bil in the bank so money is not an issue, and would be less of one if I could keep getting my 32 mil and be left alone. Any help would be very much appreciated!

  209. I just reached level 9001 last night. (I play Mafia Wars on Tagged.com but most of what is mentioned here should apply.) I used to do the Exterminate a Rival Family alos, but up until they added the Cuba jobs, it was giving about 85 experience for every 34 energy. It was the highest ratio in the game. With the amount of energy I have (over 40,000), I could continuously level all day long, putting most of my skill points back into energy to keep up with the increasing experience needed for the next level. Of course some skill points were also put into Attack, Defence, Health and Stamina (for reasons I’ll explain shortly.) My Godfather points skyrocketed to well over 2500 (since down to about 1500). Once they added Cuba, the best job is Settling a Beef…Permanently paying 74 experience for only 35 energy because the changed the ratio of the previous job such that I can no longer continuously level. Now with the energy pack, I can level twice a day. I use my energy pack when my energy is zero and I am near leveling, but too far away to use attacks and hitlists. After using the energy pack, I have enough energy to finish the current level and complete one more full level. Then of course, I am back to my normal energy adn have only enough to get close to leveling again. Then I wait for the next energy pack to start the process all over again. I do use the Hitlist a lot. My character can take out most people placed on the hitlist. I only go after the $4,000,000 or more hits. I can usually take them out before anyone else has a chance to see it on the list. LOL. I must be doing something right as I have close to $39,000,000,000,000 in the bank. Oh, Weapons! Make sure to get 501 each of TNT, Guerrilla Squad and Hu-9 Helicopters from the Cuba jobs. Those are the best for attacking.

  210. To make more money, just put in the avg amount make from doing jobs and add it to your hourly income. that will greatly reduce the time. Maybe shaving a few years off.
    Plus, there has been an update to the Fight system, and i think its a big improvement.

  211. Hi, Great info here thank you.

    Just a question though – I have completed all the NY job tiers up to 100 but not the Cuba tiers. Are their any tiers after Boss in NY – I have reached my boredom threshold & will keep going for more challenges but not more of the same! 🙂


  212. better to master every single job or to choose one (so that faster to get higher level)?

  213. I can only make money from the properties tha I have purchased every 3 hours instead of hourly??? Any thoughts

  214. What i found easy was at an early level, gettin robbed was the worst thing at that time, so what i done is not buy any mega casinos, most people only want to rob that, so it decreased the amount of robs i took Thanks

  215. Hi there everyone.

    Have you ever wanted to increase the size of your mafia without having to add weirdos from facebook on to your friends list.

    You can actually do this.

    Copy the link below:


    * This is where you insert a players ID number e.g 123456789

    This will add the user to your mafia and won’t add that user as a friend in Facebook.

    To find a users id number, right click that user and open the link in a new window.

    The last 9 digits is that users id number.

    copy this number and it to the end of this address and press enter and that user will now be apart of your mafia

    http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/remote/html_server.php?xw_controller=war&xw_action=add&xw_city=1&friend_id=(insert 9digit id number here)

    You should give it a try!

    All the best


  216. Good Day,

    I was wondering how to add Boosts to my properties, I currently have none however, I have the $$ to buy and it appears safer, before all my properties were robbed.

    Thank you for your time and helping use newbies 🙂

    – Alksander

  217. Nice writeup, much appreciated. how i wish i chose maniac, but mogul is good enough for outfitting one’s mafia, easy money. And focusing on mafia defense and attack strength with items is a must. I am only at level 77 but I started a week ago. So maybe that’s fast enough. lol.

  218. I think your strategy is flawed from the getgo, starting with the title. If you think getting 4 levels in one day is fast then you need to rethink your strategy. I, personally average 40 levels a day. I’ve been playing for two weeks so far and im level 550.

    1. Eazy – take a look at the date I posted this. LOTS has changed in the game from Feb 2009 ’til now. I still stand by the general strategy (put all profile points into energy), but you’ll have to let some of the details by given the drastic changes in the game. I am no longer playing (at least for the time being, but Russia is tempting), so won’t update this blog for some time.

  219. This is great. Glad I googled and found this. One thing, though. I am new at this, and learning ( my 1st week), however, I don’t understand why, though I keep repairing, and paying protection, I keep getting robbed. I barely ever get to collect anything substantial. Each time I get robbed, they rob me 10 times, so I’m down to 30%. Then, I pay repairs and protection again, only to turn around and the same thing happens again. Instead of gaining money, I’m losing it, and instead of being protected, I’m getting slammed. Should I even bother with the protection or just collect the 30% off of each property?

  220. Thank you so much-I was very confused at the start. I’ve followed your suggestions to very good results .
    It has enabled me to interest my friends and build my crew with good basics . You are a mobster queen :)!!

    With all respect
    Outlaw Pete

  221. To do Exterminate a Rival Family costs under 10 Million? Well, the best job. Great $3,000,000 payout. My FB buddy is real nice, giving me gifts and energy packs.

  222. im new to MW so shud i fight with money or without money??? will it any diferrence ….if so plz mention 😉

  223. I am new to Mafia Wars and cannot find how to buy properties…I see no tab anywhere, am I missing something so blatently obvious?


  224. The information about class is not true.The best type is “Fearless” It is not about the benefitof regaining health faster,but only fearless can be someones wheelman,and that means random “free jobs” which you spend no energy doing a job because youre someones “wheelman” Dumping skill points only to energy for the first 200-220 levels enables you to finish ny in 2 days(yes its true) and another 3 days if you have enough items such as phones,photos and politicos (well you should ask your mafia for them) and after you reach this levels,finishing all tiers,you can spend your skill points to att/def and can balance your character.I reached lvl 375 in just 6 days by playing the game 6 hours a day.

  225. Hey,

    I feel as if I have screwed up both of my two Mafia Wars chars (stat-wise). Here they are:

    Level 124 Fearless (yes, I should have chosen Maniac but i’ve been playing this one for months)
    264 Attack
    176 Defense
    415 Energy
    26 Defense

    I have a cash-flow of $198,875 every 60 minutes (I only own like 30 apartments and a few Mafia Mikes), and 64 Godfather points and $1.8 billion (NY) at my disposal and a 39 member mafia. I’ve been doing Cuba jobs on this one and have all the businesses mastered except Political Corruptio and the C350,000 one (the last one).

    The 2nd char is like this (made the 2nd cuz I wanted to energy pack myself):

    Level 142 Maniac
    136 Attack
    140 Defense
    106 Health
    657 Energy
    6 Stamina

    On this one I have a negative cashflow because I havn’t dared to purchase anything because I only have 7 people in my mafia (like I said I made it to energy pack myself and decided to actually play it). On this one, i have a little over $6 billion available because I’ve been trying to master the New York jobs (on level 3 of Underboss so far).

    I dunno what to do…but something just doesn’t feel right about both of them. Guidance on how to either make more money or to do better in general? 🙂 Or are my two builds just too off to do anything useful with?

  226. how to clear player update on mafia wars facebook it has been covered by another button > invite your friends now ?

  227. I kinda disagree with the not get a big mafia at the beginning. Even if you do not have the money to outfit them all with the best weapons and stuff. From personal experience you want as many mafia members as you can get. At this point i am level 317 and only 184 in my mafia and saying that most people my level have 501 in their mafia is not an exaggeration. People target me because i have such a low mafia number but if you start out with a big mafia member even if you don’t outfit them all it does not tell you if you have all of them outfitted unless they attack you and having a huge mafia always intimidates me and i never target people with more than 150 in their mafia just because i know that if they do i will lose. I hope this post helps.

  228. i like what u did hear. i got a question. how can i add more people on my family in myspace? i am a level 307 and i only have 95 mafia memebers

  229. This guide is very outdated now… much or most of the information is now incorrect. Using proper strategy if you are leveling <5 times a day (even with mogul or maniac) you are doing something wrong.

  230. Hi everyone! i just started playing mafia wars yesterday..Im reading your posts and you were mentioning about buying PROPERTIES. my problem is, i can’t seem to find PROPERTIES in the game. The only thing that i find is rackets..i’m confused. How do you get PROPERTIES?

  231. Hello, first of all, thanks for some great advice there. Actually, I made more of it than I could think of, lemme tell ya what happened: I started playing 28 days ago, played a lot of RPG games all my life, so I’m used to the “put it all in 1 att strategy”, so, i went ALL OUT on energy to my char, & I mean 100% of Skill points to energy… I’ll tell you what happened, once i was on like level 101 I got some pretty nice people with high levels as my top mafia & became the Mastermind of someone else’s mafia & then got that amazing +11xp & -11%energy, I went in & found a loop: went up a level using “Settle a Beef…” & THEN LEVELED UP AGAIN, and again, and again, & so on, until I was level 140 something, then it slowed down to 4 or 5 levels a day (used Agostino Cleto for extra XP when am logged off for too long), then I focused on mastering ALL tiers (especially consigliery, but then i went for all), when I hit level 200, it happened again!, all the way to 250, needless to say i changed my use of the godfather points from energy refill (it slowed me down a bit, but I know it will pay off) to Skill point buy (4 points every 14 GF points), I am at level 459 & will be 460 & higher this very night, maybe hit the 500 =], so Thanks a lot man, your strat guide worked much of that.
    Btw, just wanna say, it doesn’t matter that u have a lot of mafia (I had like nothing all the way to lvl 100, got hit ALL the time & robbed), but even if you have a LOT of mafia, dont worry about the upkeep costs, once u get to that level, mony is no worry… am doing 125 million an hour & rising.
    GL everyone.

  232. well da problem i am facing z dat i m getting very less income per hour from properties as compared to my friends…..for eg from 1 value mart i get 10000/hr n my friend in comparison gets 240000/hr…….i have lyk 100 properties n make around 35 million/day n if i compare it with my friends that is too less…..plz do reply…….

  233. This really helped. When it comes to FarmTown and Yoville I know all the ins and outs but I just started Mafia Wars and unfortunately had 68 members. On one hand it’s a good thing, I don’t get attacked as much but on the other hand I cannot afford to outfit them all quite yet. Thanks for the tips, they are good to know.

  234. hi,
    i started 2 days ago and i am now on level 30. my favorite is to fight all the time but now i stopped getting strentgh points. i have 11 family members and 30 chain guns and 50 million on the account. i don’t know what to do with the money. the last 7 levels i stayed on the same strenght.
    my quwstion is: if i will buy more chain guns, will i get more strong? even without more defence and attack points? my friends have the same problem.

    apologize for my english..

    best mexican coyote

  235. Fight, fight fight and oh yes, FIGHT!Try to get to about 50 stamina at minimum. That is where the best loot is and where you will get the most of it!

  236. heres what i have found out that you want to build your mafia as much as you can but after 501 mafia members your basicly helping out your fellow mafia buddies and you only need to carry enough weapons for 501 mafia no more no less. if your in need of a larger mafia for mafia wars check out this blog site theres litteraly thousands of mass emails of people just like you who want to grow there mafia too and please feel free to check out the google ads on the blog site as well for im layed off and broke and am using this to make some extra money all it takes is a click nothing more thanks and please leave a coment or become a follower of my bog so i can personaly thank you for coming to my blog again thank you now heres the site
    http://mafiatipsandtricks.blogspot.com i also have a link there for several bookmarks i use to help me further in the game stratigize and see what weapons are being used and whats not what items to gift what not every item is a level weapon or defense tactic for instense you your a level 165 now you own 501 Tommy guns and 501 of the special weapon hacksaw etc you no longer need the bat the crowbar the pistols etc anyways check out the site find the link for bobby heart rates mafia tools and you will see every thing is calculated mathamaticly in mafia wars not just randomly and if some attacks you once or twice back to back thats ok but attaking someone over and over again keeping them from healing themselves thats called bulling and eventualy that person will quit or change his name

  237. i am a level 34 fearless and only because my boyfriend started playing i have realised that i do not have a property tab. i have plenty of money and am leveling up really quick but would like to have some property how is mine different to his?
    is it a glitch ? should i erase mine and start again please help 🙂

  238. Hello hello.
    Well,let me thank you for this tutorial. I’ve played Mafia Wars,for like 5-6hours, and I’ve got to the 10th lvl. With a fearless char.
    I think that fearless are the best,b’coz:

    1) If you just add ‘Energy’,you can rule the system.

    2)Fearless are getting better and better.

    3) Enjoy Mafia Wars.

  239. Hi. I’m fairly new on Mafia Wars. I’m now at level 37 but I was wondering how come I can rob from what I was reading I should have a tab. Why do I not have this? When I hear about robbing I have no idea as I can’t do it. I was wondering if there was a reason. Thanks

  240. I’m not really an avid player of Mafia Wars but I recommended this guide to a friend, who is now a level 553 maniac in 61 days. Nicely written stuff, most of this guide is still relevant except the parts about properties (replaced with rackets for new players). You should update it.

  241. Great write-up. I came here looking for some insight on “Mafia Mike’s” and ended up reading your entire article. I like your suggestion on setting up a spreadsheet (Excel, or the free OpenOffice) that calculates which properties you should purchase so that you can maximize your money (spent versus return). In fact, I had just realized this myself before I came here. Doing this should really help bring in the dough better.

  242. Wow awesome read thank you so much for putting this together Heather. I’m going to use this as reference later.

    Thanks again


  243. hi.. my character is maniac and i’m leveling really fast in 42 days i am a level 320. this is a great post but not completely accurate. stamina per fight ratio is 2.45 at this time i have 900 energy points and 730 stamina points. first i spend all energy on jobs then i use all my stamina by the time that i’m done with the stamina (fighting) i already accumulate energy enough to level up. also fighting gives you loots (weapons, armors, vehicles and money) i already have a mafia of 500+ and leveling almost 8 per day.

  244. I am appreciating all the info in this blog!

    My style of play (I am only level 39) is to not rush into leveling up but instead to grow my mafia, money, and stats steadily. Since I am not in a hurry, energy isn’t important to me. I pour about 40% of points into attack, 40% into defense, 15% into energy, and the remaining 5% into occasional health or stamina.

    I am also finding it useful to keep my mafia at number at least 2x my current level and to outfit them properly. I count the number of high attack / defense weapons, armor, and vehicles I have and try to have the number of “good” items keep pace with my mafia size. The “good” items are not the ones you can buy at the store. The armor items are an area of deficiency early in the game; if you can bolster those through trades/gifts, you’ll have an edge in defense. I actively trade items with other mafia members and send energy and “gift” items as often as the game will let me. I involved in my mafia’s accomplishments and requests for help when playing. I have also made it a habit to buy another Mafia Mike’s whenever I have 2 additional mafia members.

    My question is to what extent does your personal attack and defense come into play while fighting? Not talking about the “sum” numbers of your whole mafia, just your own stats.

  245. This may have been covered, but if so, I missed it. How do I use my “promote” positions most effectively? My are just sort of random.

  246. nice post.. thanks a lot
    i should have read this before i start but its not too late for me

  247. I Am A Level 2384 Mafia.Should We Train Stamina Up Or Energy When My Energy Is 15515 While My Stamina Is 514?

    1. To avoid spending real money, the most advanced players should Train up Health and stamina at a 10-to-1 ratio so you can exceed the limitations of training up energy and constantly refill your energy by fighting on the hitlist to level up and use your Moscow money (no reward yet for saving it and it is plentiful) to refill health less and less often until you must use New York money if you ever run out of moscow money (highly unlikely, but possible). Constantly winning on the Hitlist is the very fastest way to constantly play and level up when your energy runs out…Wouldn’t you agree from your experience?

  248. I Am A Level 2384 Mafia.Should I Train Stamina Up Or Energy When My Energy Is 15515 While My Stamina Is 514?

  249. A very good guide, but at one point, you give some VERY bad advice, when you recommend AGAINST building your mafia size bigger than you can afford to equip.

    I understand that this guide was written a while back, but I started playing just a month after it was written, and what I’m saying has been true since before I started.

    Build your mafia as fast as you can from day 1. It will probably take longer than you think. I’d much rather have mafia going unequipped into fights than have enough weapons, and not enough mafia to carry them.

    Having more bodies will NEVER hurt you in a fight. Even if you can’t afford a weapon, armor, and vehicle for each one yet, it is far easier to add equipment when you can afford it than it is to add new mafia members.

    Also, you can be gifted looted weapons, and if you start fighting more, you can loot this free equipment faster as well.

    As an experienced player, I gift a lot of loot to my lower-level friends to help them in fights.

    Look at it this way – 1 stamina gives you the same opportunity to loot as whatever energy a job costs, but may drop a better loot item than almost any job, regardless of the cost.

    Great guide – hope this helps a little!

  250. Do you know why I choose the Mogul Type? Because in the Real Mafia the most important thing is money. With money you can buy businesses, soldiers, weapons, politics, and with money – if you have good skills – you can organize and manage the Family… The problem here, in my opinion, is that the Mogul Type is not balance and quite disadvantage.

  251. when i first started there was a glitch or something because I started on level seven and as a mogul. by changing my name can i also change my type?

    Also here is a great tip:
    The job mastery bonus for the consigliere job tier gives you a 30 second less energy regain timer and the boss job teir gives you double energy rgained.

  252. Hi…How do you get Boss fight experience payouts to rise? Is there another way aside from fighting them??

  253. Can u please please tell me how i will gain the SLUM LORD and the CASHING OUT achievements, as i am a FEARLESS and can not buy or sell Properties.HELP PLEASE!

  254. Hello. I’m only at level 10 so I figure out that’s why I’m not able to rob. ctually, that’s why I never have enough money to buy stuff and slows me down. Any ideas???( I don’t have the Rob button in fight)

  255. Don’t bother to ever put profile points into health. Health only prolongs how long you can fight without visiting the doctor, but ongoing you’ll be making so much money that you’ll be able to afford the doctor as much as you’d like without issue.

    I disagree with this “tip”. Yes, when YOU are fighting you can always renew your health HOWEVER when you are being attacked the more health you have the most likely you will be able to survive the attacked without being killed.

  256. I play mafia wars on tagged. I have income coming in from properties, but I dont see the money applied to my account or cash? where does it go? Or maybe i am missing something?

  257. you can start a new game by removing the game from fb then waiting for 90 days – gangster battle is better in a way because you can restart from a menu option.

  258. Man I have been playinng for about 2 monnths and only level 99….how do u get your energy so high so fast…?

  259. Are you solely teaching people to be quick levelers?

    I would view your blog as very useful for an ENERGY account, but it would not be sufficient to fight with and actually expect to win more than 50% of the time.

    I just beat a level 900+ yesterday with a level 228 account.

    If you’re going to go “full bore”, it is recommended that a player have multiple accounts and create one solely for fighting with a high attack and defense and low energy and put NO points into anything else. Then have ENERGY accounts to gather Loot and Collections to vault.

    The game is called “MAFIA Wars” not “Level the quickest wars”, so if you like getting your butt kicked.. have just an energy account.

    Here’s my MW link if you wanna put your Mafia to the test. Feel free to attack me.

    1. @MikeG – The name of the article is “How to Level Quick and Impress Your Friends.” So yes, this particular guide was written almost a year ago to show how to level quickly, not how to be strong in fights. I totally agree that a person will not win many, if any, fights this way. But they also don’t have to, as their stamina should be very low. I personally don’t even waste the time it takes to fight to waste those stamina points. I like to get in, level level level, and leave. But that’s just me…

  260. Hello Everyone.

    I have a question, I am a lvl 79 maniac. I have mastered all till Capo Stage. The problem is that after Agostino Cleto (Enforcer Lvl), I cannot fight any more bosses because the “Boss Fight” simply does not appear.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  261. Hi.. I have looked all over and can’t seem to find the ansmer. I don’t know why, but just recently, everytime I open mafia Wars, my energy points are not all there. Can anybody tell me why/or what I am doing to make this happen? It’s very frustrating. Thank you!

  262. Hey people.. To those poor guys like me that always gets attacked by other people when you are offline, here are 2 choices I always use before I go offline on Mafia Wars.

    Supposing I have $1,500,000 from jobs and I don’t wanna spend it because you are poor and don’t know what to buy, and if you put it in the bank it still gets deducted whenever you lose, I,

    1)Use the $1,500,000 and buy as many chain guns as you can. Chain guns cannot be lost in fights. You then resell your chain guns when you need the money for other things.

    Supposing you want to use the $1,500,000 to buy weapons/armors/vehicles,

    2)Go ahead ! After buying, if the balance is still quite a lot, buy chain guns and resell them when you need the cash.

    Hope that helped =)

  263. If you are like me and don’t spend whole day on the computer I think fearless is the best character type because it is the only one which allows you to be a Wheelman in someone’s top mafia. Therefore you every few clicks you get to do jobs without using energy or you get additional energy on one job which comes in really handing with jobs requiring a lot of energy.

    For instance if a job requires 100 energy, it will take you at least 20 minutes to regenerate wheras while doing a job at least twice before completion i would have used no energy.

    I have been playing for an hour each day (excluding weekends) for the past three months and I’m at level 280.

  264. Someone may have already said this~ too many comments to read…

    I think this is a great guide, but I disagree with the contention that health points aren’t important. Not only do you lose a lot of money going to the doctor if your health points are fairly low, you also miss out on the opportunity to offset the 6 exp points you lose if someone kills you. If you get hitlisted, it will take a lot longer for you to die if your health points are high. Meanwhile, a few idiots are going to hit you and lose, and you gain exp points from them. In this way, being hitlisted can actually help you level up if you have a lot health points.

    The whole thing is not a big deal at level 5, but by the time you are 150+, there’s no doubt you’ve made some enemies.

  265. Thank you for the track back! I know it was automated, but still. I think this article will really help some of the new users, I wish I had known some of this when I was starting out!

  266. Hi Heather. Thanks for this. Makes good reading.

    One question, though:

    You mentioned being “the better man” and not retaliating against attackers. You then go on to suggest adding them to your own mafia instead. I’d already thought of this, but I can’t see how to actually do it. Mafia Wars characters seem to be deliberately disconnected from their FB member profiles, so there seems to be no way to add someone.

    I’ve been playing since Dec ’09, so maybe this is something that has changed more recently. Is it still possible to add (or even contact) people you encounter in Mafia Wars? If so, how do you do it?

  267. awesom writeup. Im level 15 now and been dumping all my points into energy thus far. I was contemplating my decision but now that i read your post im happy.

    I will say though attacking people is the best in come in th begining. With just 5 stamina points if im lucky ill grab 200 or 300k from one person who obviously hasnt spent their money 😛 Its just luck though.

  268. Helped me confirm what I have seen. I am only level 128 but welcome members. Facebook is Sparks Burdett. I guess that will work.

  269. i did something similar, i dumped all points into energy, got over 100 mega casinos, have more than 40 million comin in every hour, leveling up every day, sometimes even twice, its awesome. now i jus have to master the tiers =D

    1. please don’t forget
      the more you help others with their jobs
      the quicker you can level up
      i can get 200 exp points just by helping others
      ( 200 mafia members level 415 )

      and the gifts
      the more you give people will give back
      ( your mafia will get to a size that
      you can’t invest in people that
      won’t give back or help for now
      that number is 40 )

      the homepage right side bar
      is extremely helpful
      it has two ways of
      helping people
      ( it gives you money and exp points also )

      i spend my godfather points on energy
      i disagree with the author
      once you get to a point where your next level
      is 5000 points away
      the energy refill is very helpfull
      if you do it where you can level up at when you finish spending all your energy points that’s the way to do it then
      you get 5 instead of 4 points and
      you can do your jobs and get lots of other stuff along the way

  270. –Currently lvl 138 Maniac with 175 total mafia–I have a question…the best exp to energy ratio that I’ve found is the “Settle a beef…permanently” job; it only costs 35 energy and it pays out 71 exp (more than double the exp per energy). Assuming the fastest way to level is by earning the most experience per point spent…wouldn’t the payout from fighting be better? One fight costs 1 stamina and can payout as much as 6 experience points. I just fought 10 times (for statistical purposes) and 9 out of 10 of those fights payed out 2 experience or more, which is a minimal ratio of 2:1…WHat are your thoughts?

    1. Well since you actually use 2 skill points to get one stamina point, while it only takes 1 skill point to get 1 energy point, no it’s not better. Here’s what I mean.

      If you attack once and do get 2 exp. it’s actually only getting 1 exp. per skill point. While if you did the settle the beef job you would get 2 exp. per skill point.

      So you would have to get an average of at least 4 exp. per attack to make stamia even closely as efficient as energy

    2. hi, i’m level 448 and find that job “Settle a Beef… Permanently ” is a ratio 2.11 thats 74xp for 35 energy.
      Travis, you made a good point about using stamina to level up quicker, now that robbing is back, maybe there are some building that give more xp when robbed than others. i’d like to do some research into this area. but it takes time. maybe someone else can help us????????????

    3. it’s really about balance
      you’ll need to get to Russia or Bangkok
      to get the most powerful stuff
      many jobs cost over 100 energy points
      one job cost 240 energy

      if you runaround attacking people
      people will attack you
      or have someone else attack you
      (why put someone on a hit list
      when you can post their link on your wall
      and ask your mafia to attack and rob you
      now you got people attacking you and
      you don’t know where it’s coming from )
      that means you’ll have to
      build attack defense and health
      and accept your lumps
      as you try to dish it out

      consider II
      if you don’t build properly
      you’ll be losing to
      people at a lower level then you

      as a energy type player
      i don’t get attacked as much
      and still can level up 3 to 5 times a day

      i guess it’s me
      i’m a passive player that can attack and rob
      if i chose

      the game gives people lots of tools to level up and advance
      the better you use all those tools
      the better you’ll be

  271. Hy, I have one problem, mastered from new york till moscow but my timer for energy is 4:30 (x2), what I must do to lower it on 2:30?
    I am lvl 451 now …. and tooooooo frustrated, I wrote moth ago on zynga (master collection of true idiots) support but nothing.

  272. i’m a noob but the truth is there isn’t really any technique. So i’m not even gonna bother read most of the comments.

    The point of the game are “energy”, “reward points system”, and “getting more mafia”

    the creators of these games take advantage of its addictiveness…not on graphics or beautiful sounds. But the desire to succeed.

    you can’t win on your own so you’re force to pull in people. So if you have little to no friends or people just won’t wanna play, you are screwed

    More people that get raked in the hire probably that one out of 10 people will spend REAL money when playing. Even if odds look bad zync will still make dough.

    Money is useless in the game, at least unless you can get to the second TIER.

    btw there’s an exploit in the game if you are asked to “HELP OUT” in a mission you can infintely click on “help such and such” in the home page section to get $1000 NON STOP. So you can be weak and STILL make as much money as you want and buy up EVERYTHING.

    Too bad you’ll lose still as this advice on this website is useless, if you can’t bulid a big mafia base you can’t win. The whole point of the game is “RECRUIT”

    in the end its not a real game but a way to make money.

    p.s the point of the “POINT SYSTEM” or ‘godfather points is so you can get rare items, stuff you can’t buy. Without them you can win, but only if you play alot and have levled up alot with alot of unique and rare items

  273. okay evryone is saying that fearless with being a wheel man is best, but I think maniac is still better.

    Here’s my reasoning:

    Let’s say you have 500 energy as a Maniac it would only take 1500 mins(25 hours)to get back to max energy.

    Now let’s say you’re a Fearless Wheelman also with 500 energy. According to what I’ve observed from what other have said I would most likly save 75 energy. Now if you subtract this energy from 500 giving you 425 energy and multiply it by 5(the number of minutes you have to wait per energy for a fearless character)you get 2125 mins(35.4 hours) to get back to max energy.

    If anyone finds a hole in my idea please comment.

  274. I am a level 353 and have my NY properties upgraded to 600+ (Look out Donald Trump) The TRILLION is mine kiddies!!

  275. how do u add the attacker??? how do u c his facebook profile…. (kinda new to this game….) add me if ur 500 limit is still not up… fb username Venus D

  276. I read each and every one. 4 things, thank you for taking the time to write the site, 2) HOW can I add you? ,If I may 🙂 3) I wanted to ask what is the highest level of percent for any of the top mafia positions? My bagman is at 15% and others are at 11%, some at 8%. May all positions be upgraded to 15%?, And 4) I found I have to be careful to add members. Some players add you then go to war with you and rob you. So I am finding it helpful to ONLY add members that are a friend of a friend.
    In addition I have discovered in the game some players are invisible. You can’t click on the person in the home section where it says you have been attacked by the name is blank, the photo is blank and you can’t click on them to find out WHO it was. I have seen it three times and a few friends have seen it as well.
    How high of a level can you obtain in the game?
    Also I did not know I had to equip my mafia with vehicles and amour to equal mafia number as well until a few days ago. I am doing well and appreciate someone like you taking the time to do this. Thank you very much. Plz add me!
    Cynthia Humphries email at facebook is cynthiastubbs!@yahoo.com
    P.s. I rarely lose a fight, or get robbed, so I am doing something right!!!!!

  277. dude i got bored of mafia wars for almost a year and i came back and found out i had a crapload of money lolololololol

  278. Level 1700 Fearless Profile.

    100% Energy A/c 9200+ Energy.

    Perfect for Loots Farming.

    All Cities completed + Lotto Vaulted.

    “For sale Price 250$”

    vsampark@yahoo.com contact me

  279. My only add to this thread, to reiterate what so many have said, put everything into Energy…There are jobs in Moscow and Cuba where I have almost levelled up at will…I levelled up 10 times in one day doing the same job over and over again in Moscow, I also recieved millions of rubles taboot:)

  280. Heather, how do you gift people who helped in a Declared War as friends, but who are not your friends persay and are not in your Mafia Family? Is there a protocol here?

    Also, the war I got into was not my choice, the system blipped which it periodically does I notice losing messages, gifts, etc. I went in to help this person in another war and ended up against him and he’s one of my family besides having his own. I apologized to him and I know it’s just a game, but I felt bad. Has this happened before and what do you do. One of mine got dead and another injured, but we won.

    Thanks for input.

    Your information is very helpful. Great job.

    JacQuelyne (Benito)

  281. Aww.. i wish I’d thought to look for a guide before i started, i put a ton into health and later realized how pointless it was =( too bad i can’t take them back out!

  282. Hey dude,
    thats a good advice. I found another game mechanic that let you level 100+ Levels a day (sounds weird, but it’s true, without cheating).
    I would love you to join my mafia, I only got my facebook friends, so mafia size is 56 at lvl 860. Write an email that I can add you.

  283. I have one question about outfitting your mafia.
    I am level 57 atm (not that high i know), but when people say “outfit your mafia” what exactly does that mean?

    I currently have 70 people in my mafia, so does that mean I have to buy 70 of the best vehicle, weapon, armor, and boosts?

    I’m a bit confused on how to “outfit my mafia”

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